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  1. Oh...Well, I'll try some longer swept wings next, perhaps with less hungry engines, it enpties it's tanks in the time it takes to launch one rocket without breaking suborbital flight above 50km

    Sauron, if I'm not mistaken, coming in at an extremely low angle works better than plunging into the atmosphere like a capsule.

  2. So I'm trying to build a SSTD Cargo plane with this, but can't seem to make orbit around Kerbin, or even space most of the time. I'll post photos of the plane in a bit, but for now heres the info:

    OPT fuselages, K sized, J Drone Core

    large wings, flys moderately good.

    6 engines, all of them SCIMITARS(I forgot the mod).

    On re-entry from high sub-orbital flight the wings begin to "flap" at insane speeds, the craft then violently explodes and the core moves 2km in 5 seconds before decelerating to 500m/s


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  3. Nah, just reduce the number of parts on nonspecific or routine lifters to as few as possible. For example, you might use this to launch that cluster of geo-sync box sats, but you'd probably want a massive custom lifter for that 400t Grand Tour craft.

  4. Just an idea I had, where you take a combo fue tank and engine and attach it to your payload, it then tries to adjust its size, fuel content, engine power/number/size to fit that payload and defined altitute requirements.

    Perhaps include extra texture sets and models to pick from?

    Would this be possible, as in easy for a modder to do in a non-insane amount of time?

  5. without the crashing I have a similar issue to Horus, when I use the cameras, if I exit and return to the camera it shows the inside of the runway/launchpad, is rotated sideways(Always, despite camera rotation), and only lets me back into the standard camera if I spam the activate/deactivate keys. If I don't return to the camera after the glitch the craft camera is locked in that sideways position.

    Any Ideas?

  6. Then just release the code and other data under a permissive license with the note that the models are not included in the license. There are plenty of good modelers around here on the forums. ZZZ did some great work (IMO) on the KSP-I models.

    Mods without permissive licenses tend to just die when the original author steps away.

    By "permissive" I mean GPL, Creative Commons, or some other equivalent license.

    Well...88x31.png is at the end of the first post.

    I figured that'd work.

    And there are no plugins so the closest to code is the .CFGs.

    If people want it bad enough, I'll do it though.

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