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  1. So cool! I installed this mod right away. It'll take a rebuild of my scanner satellites but totally worth it if I can get that sweet sweet xenon I crave! I found a simple issue and have uploaded it to GitHub with a description and logs. Please let me know if I'm doing this wrong, this is my first time using git: https://github.com/ChrisAdderley/SpaceDust/issues/15 As always, thanks for sharing your cool mods & ideas with us!
  2. Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered at the big questions of life? Is there anyone else out there in the cosmos? Are we doomed to die as a single-planet species? Does Jool have too many moons? Wait... what? That's right! JEXA, the Joolian EXploration Association, is working to solve these big issues so you don't need to! When they're not torturing acronyms, JEXA is diligently toiling away to bring Pol's delicious crust and-or mantle to your doorstep! As the smallest and loneliest moon of Jool Pol has few friends willing to come to its defense, thus making it the p
  3. Oh awesome! I haven't been on the forums in ages and hadn't seen this thread. Sorry for the confusion and I can't wait to see what becomes of Space Dust! Thanks for linking that thread for me
  4. Hi Nertea, I'm a longtime player with the NF mods and am curious as to the reason behind dropping the atmo ISRU gear? It seemed like they purposefully balanced the sheer power of Argon/Xenon thrusters by making those fuels difficult to get on planets without atmospheres. Plus, there's some real-life near-future plans of things like argon and methane production from the Martian atmosphere: http://phobosorbust.blogspot.com/2016/02/interorbital-exchange-part-2-mars-cargo.html?m=1 I understand that the 3.75m converter your mods add can also produce some Xenon/Argon just from ore and ci
  5. Hey there, I was wondering if there was a mod for the alteration of sea level? I think it'd be pretty neat to play a "waterworld" style Kerbin, where your locations for landing and takeoff are very limited. If anyone has any ideas or input, it would be welcomed. Thanks, WWTI?
  6. I've noticed something weird when trying to build large vessels. Drag is calculated in a really arbitrary and weird way in KSP, to conserve computing resources. Every part has its drag value utilized, regardless of aerodynamics or hydrodynamics, and the drag value is based on mass. The ration is 0.008 m2 kg-1, which, simply put, means that for every kilogram of mass, an object is said to have a certain amount of set drag. I know there are various mods which better simulate the way drag is calculated, such as FAR, but I've never heard from SQUAD as to whether they were going to make a better d
  7. Obviously this means SSTO's are now the new meta
  8. I like the entries so far guys! I wish the real F-22 was a SSTO, that'd be the coolest thing! Err... I hadn't really imagined people using lasers. The whole idea of the "payload" requirement was assuming missiles and bombs as weapons. I guess call each laser 2 ton equivalent (about 6 missiles) or such. Those are impressive statistics for such a small jet! I guess simple really is better. I finished my entry, proving that the first tier is attainable. I'll do the second tier tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy a message from your politikal sponsor over at Kongress: "So you actually managed to do
  9. Yeah, that's a good point. As I'm making my way through this I'm realizing that the way KSP's jet engines work it's really easy to get planes with absurd ranges.
  10. May I present, The Kerbal People's Militia of Wait, Was That Important?! Dagger Fighter Jet Sporting two cruise missiles and four air-to-air missiles, this fast jet can strike from afar or in close. Its maneuverability is hard to beat, but as a result, it burns through vomit bags nearly as quickly as it does jet fuel. TOP SPEED: 880m/s @ 15km HANDLING: 6.7g RANGE: 4,450km SIZE: 9,970kg PAYLOAD: 4 tons Mace Ground Strike Jet Two cruise missiles for long-range attacks are coupled with 12 highly accurate ground-attack missiles to produce a craft which can obliterate an entire squadron on the gr
  11. Well Ladies and Gentlekerbs, it seems that Kongress has finally gotten bored of going to space. To be fair, the fact that most Kerbals who went up there never came back was pretty bad for morale, and towards the end there we were practically locking those guys in there so the couldn't get out on the way up. But no matter! With an inflated budget and no dreams of stellar exploration to fritter it away on, the Kerbal government has decided to become a despotic military state (who elected these turds? Oh wait, that's right...) with a powerful fighting force that spans the solar system. You've sur
  12. Is there a way to make the missiles go further than 5km away from your craft? I set my Lazer "view distance" to 99900m, but that didn't work. Otherwise, I don't see much use for those neat cruise missiles EDIT: After some more playing around, I figured I might as well ask if the wings were balanced according to their surface area to normal B9 wings. They seem like they have really low lift values for some reason to me.
