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  1. Quoting this thread: It makes sense, since most of the revenue for the movie came from Japanese audiences. Remember, Kaijus are bio-engineered for this specific purpose. Actually, when that EMP was set, Gypsy Danger should've been hit the same like the other Jaegers, since EMP's affect both analog and digital equipment. Even after pointing out all these problems (and the creative license in the area of physics belonging to the writers) I still enjoyed this movie thoroughly.
  2. My god, I remember that game. I should have it somewhere around still.
  3. Either Pokemon Silver on GBC or Bubsy 1 on SNES. I still have working copies somewhere (Partially pokemon silver, the battery ran dry a while ago).
  4. I can explain this. With Scienceâ„¢! He is a new user, with 0 posts. Posting in the Offtopic section doesn't contribute to post count, which means 0 new posts. 0 + 0 = 0.
  5. The ring in the lord of the ring? I took a stab in the dark.
  6. You accidently done goofed, mate. Also, with the Fahrenheit/Celsius and the imperial/metric, it doesn't really matter unless you use it everyday. And I doubt the last countries still using the imperial system will change to metric anytime soon. Unless they do what we Australians did with our currency and change literally overnight
  7. I don't really do KSP anymore since i'm waiting for new features, and 0.23 with tweakables doesn't really interest me. I would rather have career mode polished so we have goals given to us rather than us making it up, to give us something to do while we wait for the next update. Oh, and also, new mod. http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/dubstep-gun.1066/
  8. Australia had this at one point, but it turned into a scandal once the list of blocked websites was found by someone doing an "Inspect Element" on the page. It eventually got reversed, and everything got back to normal.
  9. Then this thread is stupid. Which is why I shall join in. I would like people to not ditch researching AI in the 50's
  10. I hate it when people take the bait.
  11. Even if we do successfully get past the bottlenecks and get this into a working state, it's going to be nothing more than a proof-of-concept unless SQUAD gets involved as well. Still, this is a great idea.
  12. The fact that I live near raging bushfires (Damn australia) always providing constant scares to my safety. But mostly this. Many people blame Bioware for the original ending of Mass Effect 3, when in fact it was EA. If it really was Bioware's fault, would you think that they would release a free DLC to fix the ending (Extended cut) ?
  13. To see the plausibility of humans living on an extraterrestrial planet become true, and to see what can be improved to make it easier for new settlements.
  14. They don't. They just loop to the other side (as in the other side of the world) at the end.
  15. I kind of abandoned the KSP community because I make mods for starbound now. http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/weather.959/ http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/nuclearbound.453/ I've been too busy with these mods to do anything here, so if you've missed me, you know the reason why.
  16. It's my hill now, thank you very much!
  17. If you're quoting how KSPMM-R is now, then you're right, it does kinda suck. But, I plan to add it to my new T3R3 initiative, which involves redoing all my past applications (not limited to KSP) to make updates/new products easier to produce. After that, there will be no more problems to finish this.
  18. Designs as in what the user will see when they use the program (AKA frontend).
  19. Alright, a quick link section of Overpass to get the needed plugins (and most popular if I can get around to it) and a dependency checker. Should be easy enough. Now we need designs. Even sketches made in MS Paint will do.
  20. Patched Save Analyzer to .22+, now the only thing is left is the Save Merger. After I finish my API library for it.
  21. Alright, need to talk serious here. Working on this alone is getting harder and harder as I go on. This may be because this is too ambitious, or there is too much workload on me. I've been doing most of the program, while Norway174 has been helping in small bits when he can, as he is incredibly busy (You know, job stuff). Now, the only way for this project to continue is in my 2-tier plan: 1. Complete User Feedback, Designs and Suggestions - You heard us right. We want you to post right below this anything you want this program to be. It can be anything from small suggestions to completely detailed designs. All that matters is we don't want to make it our way, we want to make it your way. 2. HELP wanted - This one might be a little bit more needy, but important nonetheless. If you can print "Hello World" in a .NET programming language, you can help. No matter how much or how little work you provide, we will recognize you for your efforts. PM me if you want to help out. There may be a third tier, but only if it is plausible.
  22. Alright, great job with this. Love the mod. But, just want to say something regarding the thorium fuel source. Thorium itself is useless as a fuel source. The way they make power out of it is making the thorium undergo beta decay twice, turning it into uranium-233, which is then used as a fuel source. It would be more accurate (and making me rest easy at night, for some reason) if you could do something like this. Or, you can just do what you want. It's your mod. Infact, just forget this post ever existed. This post will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Hopefully.
  23. Tungsten Alpha #2, for the ultimate minimalist save backuperer + 1. If you check KSPMM-R's thread alot, you should know delay was caused by exams. Not anymore. Now school holidays. Also, it might be too late to say this, but The Daily Kerbal, I am disappoint for no Tools and Applications posting. We do as much work and put in as much effort as the modders, yet no recognition. Why you do dis?
  24. Mono (a tool to compile .NET applications into other operating systems) is kind of hard to use at the moment, as it requires normally massive amounts of code to be changed. But, that doesn't mean a lite version couldn't be developed for Mac and Linux (Maybe the whole program if some vital code doesn't need to be changed).
  25. Alright, sorry for lack of updating. Exams. Exams, exams, exams. I've almost finished exams, but I'm going on holiday right after I finish. So I might be able to squeeze in some small projects, but not big ones. Big ones including KSPMMR. So, unless Norway can get some work on this done, KSPMMR will be on hold for about 2 weeks. Sorry.
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