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  1. Since I used to work on a mod manager, I'll give the absolute basics needed for complete integration (I'll leave out things you've already done): MD5/SHA1/Any form of hashing to determine if the mod in question has updated/changed With the mod info retrieved from the JSON object, KSP Version would be nice to detect version incompatibilities (Also, with the "files" section, does it include each file in the archive?) A list of the top 10 (or any number) popular mods, and some common dependencies (i.e. mods that are dependencies for a majority of other mods) One question is will there be any fo
  2. Can we delete accounts? More importantly, can I delete my account?
  3. I was trying to revert a commit (forgot to package compiled stuff) but then GitHub thought I was rolling back. (I worked in the GitHub directory, huge mistake.) Luckilly, Google Drive came to the rescue and got me a copy of the source a few weeks back, so a few hours of hard work can get this back up to speed. Acknowledging that, I really don't see a point in continuing this. Sure, I can hang more bells and whistles on it, but the demand will never increase.
  4. I can't do this anymore. I have spent so much time on this, and for nothing. I don't simply have the time for this, and since there is no help, I cannot continue to work on this anymore. And to top it all off, I was about to release beta #3, but then GitHub decided to delete all my hard work, and reset all my code back to beta #2, so I believe it's a sign that this is over, and there is no point to continue this silly excuse for a mod manager any longer. This is what it would've looked like if it let me upload my code instead of deleting it. It even had mod updating and pretty much everything
  5. Is another copy of KSPMM open (either as a window or in task manager under processes as "KSPMM Reloaded.exe")? That would most likely be the case. If not, any idea to what might be causing it?
  6. Beta #2 is finished. Changelog: Downloads can now download files from spaceport, dropbox and (hopefully) mediafire. To work it, do it like this: For spaceport, type in "spaceport:" and the product ID after that, eg. "spaceport:1113" For dropbox/mediafire, type in the respective name (i.e. "dropbox:" or "mediafire:") and then the link afterwards [*]Removed Welcome tab due to a bug and the fact the host no-longer exists (I think?) [*]Drag and drop [*]Renaming of mods [*]and then some more Get: https://github.com/Norway174/KSPMM-Reloaded/releases/tag/B2
  7. Just my 2 cents: What would be really good is direct links and hashes. Speaking as a mod manager developer, the first one is needed for mod updating, and the second is for the ability to check for updates without having to download the entire file (I could download only the first 1kb and check against the archive downloaded, but there would be major flaws). While we're at it, the ability to host modpacks would be nice, since the only way I can provide access to modpacks is if the modpack creator or myself hosts the list file, which can be problematic at times.
  8. I haven't decided to keep working on this for very long, but here's what I've done: Converted all code to C#. No more sentimental love for VB. Carbon 1.3 with the new Launcher + Payload section with math that may not be correct. If you run it on Mono on Linux or Mac, it is completely functional (not the analyzer though, that's for 2.0) [*]Planned basic flight simulator and .craft generator. [*]Save repairer/analyzer will be able to fix virtually all structural errors. [*]API for persistence files so I can make code cleaner, therefore reducing update times. Also on the same note, the 1st ye
  9. I've been dabbling in Mono for a while now, if I can catch a break, KSPMM will be able to be cross-platform (Linux and Mac mod manager!). So look out for that.
  10. No, just haven't had time / motivation to work on it. But, I have Beta #2 on my harddrive if you want it (But modpacks aren't working and presets aren't implemented). Might even call it "Beta #2 - Beta #1". Man, I really need to start using proper versioning.
  11. Yes, at the bottom where it says "Check for Update" there should be an arrow (or part of one) to the right of it, click the arrow and check the automatic update option. That would be hard to implement, so it's kinda on the low priority list. Right now it's "All or Nothing". Leading onto the next statement: It's possible to do with a .zip, so a folder isn't needed. There really is no point in using folders (except for development, but that would be in low demand), so everything a folder can do, a .zip can do.
  12. It does not run under mono. I do not have the time or resources to make it work under Mono, but if you wish to create a Mono-friendly version, please, go ahead.
  13. Click the modding tab. Click "Add Mods" and select each individual mod. Repeat until all mods added. Click the checkbox on the ones you want to install. Click the load button. If you wish to unload the mods, click the unload button.
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