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  1. Tanner Rawlings

    Make an airliner that can fly around Kerbin!

    Can we use autopilot mod though? Say AtmosphereAutopilot? And kerbal engineer? These don't affect the aircraft ability, just make it easier to fly the plane for a long period of time
  2. Blendr, iirc, i used to do the config files way back, (blame me for the high speed flame outs lol), but yea, pretty sure it was blendr
  3. Booting Tanner.OS Heart rate: Nominal Neural Activity: Fried Will to Live: Gone Breathing: Nominal Preliminary Test Complete Recommend Termination of AP.Class Files (all in all feeling a lot better, i sent out the files, all polished* and finished** for @blackheart612 to do the last bit of tweaking so expect the update Soon™) *Ran out of turtlewax **still some house-keeping stuff i want to finish
  4. From what I know it is and issue with firespitter and sadly I do not know of any fixes
  5. There is a red mark on my face from my palm hitting it at about Mach .7
  6. @SSgt Baloo @StevieC Stop now, I'm ending this argument, sorry but y'all have gone off topic, no report sent just asking y'all to stop
  7. All of the engines that are currently released are wwII era which are considered "High altitude" The next update will be including many wwI engines for low end flight, besides, tech tree placement has not been much of a concern as blackheart has been working on the new engines and animations while ive been working on the balancing of the engines and a few other things that are not ready to be released, now that we've reached a point that the engines are covering a good chunk of history next will be the balancing of cost (science and monies), fuel consumption, isp curves and all the other curves provided by firespitter (currently only stock curve system used) EDIT: so far i see most of the engines being levels 3-6
  8. it will not break the files but you will find that your plane is no longer capable of going 300+ m/s (which is way faster than any planes of the era that the engines are placed in)
  9. Hello! been a long time since i've last posted, i usually just sit in the back and work on the back end stuff, i come around time to time to read (but not usually read) the posts and suggestions but there is something important i got to say 1. This next update will add more engines (YAY!) and do massive changes to the thrust and curves of the engines thus breaking any files you have now (BOO!) now in testing i found the engines to be balanced with variety 2. Because this update may make all the engines "Nerfed" depending on who you ask, please direct all lynch mobs towards me not blackheart 3. Direct post about future engines/design/animation glitches towards blackheart and all thrust/back end stuff towards me, im making this post to say that i will be more active in this (chain? Forum? Post?) and would like to try to share some of the public weight (and pitchforks) with the guy who made this great mod in the first place.
  10. please keep in mind that the only one that ive actually gone in and done the altitude curves and velocity curves in detail is the "Divine Wind" engine
  11. okay, ive began work on the velocity/altitude curves for the engines, right now im only doing it for the A6M engine as no one has it in any current designs and i do not risk breaking any saves but can still get feed back, bear with me as for me to get the curves just right i will need feedback and lots of testing Thanks to those of you making suggestion ect. though i do not post often i do read often
  12. Tanner Rawlings

    1.1.3 Hype Train: Branch Line Edition

    here's my ticket! hope i can be forgiven for the comic-sans-rainbow mess i caused on the last train....
  13. Tanner Rawlings

    [1.1][1.1-1] Apr-19-2016 Dynamic Texture Loader

    språkbarriärer är överskattad....speciellt när du kan prata svensk
  14. Warranty void if props spin. If desired stats are not achieved, please refrain from executing the config editor. Garanti ogiltig om rekvisita snurra. Om så önskas statistik inte uppnås, vänligen avståfrån att köra config editor. Die Garantie erlischt, wenn Requisiten Spinnen. Falls gewünscht Statistiken nicht erreicht werden, unterlassen Sie den Konfigurationseditor ausgeführt wird.
  15. Tanner Rawlings

    Does anyone else do this?

    Nope, I do it too