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  1. And for the more nervy parts, you'll need the exact same (3rd movement), just a little more rocky
  2. As mhoram says, you'll probably have to wait at Duna for the transfer window to get back to Kerbin, and it can sometimes take months. Or you can go back with a non-homman transfer, but it cost you a LOT more delta-V.
  3. Well, the first probed desing I build is just named Beta, then Delta and so on. For manned desing, I use the vowels of the greek alphabet, Alpha, then Eta, Iota... This sheme has curious and unvolonteer implications : I got, in all my saves, a Beta probe orbiting Kerbin, an Alpha lander on the Mün, an Eta one on Minmus...
  4. I agree, the final few meters not really matters. Damnit, I'm old school, I just give an impulsion of RSC and that's it !
  5. I use RSC from the pods only, but I actually need this RSC fuel to dock... How can you people dock whithout RSC (at last for the final few meters) ?
  6. Scott has made a kind of a rescue in almost the same situation. (the rescue itself starts near 7 minutes)
  7. I'm sorry, from what I can tell, if you can't match the velocities of the two craft you just can't dock. And if you say you can't have a full orbit, then it seems you won't be able to dock. What is your speed when tou burn all your fuel ? And what is the speed of your target ? One tip will be to continue the burn with the monopropellant, but if you have a hundred of delta-V to make, it will take time ! EDIT : yes, give us the file or pics to see what we've got as a situation There is NOTHING KSP's community can't do (at least give some help)
  8. Thanks. By the way I didn't thought of Google 'cause I thought this could be an game-intern acronyme. You have the coughing syndrome ? Hope for you it's not TBK starting. (for further information, please refer to Google, and good luck for you, this is a french medical acronym)
  9. Can someone just explain to me what is ESRB ? Earing Solid Rocket Boosters ?
  10. Just build BIG ! I throwned a 500t fuel depot in 2000km orbit. 2,200,000 Kerbits. Just because.
  11. As long as you can walk away from it, this is an actual sucessfull landing !
  12. I was used to use the Poodle for Apollo-like missions. Usually, I had to put a Rockomax X-200-32 (half an orange one) in order to get to the Mün. Now, a single X-200-16 (a quarter orange) is enought. I think the Poodle needs this niche : serving in the Kerbin's SOI, waiting for the player to unlock the LV-N. I'm quite surprised by this new Poodle, I nearly gives it some... love !
  13. In order to switch between vessels in physix's range (2.5km) you'll have to use the [ or ] button.