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  1. Tex_NL's post in Range Indicators Missing was marked as the answer   
  2. Tex_NL's post in New Player / Tips (Thanks!) was marked as the answer   
    KSP does not have a learning curve, it has a learning wall. For new players it can be extremely difficult and frustrating. Especially when you see how easy experienced players make things look.
    My advice: just go for it. Watch a lot of (YouTube) tutorials, browse images and experiment. Do NOT be afraid of failure. Failure is guaranteed. Failure is not an option, it is part of the process. Just try to have fun and learn what does what.
    And do not be afraid to think 'out of the box'. Rules are made to be broken.
    And most important: Never, and I do mean absolutely NEVER allow anybody to tell you what you should or should not do or how to play the game. Play the game how YOU want. Not how anybody else wants.
  3. Tex_NL's post in Using Probe Control Point from launch pad was marked as the answer   
    Piloting skills are NEVER transmitted. A probe controlled craft will never get improved SAS abilities no matter it's connection.
    A probe controlled craft unable to link to KSC is normally uncontrollable. But if it can link to a craft with remote piloting capabilities instead, it can be controlled as if it was connected to KSC.
  4. Tex_NL's post in Closing Air Intakes was marked as the answer   
    The theory behind closing the intakes is to reduce drag. In previous KSP versions you could squeeze a few extra m/s out of your SSTO plane by closing them. But currently, at the altitude intakes no longer serve a purpose on an SSTO plane, actually closing them does not make much difference.
    Much easier to leave them open so you won't scratch your head why your engines won't light on the return trip.
  5. Tex_NL's post in reentry blackouts was marked as the answer   
    As far as I know the re-entry interference is not modelled in detail in KSP. It's either on or off. Moving your antenna to a different section of your craft will not make a difference.
  6. Tex_NL's post in NavBall Bug was marked as the answer   
    That's not a bug. That's just the way it is.
    Go to the settings menu and disable 'autohide navball'. You might have to search a bit but it is in there.
  7. Tex_NL's post in Is there any way to view high VAB vessels in SPH was marked as the answer   
    Hanger Extender could be useful. It allows you to build, move and view beyond the stock VAB/SPH boundaries.
  8. Tex_NL's post in Space station/ docking port problems was marked as the answer   
    I've said it MANY times before. And I am going to say it once more:
    Autostruts are evil! They are the spawn of the devil. Use them with extreme prejudice.
    Use the [Alt]+[F12] debug menu to visualize them and remove ALL autostruts from your station. Nearly guaranteed this will subdue the Kraken.
  9. Tex_NL's post in Having a problem with mods. was marked as the answer   
    Opengl CAN work miracles in many situations but it is by far a guarantee.
    Very pragmatic I know, but the answer is staring you in the face. Assuming you already use 64bit and have more than 4GB memory: Don't use opengl AND loose some mods.
  10. Tex_NL's post in How do I drive a rover detached from a plane? was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you have power AND the brakes are off. Braked rover wheels will NOT accelerate your vehicle.
  11. Tex_NL's post in Name changes when docking was marked as the answer   
    As far as I know it's determined by the type of craft. I do not know the exact numbers but there is a hierarchy structure. Station is near the very top, probe near the very bottom.
  12. Tex_NL's post in Detailed Information was marked as the answer   
    You already know right clicking opens the details.
    Right clicking a second time pins the window and keeps it open. You can scroll and read at leisure.
    Right click for a third time to close.
  13. Tex_NL's post in Mechjeb launch help was marked as the answer   
    Check your heading. Your HDG is set to 90. 90 degrees is east.
    Check your rol. It is set to 90 so it will stay on its side.
    Change both HDG and ROL to 0 and you'll be flying true north.
  14. Tex_NL's post in Orbital Space Station swinging out of control was marked as the answer   
    I can most definitely confirm this can be caused by autostruts. I once tried to shore up my wobbly station with autostruts but as a result it only got worse. Only by removing all autostruts I managed to subdue the Kraken.
    Even if you have not set autostruts yourself that doesn't mean they are not there. Autostruts are set to the heaviest part for legs and wheels by default. Before you docked the station was quiet but after docking the autostruts were reconnected to the new heaviest part (most likely the orange tank all the way on the end), and your station started doing the Kraken dance.
    To see all autostruts go into the cheat menu [Alt]+[F12]. Under 'physics'  you'll find an option to 'visualize autostruts'. Remove them and see what happens.
