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  1. when you have a chance, would you reupload this? Kerbal stuff went down a few weeks ago. has arisen to replace it, but most of the mods on kerbalstuff have not been put on spacedock. Thank you for your time
  2. How does state funding handle planet packs? I'm contemplating trying out New Horizons, but i want to keep using state funding.
  3. do you have a link to the thread your signature quote is from? I'm interested in reading it.

  4. Yeah, i had a different suborbit one, and that one went by fine, i was too high for the first contract.
  5. so i'm looking for some help with suborbital contracts; I took one, did a suborbit over it at 120km, and nothing. the contract says i didn't do the job. didn't hit the location of 'south pole'. was i too high? do i need my trajectory to end close to the location?
  6. just tried it. Turning off ship manifests' "override stock crew transfer' fixes the problem.
  7. I'm having an issue where anytime i load the tourists on the pad the game chugs along at 1 fps until i get tired of waiting and just force close the game. I have no clue on how to figure out what's going on, any ideas?
  8. I'm curious why procedural SRBs cost more than an equivalent stock SRB, In the case of the 'trashcan full of boom', it costs 350 funds wet, and the pp srb costs 1008 funds wet, most of which isn't fuel. at the other end of the scale, the nasa srb costs 1800 funds wet, and an equivalent pp srb was something like 7000 funds wet
  9. why do SRBs cost so much compared to stock? Isn't the general idea of SRBs being cheap, and thus not caring about recovery?
  10. i can still have any kerbal use it as a science container, just if i want to do anything else they need to be a scientist?
  11. I'm having a problem with the .625 meter version exploding whenever i try to use it. I don't have any parts sticking out of the warp-bubble guide, but each time i throttle up more than enough to see the bubble start to form the entire thing explodes. It is okay to have karbonium/karbonite in the bubble, right? craft file: using Box sat, karbonite, K+, tweakscale, near future electricity, pictures of craft in VAB