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  1. Soo... is this going to be a feature in the WiiU version?
  2. I feel like I have barely enough fuel, if only I knew how to land in a more fuel efficient way. Is there such a way? Or do I not have enough fuel for any way?
  3. Holy crap, that's alot of words. Thanks for 'em all. I won't be able to put this info to use until Friday or the weekend, but I did dip into the game to get the exact weights. The weight of the atomic stage with the lander on top, at it's current fuel level: 40.7t. Empty, it's 34.3t. As for the lander, full: 18t, empty: 10t. That's no hitchhiker can, it's a couple smaller fuel tanks. No science things, those are all monoprop tanks. As for the parachutes, this is a multi-use rocket, and I couldn't be bothered to rip them off for this mission.
  4. Well, I'm at school right now, but I'll be sure to chalk those numbers up when I get home.
  5. As for making a new ship, while the info is helpful, I'd like to land this one if I can for the time being. This flight was actually my first time aerobraking. I have no intention of bringing these guys back; my Treyciards have been used solely for one-way missions. So, a suicide burn is sorta what I was doing, burning retrograde the whole way down, and what I gotta figure out is setting up the initial trajectory and timing when to start the burn?
  6. I say having a crazy high reputation could earn you discounts in almost everything that costs money, but not BE money. You shouldn't be able to spend reputation.
  7. What exactly does the 'useVertex' config do? I'd assume it means vertex lighting, but what's the alternative if that's set to false?
  8. Yo mamma so fat, that when she went to work at KSC yesterday...
  9. This is really freaking funny, you gotta admit. 'Sir! That plane's too heavy; the runway can't handle it!' 'Oh please, it's a slab of concrete, what's the worst that could happen?' Well, it cracks up, fire erupts, chaos ensues, all that.
  10. BenHR

    Eclipses and Planet Shadows

    Lighting and shadows are different from what the solar panels do. All they prolly do is draw a line to the core of the sun, measure the distance (how much power you make) and whether or not that line crosses anything (blocked by thing). Lighting is so much more complex than that. I dunno how this game does it, but it must be more than just 'is thing in the way?'. And if planetary shadows were done like that, there wouldn't be a shadow cast on it. It would just instantly turn completely dark as soon as the eclipse started, and stay like that 'till it ends.
  11. BenHR

    Asteroid Development

    S rank? I swear that game only went up to A. And parhaps replaying levels and their variants means you only played through the story in whole a few times?
  12. BenHR

    Asteroid Development

    So when will we be able to do this? <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Please note that I mostly kid.
  13. This would be great, I'm sure it would really speed people up when they know what they're looking for.
  14. I discovered something wondrous; Nvidia Inspector. With it, you can change the settings that show in the Nvidia control panel for individual programs, including the ones not shown. In the control panel, you can turn on Ambient Occlusion in some games, but not many. However, with this inspector thing, you can force it on. Thing is, you need to set the Ambient Occlusion Compatibility to something. The list has a whole lot of options, each tailored to specific games. Some games that aren't in the list may just happen to work well with another game's listing. For example, Sonic Adventure 2 works with 0x00000023, the setting for 'Fable: The Lost Chapters'. So I ask, has anyone ever tried this themselves and found an option that works for KSP? Heck, I might dedicate a chunk of this weekend to find if any work (there's alot to sift through). So I tried a few. The ARMA one worked great for San Andreas and Sonic Adventure 2, even better than the Fable one. However, it did terrible things to KSP. Ogjects that were suppose to be behind things were showing through. However, the one for Call of Duty: World at War (0x00000005) worked well. The effect is kinda weak on that one, though. I might try more later, or the peoples can try. AO off: AO on:
  15. BenHR

    A new wallpaper! WARNING: 1080p IMAGE

    'DO NOT REMOVE'... Like, don't steal the computer?
  16. Alot of programs and games make a save file picture of whatever you saw when you saved. Maybe something like that, even for flights in progress.
  17. Well, I don't know what's up with your setup but KSP works with the throttle of my joystick just fine. I only ever use it when space planeing, though.
  18. Maybe it's just that, to make you actually look in every direction, instead of just going 'OOH, nuclear rocket! I NEED THAT!' and putting all your effort thataways.
  19. I think for all planets and moons, they should be represented as a coloured dot in the flight view, with it's size being a little bigger than how big it would be if it were being rendered as the regular planet, and fade dimmer intensity but not opacity depending on how much of the night side is facing you, but never lower than 40% or something.
  20. BenHR

    Favourites tab

    Thing is though, is that this would make people avoid looking into many parts. They'd make their list of favorites, 'all they'll ever need', and never look at or use anything else. Part of the reason they split parts up with the research unlocks was to help people become familiar with every part.
  21. BenHR


    That one fuel tank that said it kept exploding when people squeed at how cute it was, I'd like to see a cut-scene of that.
  22. BenHR


    I like the tech node idea. There's actually alot of room for variety there. Researchers coming up with the parts, engineers building them, maybe KSP head peoples signing a deal with Rockomax... speaking of deals, there could be scenes for deal signing for things like launching other company's satellites for them, as others have suggested.
  23. BenHR

    A Map of Kerbin (Not-Roleplay)

    I know this is somewhat off topic, nor am I really into such things, but why no RP on the forums? No story so people argue on what's what? It screws with the game's main goal? People get too obsessive and annoy others? I assume there was a role play thread that caused an uproar. That could be an interesting story to hear. ...or sensitive one. Hmm.
  24. Imagine how awesome it'd be to launch up through a thunder storm... and make it. Plus, think of all the science! Screw weather balloons, send a rocket with some Mystery Goo! We'll totally find out how to predict tornadoes! (Also, tornadoes.)
  25. BenHR

    HOLY JEEZUS (Odd glitch/evil omen)

    Um, what exactly am I looking at here?