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  1. Anyone up for rendering the parts from my Impulse Drive set? I reposted the thread, or at least the DL link, I am no good with Unity and OrbitusII has not contacted me for some time now. EDIT: RELEASE THAT.
  2. DDoS. No clue as to why though, and it managed to corrupt newer backups of the forums. OT: Glad to see some of the prominent forumers back.
  3. DEVELOPMENT FOR THIS MOD HAS RESUMED UNDER NEW MANAGMENT. FORUM USER FANGFLIGHT IS THE NEW OWNER. Link to new thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/89862
  4. Mine was also erased, along with all of my posts. The only thing i see good out of this is that the Brony community also took a hit.
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