  13. Is it possible to do a land-only circumnavigation? I have a beast of a vessel I'd want to do it in. It weighs 1,200 tons at launch and burns 12.5kg of fuel per second at 77 knots cruising speed... ...over land.
  14. Sure! There are wheels on all of the fuel/ chassis system tanks, and (were) three shock-absorbing wheels at the bow where the ship makes contact with steep hills occasionally, which were also useful for steering. They got knocked off when I was trying to go faster than 60m/s, unfortunately. Here you can see how the bow wheels lift off the ground when cresting a hill. Eventually the deck flexes enough to bring them back into contact, but the ship can be supported by just the central three rows. A camera bug demonstrates how the frame is built. The row of three in the middle is the integral par
  15. The so-called US Navy fields a class of so-called "amphibious assault vehicles", essentially cut-down aircraft carriers. Well, I decided that they were wrong for being called "amphibious", seeing as how they could only go on water. Being as such, and having access to the rather pretty B9 parts pack, among others, I set out to make my own so-called aircraft carrier. It was only after I built the darn thing that I realized there actually was an aircraft carrier mod, but oh well... The design process was long and started off simple. But quickly I turned to larger, less-floaty designs. Unmanned
  16. Hey everyone, I'm back from a long hiatus. Does anyone have a link to the old mod that gave asteroids with realistic masses and such? Also, what ever became of KMP? I know it's still around. Is it popular?
  17. For some reason I thought of this as a Sabre: Okay, so clearly not that. Maybe now I'll make an SSTO!
  18. Is this mod no longer updated or the servers hosted? I can't see anything at http://klf-info.general-physics.de/ where I used to be able to. I really enjoyed this mod while it was still active, what happened?
  19. As of this moment, I'm completely in the dark about how tech trees are conducted. One one hand, it looks like Squad has put a lot of work into making them work well and work right, and on the other hand, that means more complexity on the user end. Much as it's difficult for players to modify wing part config files (what the hell is a float value anyways?!), I worry that modded parts could be left out from career mode if the tech tree isn't easily modifiable on the user end. At the same time, that could completely ruin the game if users were allowed to cheat their way through the tech tree. Why
  20. I think this is an awesome idea. This would make space stations relevant in 0.22- I hope this is given consideration by the devs, but I'm sure a modder can make it as well shortly after release.
  21. Is that really it? Because either I don't have the attention span for them to release or there's something wrong because half the time I wind up overpowering them and snapping the landing gear off, and the other half the time I have to stop and thrust again.
  22. So many Kerbin stations, my poor little Duna Hub feels lonely. She has space for 33 Kerbals, 3 orange tanks worth of fuel storage, 6000 units RCS, and space for 4 large ships with 2.5m ports and 4 small ships with 1.25m ports. Pictured here, the tug which brought half of it to Duna is approaching from the lower right to dock. Check out the building of it here!
  23. I'm still laughing at this 5 minutes later. I say KSP get slapped with an Ao rating, adults only. Mainly because kid me would've had his mind explode if he were to try the orbital physics KSP requires.
  24. On a different note, is anyone aware of how the parts are organized by tiers in the config files? Will that be easily accessible to players? I play with a very unique arrangements of mods and would hate to have to resort to stock parts. I hope that we're allowed to make our own progression trees and that it's not hardcoded in the way it is.
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