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  1. I used CKAN to install RSS and Realism Overhaul with all of the options selected during the process. No errors turned up during the installation. I noticed that something was a bit off... the stock MK2 and MK3 parts are 2x their normal size. Here, here and here are examples of what is going on. Anyone else having this bug? If so, how do I fix it?
  2. Module Manager fixed the problem. Thanks! Although, it doesn't appear to be working on the Gigantor solar panels and MK-2 crew cabins, everything else works fine.
  3. For some reason I can't get mine to work. I've tried a fresh install, and am not using OpenGL. The textures change, but there are no reflections. Any solutions?
  4. [quote name=CaptRobau; This tool allows you to calculate it. The orbital characteristics are in systems.cfg. For Eeloo the only thing that was changed was the semi-major axis. An optimal transfer requires between 3' date='624-16,432 m/s of Delta-V on top of the 4550 or so required to get to low Kerbin orbit. The number depends on when you launch, with the highest being at the absolute worst position vs. Eeloo. With this transfer it'll take 67 years to get there, so you either have be patient or use a less Delta-V friendly method like a directer transfer or a gravity boost from one of the gas giants.[/quote'] Do you happen to know what the longitude of the ascending node, argument of the periapsis, and mean anomaly at epoch are? Here is what I'm talking about. Edit: nevermind, I've got things under control
  5. I was thinking if it would be possible for someone to include the 2nd gas giant, as seen here. There isn't much about it, all the article states is that it is 9000km in diameter, has four major moons as well as multiple tiny moons, and is beyond Jool. is it possible for someone to put this into the game? As a mod, of course.
  6. Might being able to put it on a different celestial body be an option in the future?
  7. I'm planning to land on every celestial body in the solar system. So far, I've made it to the Mun, Minmus, Duna, and Ike. I'm kind of planning ahead here, but does anyone have a good Tylo lander? Preferably not a giant lander, too. Something that can be taken to Tylo with a transfer stage, undock, land, then go back into orbit and dock.
  8. I'm not sure if it's just happening to me, but V4 looks almost identical to V3 to me. The dark sides on planets just don't seem as dark as they do in the V4 album.