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  1. When I first installed this Mod, I found that all my Probe's that had the Jr Docking ports where then considered Construction parts. Also back in V1.3 for KSP 1.0.5 you had the recycler ability as part of the Jr Docking Port. I didn't like losing the ability to just have a Jr Docking port. So I changed your DockingPortJr.cfg to read: +PART[dockingPort3]:FOR[SimpleConstruction]:NEEDS[Launchpad]//needs EPL launchPad.dll { @name = ConstructionPort3 @title = Construction port @description ^= :$: Now you can also launch rockets! Just be very careful when activating the Recycler.: MODULE { name = ExLaunchPad SpawnHeightOffset = 0.2 } MODULE { name = ExRecycler } MODULE { name = ExTarget TargetName = Recycling Bin TargetTransform = RecycleTarget } }
  2. The Space dock link is broken. Not sure if that allowed that screen shot.
  3. In Real Chutes do you have the option checked that states the part has to be going DOWN in order for the chutes to deploy?
  4. Nice mod, but for the Liq Fuel tank but no Oxidizer tank or a LFO tank. Also might want too add TweakScale support. @PART[AA25TankS2]:FOR[Snarfster]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { MODULE { name = TweakScale defaultScale = 2.5 type = stack } } @PART[AA25TankS2L]:FOR[Snarfster]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { MODULE { name = TweakScale defaultScale = 2.5 type = stack } } I changed my MM file to read: @PART[AA25TankS2*]:FOR[Snarfster] { @category = FuelTank MODULE:NEEDS[TweakScale] { name = TweakScale defaultScale = 2.5 type = stack } }
  5. I haven't tested this MM file but you could make Roverdude's lifepod into a cryopod. +PART[USI_PodCapsule]:NEEDS[SrvPack,DeepFreeze] { @name = CryoPod RESOURCE { name = Glykerol amount = 10 maxAmount = 10 } MODULE { name = DeepFreezer FreezerSize = 1 IsCrewableWhenFull = false ChargeRequired = 3000 ChargeRate = 30 } MODULE { name = SimplePartModule } } This works, but you'd also want too change the Title and Description of the new part.
  6. Ever run out of Rocket Part Storage and wanted a way to Compress them for later usage? Pack your Rocket Parts at a 10:1 Packed Parts Ratio. Packed Parts Density is the same as Rocket parts, meaning 0.1 Packed Part has the same Density as 10 Rocket parts. This is just MM.cfg files and an old Converter from v0.18 which has been re-purposed for this addon. Only Requirement is Roverdude's Regolith, as the converter code uses the "REGO_ModuleResourceConverter" module. DOWNLOAD LINK GitHub: PackedParts/releases License PackedParts is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution Non-Commercial license. v0.2.0 Added ATM support Changed pack ratio from 100:1 to 10:1
  7. I've got this working for the most part, just need to change some value's and adjust tech tree.
  8. Just like any other fuel, Click first tank, alt-click the second tank, click In or Out on the last tank.
  9. I've had this happen, turns out I had .craft files that instead of clicking the links to downloaded them I was Right Clicking and saving as.. So they were labeled <Ship_Name.craft> but they were in fact <Ship_Name.html> files. That'll cause you not being able to load any ship files.
  10. Have you tried stacking more than one?
  11. Has anyone else had success in getting the IoncrossCrewSupport plugin to work with the Science Module? The following code seems to work except it doesn't add the resources to the Science Module. ModuleManager_Warp_Plugin.cfg @PART[scienceModule] { MODULE { name = IonModuleCrewSupport } RESOURCE { name = Oxygen amount = 200 maxAmount = 200 } RESOURCE { name = CarbonDioxide amount = 0 maxAmount = 20 } }
  12. Mine is two of each scanner. Being only two Kethane scanners any faster then 1000 and it tend to miss hex's.
  13. As soon as you run the game that file is CREATED. So telling people to delete it isn't going to do them any good.
  14. Getting a DEMV Mark2 fitted with a Kethane driller to Minmus. If you noticed the Pilot is two different Kerbal's. heh The six outers feed the three Center. The three center now feed the upper six outer. The Four Corner's feed the two outer Orange Center. The two outer center feed the center orange, and the two orange center outer feed the center orange. The Fins got detached at same time as the last Orange tank. Coasting to Orbit.
  15. Here's my old (KSP 0.19) - Minmus Kethane detection map. Along with the ISA map of Minmus. (Had both scanner's on same probe). The probes were on a Polor orbit.