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  1. So far and in many missions, the IPC "Ellen Louise Ripley" hasn't attracted any unwanted passengers. And the IPS "Amilia Earhart" hasn't been lost. So far. The "Colin Campbell" is sitting on the launchpad - so to speak - but since there are no formidable foes, it can't live up to its name anyway. I can't find where I got the idea from, but the ship names from Banks "Culture"-series I really REALLY like... Will use them....
  2. *grin* I just stumbled upon the landing leg problem. My bases and vessels worked fine so far. No problems, except in one case the whole thing (a mining rig connected via KAS to a landed cruiser) was slightly wobbling. But nothing happened. Tanks filled up, Cruiser lifted off with all legs intact. And this cruiser has had quite a few landings so far. Until today. Connecting a big fuel shuttle to a mining rig. Worked as long as all tanks were empty. But working as intended, the tanks began to fill up, fuel as well as ore. Hehe... so now I have a mining rig that is slightly tilted (managed to disconnect KAS in time so that only one leg broke), but was unoccupied anyway. And a mining rig lying on the side with all solar panels broken (except the safety small ones) and two Kerbals awaiting rescue. Which is no big deal, since I already have all I need in place. Surface to orbit shuttles, transfer cruisers for the moon runs, the works. But now I need to replaced the all my mining rigs on Mun and Minmus. And I don't really want to think about the mining rig currently in transit to Ike. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Ikes gravity shouldn't be to hard, since I didn't have any problems on Minmus so far. Weeeeell... It seems I ran into the old "RTFM" problem. This bug (if it is one?) is known, apparently. Just not to me. Oh well. I'll figure something out. Use something else in place of landing gear. Will not look as nice, but function comes first. ;-)
  3. "OK, those names are just asking for it. One for unwanted passengers, the other for getting lost." Actually, I hadn't though about that in this way... But yes! You are right. Any thoughts for the other two names? Ok, "Friday" might be rather unknown. A female character in a book by Robert Heinlein. Kind of a secret agent. A "badass" if you like. And "Delenn" of course is from Babylon 5, but I can't think of any Kerbal related meanings to this...
  4. I have two cruisers doing the Mun/Minmus runs right now in service: The Interplanetary Cruisers "Ellen Louise Ripley" and the "Amelia Earhart". A "Friday" is in planning, as well as a "Delenn" Smaller vessels usually don't get names. Just type of craft and destonation. F.e. "Orbital Science Station MK1 Minmus Two" or some such.
  5. "There is a bug created. If you browse this forum up you'll find a patched KAS binary that fixes the problem. Full fix is to be expected in the next version." Many thanks! In this rendezvous on the ground I was able to jump up and catch the cable in flight (this being Minmus, good ol' Mike could jump almost to the top of the vessel). Will try that!
  6. My winch cables are flowing upwards on Minmus? On one occasion it did fly sideways as if there was some wind, but in recent tests they did invariably float upwards. Kind of hard to grap that way... Is this a bug? Or some error on my part and/or in my save/game? Anyone else having a problem like this?
  7. Hey there! So, my game crashes. And it crashes because it hits the magic memory number. No surprise there. But! I don't have that many mods installed. Those should not cause the problem. (Some of roverdudes, Mechjeb, extra planetary launchpads, that's about it) So, I am guessing it is my save itself that is causing the problem. Either I have way to many vessels around (four bases on Mun an Minmus, a bunch of heavy cruisers around Kerbin and in deep space - five alone around Duna, four somewhere in the vicinity of Moho - and some huge orbital stations around different bodies) and that pushes the memory usage way up... Or the save itself is broken and something in there produces a huge memory usage. I tried deleting all the debris, but that did not help. So I am guessing that the second possibility could be my problem. Anyone any ideas how to fix this? Are there any "usual suspects" for this within the persistence-file? If it is actually the first possibility, it can't be helped anyway short of 1.1. But could it be the huge fleet that's causing the problem?