    Autostruts are evil! They are the spawn of the devil. Use them with extreme prejudice and caution.
    And yet again I ran into the evil Autostrut Kraken. As you might expect I tried to follow my own advice and failed miserably. It turns out autostruts on landing legs are 'locked'. They can not be removed.
    Can a developer, or anybody else involved in QA for that matter, please explain why once again a bug that should have been picked up slipped through the cracks?
  15. Tex_NL's post in Keeping navball on in map mode was marked as the answer   
    SECOND TIME in less than a week that I get to answer that  EXACT SAME question.
  16. Tex_NL's post in Solar Orbit Space Station? was marked as the answer   
    You're correct. Interplanetary refuelling is generally not worth it.
    But if you had already accepted the contract it would not have been a complete waste. Any new craft that ticks all of the boxes would have qualified as a station. Even a large multipart mothership going for a Jool V mission.
    Contracts like these are a great way to fund your large interplanetary missions. With clever combining of contracts you can make a great profit.
  17. Tex_NL's post in Why can't control this spaceplane at reentry? was marked as the answer   
    The CoL is a bit far behind the CoM. Both empty but most especially full. This would make it harder to control but at least it should be aerodynamically stable. However ... those engine nacelles are blunt and will create MASSIVE drag. And since this drag is applied well in front of the CoM it wants to flip.
    Try adding some shock cone intakes to the engines. This will reduce drag and increase engine performance.
  18. Tex_NL's post in How to decouple a docking port that does not show the option "undock"? was marked as the answer   
    I used the term 'wheel' to describe the entire contraption you're trying to remove. The beams, the seperatron and the wheel itself.
    Yes, of course the entire contraption is connected to the docking port. I already said that. But it is not connected to the docking node. Only parts connected to the docking node can be decoupled/undocked.
    Next time try attaching something like an FL-A5 Adapter to the docking port and add the wheel contraption to that. The FL-A5 is cheap, light weight and saves you a whole lot of trouble.
  19. Tex_NL's post in Mod problems with Steam? was marked as the answer   
    If you bought the game already from a different source do NOT buy it from Steam. You'll be wasting your money as all versions are all EXACTLY identical. If a mod does not work on the KSP store bought version it won't work on a Steam bought version either.
    I must agree with @SpannerMonkey(smce). Mods updated to 1.1.3 are far from guaranteed to work on 1.0.5
    At this moment I can only give you one piece of advice: be patient. KSP v1.2 is on the horizon. And it's a lot more stable and playable than any version since 1.0.5.
  20. Tex_NL's post in Disable hud reticles without disabling hud was marked as the answer   
  21. Tex_NL's post in Encounter problem was marked as the answer   
    The game only draws a limited number of SOI transitions. If I remember correctly the default is set to 3.That's what's limiting you.
    To increase the number of visible SOI transitions open the settings.cfg file located in your KSP root folder. Use any editor you like, Windows Notepad will do just fine. It's just a simple text file. Look for the line that says "CONIC_PATCH_LIMIT = " Change the default 3 too a higher number. Personally I prefer 6. Save and start your game.
    Now your game draws 6 SOI transitions instead of the default 3. However, the further into the 'future' you try to predict your path the less accurate it will be. Even a minor disturbance, like rotating your craft, can mean the difference between completely missing a distant encounter and creating a new impact crater.
    Of course as in any case of file editing always make a back up just in case you change something you shouldn't.
    On the other hand, why bother with a Mun assist when going to Minmus? The difference in dV between a Mun encounter and one at Minmus isn't that much. In nearly all cases the dV gained by the assist is then lost by the need for an addition plane change. And after an assist you often come in way faster than you need. Getting rid of all that extra speed again cost a lot of fuel.
    Much cheaper (and easier) to launch into the correct 6 degree plane and go directly to Minmus.
  22. Tex_NL's post in How do i use mods using the steam KSP? was marked as the answer   
    ALL versions of KSP are the same no matter where you bought it.
  23. Tex_NL's post in How to make a double decker? was marked as the answer   
    OK, you're correct. I checked and indeed the Mk3 won't attach radially. (I've always used EdTools. With that mod everything can be attached radially.)
    But what's keeping you from attaching the normal way? Enable clipping through the [Alt] + [F12] menu and keep on building.
  24. Tex_NL's post in Game frequently crashes was marked as the answer   
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