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  1. Well, my Impulse drive set eats a custom nuclear fuel and produces TONS of thrust. In essence it is a simple engine edit with a new model.
  2. Not from my moderate knowledge of landings. I know that it actually makes sense for them to use RCS thrusters to stabilize a ship the size of the one in Prometheus, It didn't look too well balanced before the engines went into landing leg mode.
  3. If anyone is interested, I suggest you listen to the Podbay podcast Welcome to Nightvale. It is an interesting concept and is actually doing pretty well. It started two years ago and is produced by Joseph Fink. Drop by and have a listen. Also, don't jusdge it on the first episode, it gets much better into the 20s range. http://podbay.fm/show/536258179 And do note, this podcast is solely audio. so find a good image to look at while listening, or if you can multitask you could read a book. If you'd like, here is one I whipped up a minute ago:
  4. I guess this will be negating my part pack... http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24967
  5. Alright, figured it out. My adblocker blocked all the images for the forum.
  6. Alright, the 502s have stopped for me, but the blank slate view of the forums will not go away.
  7. After numerous 502s and hard refreshes, the forums has turned into...this:
  8. The medium wheels remind me more of the Armidillos from Armageddon than the Curiosity rover wheels.
  9. not the slightest clue. Might want to inform a moderator or admin or someone.
  10. Star Wars: Empire At War: Forces of Corruption.
  11. This. Be specific Red, there are things that make 02 other than plants.
  12. probably because he never updated the link. Link to the new post should be at the top of the OP.
  13. Quick question, will this effect a low end system as badly as ISA mapsat used to? I usually got a 5-10 frame drop from the normal 15-20 I play at on this potato.
  14. have a look here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24967
  15. My thought was Thorium. But then I read this. and it remaind so: http://www.forbes.com/sites/energysource/2012/02/16/the-thing-about-thorium-why-the-better-nuclear-fuel-may-not-get-a-chance/
  16. An AD ship may actually cause an explosion of gamma rays, X-rays, cosmic rays, etc... when it drops out of the warp field. I read this somewhere. They also have the possibility of shifting the orbits of nearby planets.
  17. Pork jet. I've got an idea...a compressor, basically a generator that eats intake air and turns it into oxidizer.
  18. Interdasting. I'd give it a look, however I'm a bit over the lid with mods atm.
  19. Update launched. changelog is on first page. Also a possiblity of a spotlight video in a few days.
  20. thorium might be an option for a radioactive fuel. lots of output, and the radation can be blocked with aluminum foil.
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