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  1. Yes, you are flying in the wrong direction
  2. Could be that its allready known but did not found it here. There are 2 bugs in the H2/H3 1 stage tanks or booth are the same ^^ TechRequired = advFuelSystems not TechRequired = advFuelSystem or they will not show up in careermode
  3. Thank you for this mod, finally i can build Spacestations without dockingports (if enough engineers are around) ^^ KIS, KAS make it happen. Thank you very much!
  4. 1. The node says +15minutes looks like you got the wrong time... you already passed it 2. Why do you set the dV manually? set the waypoint use Nodebutton then exec and The Computer will do the rest for you ?
  5. There was a few month (or was it already a year?) ago a mkIV modpack from TT, could it be that you named your cargobay the same as he does and in one of the FAR files are already the parameters for that part ?
  6. Found one bug if i install a Maintenance-Pod on a Capsule and try to exit the capsule the game crashes (the old version worked and i tried it on a clean install too
  7. If you need an arrestor system you should ask Infinite Dice he has one in his boatparts(+ a catapult system )
  8. Really great mod but it would be perfect if you would implement the firespitter texturechanger for the command module then we could change the names for the shuttles ingame
  9. This one is an older R3-Beta build with a different watering solution You need Hyperedit and open the landing-window. Then you change the Longitude to -0.74h (-0.75h is the runway) Then press space and click on the Land button immediately, the carrier will jump to his new location and will land slowly in the water. Also on the picture is the new partcount only 129 parts +98 struts = 227 parts ( the 238 comes from the 11 clamps on it), one lift and 8 dockingports for airplanes/choppers. Remember its an old one, the newest r3 build should lower the partcount even more.
  10. No it didn't its only a tool nothing more nothing less. Or did you say that GPS sucks too in RL cause everyone should use a map, or the servo-steering in your car sucks? Oh btw a car sucks too everyone can walk. That are all tools, if you want to use it, do it or do it not. You should know what mj2 does and make it on your own before you use it, yes thats right.
  11. Yes its possible, with mechjeb 2 you can use the translatron to controll your climbing speed and with the smart a.s.s. you can hold the direction... but there are some restrictions 1. if you leave the 2.5km the passive craft is deleted 2. going to orbit is a pain cause of point 1 3. if you are flying up you must always "eyeballing" the distance This means that you must switch all the time the vehicles and change the acceleration in the translatron There is a workaround for 1 and 2 if you are use the lazormod and change the physics distance from 2.5 to 20 or 99km. Before you lift off you should give all crafts the proper parameters in translatron and smart a.s.s (yes mechjeb2 save them for every ship) For this screen i used alt+f12 to give ifinite fuel and rcs (makes it easier) 1.I climbed with booth crafts via translatron on the right flightlevel, then hold it there with vertical speed 0 and smart a.s.s. on 90/0 (or 90/90 if your command module is on top of the craft) 2.Then i put it 90/355 in smart a.s.s surface window, but didnt press execute, after i finished it with booth crafts i switched between the two crafts and pressed execute What happens now ? The nose goes down on booth crafts the smart a.s.s tries to hold the 90 degree course with a 5° nosedown and the translatron tries to hold the height, with that the thrustvector is 5° backwards and they gain speed. I let the leading craft flying most of the time allone and only give the following craft the new parameters to stay near to its leading craft. (I only use the surfacefunction for that) for rockets its a little bit different you need the acceleration config in MJ2 too cause you must play with the acceleration of the following craft and you must fixed the acceleration of the leading craft or the leading craft flies the following one away.
  12. It did not ? I used in my mohocrater climbing test the kas mod too, i could even go back to the space center, every time i loaded the rover hanging on the crater wall the hooks hold it there
  13. Devo are the weaponstations working with the normal rightclick function or are they working like DR ? (would be cool if its DR then they could hold rockets from the lazormod)
  14. I like Mj2, why? Cause you can't do something like this without it.