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  1. That's a great idea! I like the idea of having it be a 'just in time' system, so it's less hassle overall. The lack of large fuel tanks should help with mobility as well! Got any pictures?
  2. KSP is shipped DRM-free, so you can have as many installs as you'd like! Just make a copy of the game folder, wherever it is located (either in the Steam games directory or the downloaded copy from the website).
  3. Right, so no one has asked this as of yet: what's the story on updating the mod to 1.2? Is it being worked on?
  4. Woo! FF is updated for 1.2! And I also sympathize with you as to EU4, Rights of Man is looking like it will suck up a lot of my spare time as well.
  5. There seem to be a couple of complaints as to the choice of hotkey to toggle the altimeter reading. Perhaps you could add the option to swap to the radar altimeter when in Surface mode on the Navball? It seems to me that those two use cases are identical.
  6. Well said, it's all too easy to speculate on apocalyptic meanings for this announcement, when it simply could be as simple as they did their jobs and don't want to continue further.
  7. The Bill (that is the governmental policy) being capitalized is a joke that sort of ran away with itself; I'll try and keep a lid on that in the future. Glad you're enjoying the story!
  8. Another chapter has been completed! This was originally meant to be a quick part about how the USKK gets its groove back, but I don't like things to be too easy for our kerbals, and so I managed to extend it to over 8000 words somehow. Be thankful I decided to cut a segment of Bill's backstory, that pushed it to over 10 000!
  9. I write a similar styled story to this one and I have mine in the main Fan Works section as well. I've always thought of Mission Reports as summaries of single missions, not the multiple ones these novels wind up being. I'm not a moderator, so ultimately my opinion is irrelevant, though.
  10. 1.2 allows for kerbal creation through the debug menu. I've not yet played with the feature, but it sounds very cool!
  11. I hope we're going to see a Gary Powers-type situation and not the...alternative. Poor Jeb.
  12. The next chapter of Kold War has at last been posted! It is up on the forum post as well as the Google Site now!

  13. It's been a very long time, but the next chapter of Kold War is at last completed! As stated previously, I've been waiting for this for a very long time, basically ever since I first discovered that you could create custom launch sites in Kerbal Konstructs. I hope you enjoy the chapter, and feel free to comment with your thoughts!
  14. Very nice! I can definitely see the similarities to Kold War, (not that I mind!) and I think that you handled the early introduction much better than I did; I do like the atmosphere the pictures of the Prime Minister's plane provide. I will definitely stay tuned for updates!
  15. I'd be happy to beta test for you, Nereid; I do love the mod and it's awesome that you've managed to update it for 1.1!
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