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  1. Right!? I am just so tired of people complaining about a game not being worth "AAA Prices" or whatever they call it, just because it's an indie game, or it isn't long, or whatever other reason they come up with. As far as I'm concerned, play-time and style have nothing to do with how much I'm willing to pay for a game. What matters is enjoyment factor. I recently bought Star Wars Battlefront 2, and only did so because it was heavily marked down to like $6. I liked it ok, but I would not pay more than that for it, because I didn't enjoy it enough to justify more than that. KSP I enjoy immensely, and I would gladly pay $60 for that. And that's in US$. It will almost certainly be at least $80 for me in Australia, and I'll still be glad to pay that, because I know I'll like it that much. And before people jump in about budget and affordability, I have a very tight budget for games. I'm living on a PhD scholarship and saving for a house. I do NOT have a lot of money to throw around, and I would STILL be happy to pay $60+ for KSP2. I'm already saving for it.
  2. Now *that* would be awesome. They did have the ice moon in the trailer, and they've said some cryptic things about making the other planets more interesting, so maybe there will be ice over oceans. But I wouldn't count on it, just because they've also said no caves/negative space on planets. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. Voxel/editable terrain would be pretty neat, but it would definitely be beyond the scope of what they're planning of KSP2. And they've stated outright that there will be "no terraforming" or other kinds of terrain editing. So yeah, mining will just extract resources from the solid ground. Not necessarily realistic, but the realism of Kerbal has always been to do with the space flight more than the infrastructure supporting it.
  4. Is anyone already planning out what and where their space colonies are going to be? If it's possible (and I know it probably won't be, but still, fingers crossed) I want to have a big O'Neill Cylinder station in Munar orbit, and another big colony in Jool orbit.
  5. Every new bit of information revealed makes me even more excited for this game. This all sounds like exactly what I want from a KSP sequel.
  6. I certainly hope so. This all sounds amazing.
  7. No word on that as far as I know, but they have stated that they plan to open up more of the game's code to modders, or words to that effect. I don't do modding or coding, so I don't know what that means exactly, but it sounds as if the game will be even more mod-friendly than KSP1.
  8. Or better yet, a sliding scale. I know there are people out there who want to make the game as granular and challenging as possible, so I think they should have an option for that. Either no worrying about life support at all, ar all the way up at the other end of the scale, you have to worry about *everything*. I think that would be sweet. Doubt we'd see something that complicated in the base game, but we can dream.
  9. Some form of logistics would be fun, but it would have to be quite simplified, I think. Or just something you can toggle on/off. I love the idea of life support requirements, but having a mission fail when you're 90% of the way to Duna because you miscalculated how much food and air you need really sucks, and not in a fun way like crashing into Ike would.
  10. Yeah, they said "Spring 2020" and that's Northern Hemisphere obviously, so I guess that would be like April-May-June-ish. If they reach that window I'm expecting it to be late in it, towards mid-June, which means I'll have a nice new game to play for hours when I'm hibernating for the Southern Hemisphere winter
  11. Yeah, that would be ideal, different planets are rich/poor in different resources, giving further reason for exploration and colonisation of multiple bodies. I think my idea is a bit simplistic, and it would probably end up being pretty unbalanced. I'm excited to see what we get in the eventual release.
  12. I just had a thought. Yes this is another "what I'd like to see in KSP2" post, which I understand is completely pointless, but I thought it would be fun to get other people's opinions on this. It's pretty clear they're expanding the resource model for the game. I'd really like to see the new resources to be as ambiguous as "Ore" in KSP1. Maybe the new ones could be things like Metal, Water, Air and Gas, where you can form your own conclusions/headcanon about what they actually represent. I feel like that would fit nicely into that Kerbal niche between realistic and cartoony. So you can harvest different resources from different planets/biomes, and even harvest things like "Air" or "Gas" from atmospheres, and then bring it to a refinery where you can refine them into different usable resources. A bit like the Community Resource Pack, but maybe slightly simplified/streamlined. Yeah, not that the enjoyment of going isn't reason enough most of the time, but you're right, it would still be nice to have more in-game incentive for late-game exploration, even after you max out the tech tree.
  13. Yeah, same here. Last time I played KSP1 I had Community tech tree and RoverDude's Alcubierre warp drive installed (along with a few other near-future tech mods), and it really gave late-game science collecting some meaning. I hope we get that in the stock version of KSP2.
  14. Even if they don't add any form of warp drive, there are two great mods for KSP1 that add those in a balanced and near-realistic way. I would be very surprised if those mods didn't make the move to KSP2 in some form if there was a niche for them to fill.
  15. They specifically said in an interview that there's "no warp drive" but I feel like they were referring to this in a Star Trek sense, because, far-fetched though it is, an Alcubierre-style warp drive could be considered plausible in the same vein as some of the things that it looks like they'er introducing with KSP2. I hope they do add an A-drive in some form, and use a similar model to RoverDude's mod or Kerbal Interstellar, where it is the absolute peak of the tech tree and costs hundreds of thousands of science, and requires a lot of energy that can only be generated from high-tier generators. Time will tell. I'm so excited to send out interstellar missions.