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  1. As someone who's lived in Wisconsin all their life, Welcome to Cheeseland where the summers are too stinkin hot and the winters are too stinkin cold. there is no inbetween.
  2. Am i the only one imagining a giant Minecraft slime jumping into space, catching the ISS, and then going splat on the surface?
  3. but would it even cook properly with reentry heat? http://what-if.xkcd.com/28/
  4. my family was on vacation(sort of) in 2013 and while browsing youtube Scott Manley's video about what it'd take to deorbit planets in ksp popped up. for years before id be deprived of any sort of space game (didn't even know about Orbiter), and when I saw that video I knew I wanted that game. my first rocket was a 2d pyrimad shaped rocket that slowly got wider as I first reached space, then orbit, then the mun, the mun orbit, then several mun crashes as I never thought to stop my sideways speed and came flying in over the surface with my pe just within the mun, fun times.. I bought the game like two days later, 1 day before .18.4 came out, next day joined the forum, expecting it to be like the Minecraft forum (minecraft was my thing before ksp) and was completely blown away by how civilized the entire forum was, I like to think the game and the forum made me the way I am today, from "Hurr Hurr Herro brine!" to "No, physics doesn't work like in Star Wars, dad, you cant blow up a planet that easily! the Death Star would probably crumple under its own gravity!" (true story)
  5. i always wanted to colonize the Mun first, but since theres like zero properly flat terrain my bases tip over and explode because KAS pipes dont like slopes, but my latest base used the Konstruction mod and MKS and is set on Minmus, making bases on the frozen flats is nice. Just gotta not put the Konstruction ports on upside down...
  6. from minor tinkering with planetfactory/kopernicus the orbital speeds are calculated, as there was no option for orbital speed, but at different heights planets/moons would orbit at different speeds by themselves. and removing Kerbol would DEFINITELY break everything.
  7. Isn't that the case for everything under 4x physics warp?
  8. Ah, okay I am apparently blind Thanks, I will see if I can make it work.
  9. Excuse my possible stupidity, but are you misspelling EVE as SVE? or is SVE something i've managed to completely missing looking at parts of this thread?
  10. 56 m/s putting my orbital construction station into orbit of a moon of Urania from a planet pack. Ion engines are fun.
  11. okay, is there any way to convert it to work? the closest thing ive been to this is making planets in PlanetFactory, and i was terrible at it
  12. Hello, can anyone help me with making these clouds work? they come with the Urania pack for Kopernicus, but they don't show up ingame on the new planets/moons, i looked in the cloud cfg, and the one in EVE, and i have no idea how or why it doesn't work, even after tinkering with it. mods i have are KIS/KAS extraplanetary launchpads, Hyper edit, Near future, Kopernicus(duh) an the urania planetpack. also i don't know if it matters but it places one of the planets in the pack in the main menu screen with the kerbals floating by one of the planets instead of kerbin. the cloud cfg in the pack(also has auroras) http://pastebin.com/d707VHW7 ksp log (wont fit in pastebin, sorry!)
  13. Maybe a monolith on the edge of kerbins soi, watching over Kerbin, just as he watched over KSP, but have a picture of kerbin from the earliest version of the game, showing how far we've come.
  14. i finally got a chance to use my new telescope the other night and Mars was right next to a very bright moon (So bright the eyepiece of my telescope was like a dim flashlight, coool ) With a combination of my old and new eyepieces, i was able to get Mars magnified enough i could sorta see a darker spot like in the OP's first and third photos, i ordered a iphone holder that attaches to my eyepiece so when i get that i can take pictures
  15. Alright sorry it took me so long to respond I've been busy with schoolwork I measured the two lenses that I have for my current telescope and they are 10mm and 5-6mm I think, assuming the part you look through is the right part I was susposed to measure and according to the site that kookoo_gr linked they should give good views of the moon so I've decided to see if they are sufficient and if not then order better ones later. Thanks all for helping everyone
  16. So, I've found this http://www.telescope.com/Orion-125-Premium-Telescope-Accessory-Kit/productVariantId/147222/p/8890.uts Is this a good set of lenses?
  17. Oh, okay, I'll have to look at eyepieces too, what would be a good magnification for eyepieces?
  18. So I've decided that this one http://www.telescope.com/Telescopes/Dobsonian-Telescopes/Dobsonian-Telescopes-with-Free-Shipping/Orion-Limited-Edition-SkyQuest-XT8-Classic-Dobsonian-Bundle/pc/1/c/12/sc/398/p/101452.uts?refineByCategoryId=398 is the best of the ones I've looked at, but is 64x magnification good enough for seeing detailed views of mars?
  19. odd, aparently the forums on mobile put what i typed into a quote, strange, will fix. so Dobsonians are the mount things on some telescopes, the one at the stargazing event I went to last year had a mount like that Ill take a look at that telescope, thanks
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