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  1. Pretty much always 71 km. Not sure why you would go past 75 if you're just doing transfers (which I know a lot of people aren't).
  2. There's been several SQUAD articles about this. In the time it takes to polish up the aerodynamics they could get 4 times as much work done on the career. 80/20. The final 20% takes just as long to complete as the first 80% percent. It's time-benefit ratio.
  3. If you can't tell the difference between the intention of my post and what you're saying, you should think before you post.
  4. All of the people posting have probably got all sorts of mods installed and have their game totally different than stock. The developers should not be run by their modding community. It's should be the other way around. And posts like these are necessary to thank the people who worked on this game and show them that not everyone hates their patch.
  5. Jesus I've never seen so much complaining from a community. I'm guessing it's the influx of people from the Steam Summer sale? Anyway, I just want to say bravo to Squad for their continued development of KSP and their hard work that went into the last patch. Aside from a few things it looks very polished. I just hope they don't listen to the community too much and keep doing what they do best. Communities for games like these are so damn demanding and nothing will satisfy everyone. There are always a very LOUD group of people that do nothing but bitch, however I am very grateful. THANK YOU, SQUAD! --We have rules regarding language. Please read them - the mod team--
  6. I cannot wait for Career mode. If I wanted to set my own goals I'd go back to work.
  7. Everyone seems to be losing the connection here. The OPs point is to make the IVA more interesting/fun (I think that's his point) as well as suggestions for the development of your Kerbal's career. If you take some of these core mechanics and stick them into the right places, mixed in with some more atmosphere and tension, career mode will be amazing. (Tension should rise naturally if there is permadeath with your kerbals!)
  8. This is a cool image showing the altitude and the effects of orbital decay on the International Space Station. Interesting!
  9. Considering the last sentence in your message to me, yes, you are the asshole.
  10. I see. Do you think my rockets would maintain their performance (for better or worse) or would the mod change things too much?
  11. Awesome, I think I'll follow your advise and stick with stock parts for now and not get too crazy changing all my aerodynamics. Now I'll see what I can create, muhaha
  12. Hmm, I see. I'm afraid it'll mess up my rockets though And wow! Awesome ship. Thanks for the advise!
  13. Suggestions? I have KW Rocketry and a whole bunch of other mods for my rockets, but this is my first plane mod. I realized after I downloaded it I started all stock parts for my rockets, then went to mods for more parts. Should I do the same making planes? Also, quick question and request. Can someone post a screen shot of their well flying space plane in the construction hanger? I really want to see what proper center of mass/thrust/and lift look like. ESPECIALLY lift to mass relation. Thanks so much!