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  1. Hi, are you playing on a Mac? It seems to me that the 1.2.1 patch has changed the default zoom modifier key - used to be left shift, now it's left cmd. You can change it in the input settings. Now I can zoom inside the VAB again.
  2. 1. Load craft on launchpad 2. Hyperedit to 100 km Eve circular orbit 3. Autolander with saved coordinates at an altitude that lies outside of the atmosphere (100km) 4. Use reaction wheels/whatever you've got on board to turn the craft upright 5. Autolander with saved coordinates again, this time at a convenient altitude for landing (100m above ground)
  3. Just going on EVA from the runway or the launchpad counts as one flight on Kerbin. (Maybe even just placing the capsule there, I'm not sure.) Are you sure they haven't done that before?
  4. Since you're using Kerbal Engineer, you can simply check the engine's performance on a atmospheric body without even leaving the VAB/SPH, by using the altitude slider displayed by the 'atmospheric' button
  5. I have returned from Eve sea level in 1.0.2 and I can confirm that the figure of 8500-8600 m/s in vacuum is correct.
  6. SanderB, how do you build fairings as wide as the fairing base part? The game won't let me do that :/ it forces me to place a wider cross section:
  7. You make your own roleplay. It's a nice little challenge you give to yourself, to keep LKO debris-free.
  8. Thanks, very interesting! So does that tell us if there's an altitude on Kerbin where it's "better" to cross the sound barrier? You know, to push past 300+ m/s while not stressing the rocket too much and risk losing control?
  9. What is the relationship between speed and drag? Equations/pretty graphs...?
  10. Aerospikes at sea level on Eve have almost the same ISP as the Mainsail. The problem is their low TWR. Has someone built a return ship with 'spikes in the first stage?
  11. So how do rocket without fins and aerodynamic surfaces manage to fly? Just by gimballing the engines, and by "keeping within the prograde marker"?
  12. Something that could be useful - also, this is in defense of the 909 This small chart tells you the altitude needed on Kerbin to get a certain amount of delta-v out of a 909-powered rocket stage. (Roughly.) It associates an altitude with a multiplier, which goes from ~0.246 (sea level delta-v, 85s/345s) to 1.0 (max vacuum delta-v). Done with Kerbal Engineer. multiplier km 0.246 0.0 0.4 2.0 0.5 3.3 0.6 4.6 0.7 6.2 0.8 8.3 0.85 9.7 0.9 11.7 0.95 15.2 1.0 ~50 So at ~12km, a 909 runs at 90% of its max ISP.
  13. I don't get why the 909 gets outclassed, given its high ISP... it just needs a first stage to push it past 10km or so... at least that's how I've used it for a small Kerbin orbiter, in career mode. What am I missing?
  14. I don't think it's found in Survivability, but rather in a 45/90 science node.