  8. "How do you know that they are pilots? I can't seem to get that info out of my game, until I'm less than 2.3km from their craft." They appear in the astronaut (shouldn't that be "Kerbonaut"?) complex as "assigned". "Well, if you've ever had a Moho mission go wrong, I'm sure you know the answer" I know... in a previous save I had some Kerbals stranded there.... but never in an orbit around Kerbol closer than Mohos orbit... Tokay
  9. How the =(&$& do those Kerbals get lost inside the orbit of Moho? I mean, really? I need - so far - two vessels to do this. Each worth more than half a million creds. One to do the actual rescue and one to get some fuel there. AND I have three of them underway at this point. AND two of them require me to get their damn vessel back. I mean, what is this? At this point I am not even thinking about going to Moho. The "Ares"-mission to Duna seems pretty solid at this point (waiting for the return window) and the "Lucifer"-mission to Eve is in the staging process. Anything beyond that... not right now. So, it can't be my Space agency that lost those poor schmucks there. So it must have been some other lowbrains that couldn't do it and left their pilots out there without much hope of getting back. (Funny enough, all are pilots) But I just CAN'T leave some fellow Kerbals out in deep space. Call me a altruist or something. If I'd be stuck in a place like this, I'd like to think somebody was at least trying to get me out of that mess... DAMN! Probably should set up some fuel rig on Gilly, once the window to Eve opens up, to get them enough deltavee to get back. I mean, what is this? Some pilot stuck out there (in there, rather) and two rescue missions gone haywire? And now it's up to me to get those poor stand-up guys back home. Oh well. Ok, so this is not much of a question, really. But maybe I am overlooking a simple solution... call it "brainstorm". Any suggestions? Facts are these: I have three pilots (!) in vessels orbiting the sun inside the orbit of Moho (but thankfully not with Mohos inclination). I have two rescue vessels on the way. One is already in an orbit just inside Mohos orbit, the other will establish one like it. One refuelling mission is waiting to rendezvous with the first (and expending 4000 m/s in doing so) and the second one will start once the second one has reached orbit around the sun so a rendezvous can be calculated. And a third lost Kerbal just popped up, this time without retrieval of the vessel. Just the guy. Vessel is in LKO and is in the process of refuelling at this point. Crap! Maybe someone could invent "beaming" or some such... Tokay
  10. One question: I am experimenting with this mod. Great stuff, by the way! I am trying to recycle some junk with resources still on it (using the large recycle bin) but do not have enough storage for those resources. Since I am not so much interested in those resources (some RCS-fuel) and more interested in the metal, what do I do now? It seems to hold there... So, the question: Do I just need to wait longer? Or should I bring storage space for all the resources left? A little side question, but this is what I am testing anyway, so I will get the answer as soon as that problem is solved: If I recycle vessels and/or junk, I get metal, right? Or am I overlooking some container for "scrap metal"? In one tutorial vid it said something about scrap metal... But I don't seem to have any containers for that. Or is it "metal ore"? (But as I said, thats what I am testing anyway to find out. It would just spare me some time, is all.) If it makes any difference, I am using this mod in combination with MKS/OKS and Karbonite. Thanks! EDIT: Dang. It seems I need a smelter on that vessel... No way to store "scrap metal" and bring it to a smelter. Oh well....
  11. The Kraken is a deep space creature that more or less randomly attacks vessels and makes them do funny stuff and/or destroys ships. Sometime lonely Kerbals as well. In your case, it seems to have moved into Kerbins atmosphere... ;-) Seriously... it is a name for bugs that cause what you are experiencing. It appears that something witin KSPs code gets computed wrongly and/or looses some decimals or changes the prefix (positive/negative). Some have actually tried to use this to create engines....
  12. But you can launch seperately? And dock on the surface?
  13. I assume you have all features of Mechjeb unlocked (or are playing Sandbox) and I also assume you mean your periapsis is below Muns surface and not your apoapsis. As soon as you enter Muns SOI (sphere of influence), you need to change your periapsis, so it is above the surface. To do this using Mechjeb, use "change periapsis" and "after a fixed time" (default is "at next apoapsis"). Ususally 10 to 30 seconds. After that, it is just "circularize" and "at next periapsis" (default is "at next apoapsis"). Another way is to use "finetune intercept with target" after the Hohmann-burn in LKO. If the target is a celestial body, you get to type in a desired periapsis. This usually is about 50 km off (no idea why). So, if you type in "100" you usually get something like 30km entering Mun SOI. This burn will take place somewhere along the Hohmann orbit to Mun. If you chose the "correct" number (which, as I said, somehow never is the really correct one), your periapsis will be above Muns surface. MechJeb has a landing autopilot. Go to the map view, target one of your stranded Kerbals, preferably if he is a little bit away from the others (maybe move him a bit beforehand), note the coordinates he is at. I think they are displayed in mapview. Move that Kerbal again. MechJebs autopilot is very accurate at times, depending on vessel, so you don't want to be at those coordinates. Go to your rescue vessel. Select the landing autopilot. Choose "pick target from map". Pick one. Any one. Change the coordinates to the ones you noted down before (where our unlucky Kerbal was). Mind "East"/"West" and such... (There was a bug in MechJeb a while back, not sure if it is there anymore. If you typed in the coordinates directly, MechJeb did weird stuff...) Execute... Depending on your vessel, MechJeb should land at the coordinates or pretty close by.
  14. How about reenacting the "real" rocket failures? Like these: Starting KSP, my initial launches looked pretty much like that... So why not try to do them on purpose?
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