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  1. We don't. And the reason it's there is because of donations. We don't exactly run on only air, you know.
  2. So the amount of RAM it uses is directly related to how much HDD space it uses. Thanks! But I might need more tests done, like how much RAM is used at half/quater res (It seems obvious, but it might not be 1/2 or 1/4 usage).
  3. Oh, so you want .craft functionality too? Sure thing, I'll just add it to the list.
  4. Carbon opens .craft files. Also Wine should work perfectly with these programs, since it only uses .NET.
  5. The 3.4GB thing is Unity only, since it's a 32 bit application (32 bit applications have a RAM usage ceiling of 3.4GB). Could you try and move the Squad folder somewhere else (Don't delete it) and try and run KSP? If it works it, the amount of RAM it uses should be the base RAM usage.
  6. I'm not sure on how to do this (if you could point somewhere to approximate this, please do), but a general idea for an absolute minimum would be the size of the folder. I could put in a minimum RAM usage for the new "Modding" tab (which is coming along nicely) which just uses the size of the uncompressed folder.
  7. Do you know what's better than a mathematician in KSP? One that knows how to program. Bravo!
  8. I like this. Realism FTW! EDIT: Does this have it's own tech tree? Because I can make one if you want.
  9. Then make it filled up from the start, with no way to refuel it later, and instead make it a mini nuclear reactor with an inbuilt solid heat transmission thingo. You can make the sense of it not being something to spam on a ship by making it really expensive, even though it won't make a difference until Career mode is fully developed.
  10. Easy, add a mode for a nuclear reactor which acts as a breeder reactor, producing Plutonium instead of power. RTGs act as a mini-nuclear reactor, but don't produce as much energy, whilst being more efficient.
  11. Yes, but you would still need a custom tree.cfg.
  12. Soonâ„¢, as in anywhere between today and 4 days from now.
  13. No, but Alpha #2 should have everything that was in the original KSPMM.
  14. Alpha just means that it's prone to crashing, and doesn't have much features. It's not dangerous to your system in any way. The registry entries that the old KSPMM put in only affected .kspmm files. If you leave in the registry entries, all that happens is that whenever you try to open a .kspmm file, it'll go to "Open with..." instead. Nothing dangerous at all. Remember the bug where whenever you tried to apply the mods, KSPMM froze at "Creating Virtual KSP folder..."? That kinda defeated the purpose of it.
  15. Alright, KSP TreeCreator version 2, with a better preview feature and a merge feature, so you can merge all your other mod trees into one. Have fun! @Tobyz28, I'll start work on it when I update KSPMM Reloaded to Alpha #2.
  16. I hope she makes lotsa spaghetti! (Yes) The user below me has a light.
  17. With the amount of bugs in KSPMM working together to actually break it, this is the only one that works. Delete it. At one point, we were looking at asking MacTee if he wanted to merge his application with ours. We eventually dismissed it along the lines of because KSPMM had too many bugs (Excuse me if I can't grammar, I had a late night), and that MacTee didn't have much, if not nothing, to gain from this. So, we created a new mod manager with it based on addition-friendlyness (You can even make plugins for it, I'll add that feature if enough people give interest). If we get enough features into this, we might consider making a proposal. Ignoring the possibility that programming language is a problem, as we use VB.Net and he uses C#.
  18. Floor 587: The room with no sound, since I have a sore throat and can't speak
  19. I'd rather use a save that was from a week ago then let a poor kerbal die. That kerbal has a family, and more dangerous missions to go on.
  20. Who told you a dirty lie like that!? The user below me absolutely hates school.
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