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  1. Thanks! I'll take a look at it when I can.
  2. Hi all, My fairly old computer (around six years) is having trouble playing games. After several minutes of playing, the screen goes to sleep without a reason. If I try to turn it off, or unplug it it will not go back to the original screen. My computer is a 64 bit. Here's the details on it: Manufacturer: DELL Inc Model: DELL ST2210 Categories: LCD monitor Description: 1920 x 1080 Pixel Resolution 21.5 LCD Display VGA, DVI and HDMI Connectivity Games Affected: Banished Empire: Total War Garry's Mod Star Wars: The Old Republic Civilization 5 Unaffected: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Star Wars- Battlefront 2 Thanks for your time!
  3. Woah, lets not be calling anyone that. In all seriousness, NASA needs a big goal set for itself. The partial reasoning that I'm on my iPod typing this now is because of the advances in computer technology during the Apollo era. The fact that I can call someone on the opposite side of the world with little delay is brilliant. Maybe someday we can have no delay because of advances in this asteroid mission. I do hope that the world opens its eyes to the new frontier, the final frontier.
  4. As an American, is Canada still being cool?
  5. >JOHNDON: What's lithob-braking? MALLOCK: Crashing. Extra 'b' there. Nice chapter, now I'm going to have to wait 'til the next one!
  6. Just about done with her, just need the launcher to get it in orbit. Based off the Soyuz (did have orbital module, but was dropped to help the launcher survive).
  7. Once I get the tech in career mode, I'll build one with B9 and stock parts to supply my LKO station(s).
  8. Not to crush anyone's hopes, but I believe that the mission will fail. As (I think) Curiosity tested Orion's radiation shielding (almost said energy shielding ), and the crew would under-go radiation poisoning. Now, since the Mars 1 team think that they'll get SpaceX to launch their stuff, I'm fairly sure that the Dragon-Rider has no plans of getting radiation shielding. IF SpaceX decides to help with the project, then the crews would have to under-go possible death just to get to Mars. Safety first!
  9. Just had my LKO space station have a close encounter with some debris while time warping. As said by Commander Jebediah, "It was like, 500 meters away!"
  10. I'm guessing that what this MEANT to say was: No SAS Challenge! -Build a rocket with(out?) SAS -50+ parts on your ship -Make an orbit of 100,000+ -NO SAS -No parachutes to land your craft (kraft ) back on Kerbin Don't use MechJeb to get into an orbit. You CAN use the information panels on it though. Just my rough interpretation of it.
  11. Thought this looked a bit like Curiosity. Except that it's going to Minmus... And it's not a rover...
  12. I don't use nuke that often. Then again, still need to unlock them!
  13. "We don't need lights," they said. "We'll always rendezvous on the light side of Kerbin," they said. "Well look who blinded the KSP forums," I said!
  14. "I think we're passing over the space center!" "Hey, there's my house!"
  15. When in French class all your speaking activities people are named Jeb, Bill, and Bob.
  16. "Stage one has been separated. Preparing payload for station connection."
  17. Mun sparkles! Probably shouldn't have been taking this during my insertion burn...