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  1. heard last night. so sad. They will probably ruin it, and require Facebook connection to use it; you'll also probably have a billion ads on screen and have to pay them money to use it longer than a set duration every day.
  2. Nazari, you should add support for the TV PP jet engines, it is sort of incompatible on it's own.
  3. hmmm...noticing an error here, that kerbal has less forehead than it should. Berbals have a normalish face with another head's worth of forehead, unlike that little guy you built.
  4. I'll be safe and say probably not...but contact valve, see if there is a workaround here.(I'd love to know) the Games for Windows icon simply means its supported, the disk install works fro both PC and Mac.
  5. well, that is a common error now-a-days. As it happens, its a corrupt file in the name-generator, and is a game breaker. Contact me on Steam under the name "Ace_of_Tanks". I'll have an "Atheism Inside" avatar. go to your library, right click on spore, remove local content. then install again. once done with that and updates, log in and you should be good...but you'll have lost any unshared work and all downloaded content no need to re-purchase.
  6. Needs some...neck stiffening...try increasing the volume of the neck...or changing it to a single segment limb.
  7. Sid Meier's Railroads!, its a fun little game. Strategy, little to no combat. Armagetron Advanced, multiplayer tron bikes done right. also, its FREE. Command and Conquer The Ultimate Collection. You'll probably only use one or two of the games (C&C 95 is set in the late 80s to early 90s, and the chronology goes forth from there into the distant-ish future.) but do use Generals and Generals: Zero Hour.(Mod it to death too) Spore & both expansions. I know I'd normally say don't waste your cash, but its a decently creative game once you give up screaming at the bugs. also can be modded to death. literally. Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition. Sometimes frustrating, but super addictive...games can last up to a few months in real time on the larger maps.(Not much like civ, more isolated, lots more waiting, ULTRA fleshed out tech tree, amazing mod community running for many, many years after it's release.) World In Conflict. (Don't bother with the DLC) Cold War era 'Murica vs. the soviets. Iron Brigade. This one is hard to describe...its sort of a tower defense mixed with a TPS, ans all based in a sort of kooky WWI/II-steampunk hybrid. Multiplayer too. Thats all I've got for now.
  8. Whackjob, you've earned a new PC, its the least we can do to repay you for literally testing KSP to it's maximum limit. On a laptop to boot. If you must have us demand something in return, why not make a game with whatever machine we, the kommunity, can cobble together.
  9. how funny, I reinstalled spore a few days ago and have been using mods to enhance the gameplay. I suggest you check the following out: http://www.davoonline.com/sporemods/ <- Dark Injection(DArk spore parts and more put into spore. 3 pages of creature editing tabs!) http://www.davoonline.com/download/ <-I suggest firespore7test, faster_ufo, giant_parts(infinite size on parts), fixinterstellar, biggersystems 1-15, ulimitedsol, more_traderoutes(has an infinite option), and galacticcodenobreak. I suggest those because platinum spore and fire spore both contain most if not all of the other ones on this page. http://www.sporebase.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=59c32aa124ce47032f1fff34df6bbd96&topic=4263 <-platinum spore
  10. Depends on lots of things: 1. Payload size/mass 2. Payload shape 3. Lifter size/mass 4. Engine ISP/Thrust 5. T/W R 6. Can mechjeb fly it normally? 7. time 8. stability 9. lifter hight etc...
  11. I seem to be unable to log into steam. Anyone else having the same issue?
  12. Not that I know of...thats a question for Endless Waves, he is the plugin half of the development team.
  13. Sid Meier's Railroads! The community is a bit inactive these days, but its still fun. lots of trial and rage to mod though.
  14. Friend Req. sent, pending acceptance. ORION will be sent upon acceptance.
  15. Sorry, Will deliver after school(3:00 PM CST)
  16. my aging PC's fans and electrical popping sounds.
  17. First person to post their steam username and accept my friend invite will revieve a copy of ORION: Dino Horde. GO.
  18. its as aerodynamic as a mountain moving at mach 2 and the physics thing...maybe if they were moving fast enough. from the schematics, they are massive ion engines, so they could have been accelerating for a LONG time.
  19. Canceled project, sounded terrible. If a lock could be initiated....
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