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  1. I have a few requests, firstly the 37 mm M4 cannon, AKA, the big gun the Airacobra, AKA the fridge launcher. Aside from that, turrets! A basic window with a gun in it would be useful as it could go anywhere. Bonus points for scaling the window and adding different guns. As would a remote turret like the B-29 or the He 177, along with a viewing dome, as it could go anywhere. Ideally versions in 4x7mm, 2x50cal and 1x 20mm. The ball turret it is good, but it looks out of place most places. For more specific turrets, tail and top turrets would be nice, as would the weird turret-bubbles on the Catalina.
  2. I have a Saitek x52 pro, and used this to get around the input lag problem,which it works very well for, but it seems to have broken Mechjeb 2. Anything where it takes control of your craft it simply doesn't work. Turning off my joystick (in the AFBW menu) doesn't seem to work either, as i first thought it was somehow overriding MJ, but that hasn't fixed it.
  3. Whatever happened to the CST-100-ish thing? Can someone please update that?
  4. I vote for 1.25 or 1.875. Aside from that, all my textures for this mod are black, any idea why? Edit: Fixed. Also, for axis turrets, how about these? Double and single 13mm turrets, with the double being remote and the single being manned. Plane is a He 177 Greif.
  5. I just got an idea, seeing the 20+ bombs a few planes in this thread had, bomb racks! Really all they'd be is rocket pods without the rockets, making bombs far more useful. Could such a thing be done easily, or do the rockets not work like that?
  6. That's more than cool enough to make my thing wait, though i'm quickly thinking i'll need a bigger plane to attach that to...
  7. Can i get the 12,000lb bomb from this picture? Along with several rescales of it, as there seems to be a lack of choice in unguided bombs so far, with options of ether tiny and crappy (the 500lb one in stock bdarmory) or one of the utterly huge ones, nothing in between, which i'd like to fix. Bonus points if you can work out a good way to pack several of them into a cramped bomb bay, as i've mostly had bombs on racks not launch right and blow up in the plane.
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    What if?

    About 5,000 people should show up in the ksp IRC asking where the hell the forums went. What if RSS becomes not buggy?
  9. Having looked really closely at the rocket pods, each rocket is modeled inside of there, so just model the rocket rail with the rocket on it as a rocket pod. On the subject of rockets, i want a X-4.
  10. Bomber turrets! Ideally the quad .50s from the B-29 or the twin 20mms from the He-177, as they're remote turrets and very quick to model i'd assume. Alternatively, bombs, as you could make one model, and rescale it for everything for most sizes.
  11. What ever happened to the Atlas 5 heavy? And did they look into mixing Atlas 5 and and Delta 4 cores at all?
  12. Are we doing cockpit requests? I'd like a B-29 or B-36 cockpit for a front mounted one, or a B-17 or Pe-8 style cockpit for one with a node on both ends. A model of the Pe-8, as few people have heard of it, i like the cockpit because it's a inline two man canopy for a heavy bomber.
  13. Question about this, can it be made to work with wing-shaped wings? As in wings with an air-foil cross section and not flat on top. If possible, can someone make wings like that that match the Retro Future mod, seeing as it's held up by the other proc wings mod being thoroughly borked by the update, and once those wings are done the rest of the mod can be updated rather easily.
  14. I totally agree, with the new BDArmory update and the combat contracts some other mod added i'm making a whole install for just plane mods. Proc wings seems to be the main thing holding us back so far.
  15. Bickering about the chalange aside, i built the Caspian Sea Monster a very long time ago: Sorry for it being very old and that being the only screenshot.
  16. How much power would be needed to get enough thrust from an EM Drive for it to be useful? Could one be scaled down to the point it could run off tiny cubesat panels? All the arguing about if these things work made me think they should just put one on a cubesat to test it, but if power is a problem i can see why they haven't.
  17. How big of a satellite would you need to properly test an EM Drive? Would putting one on a cubesat be possible?
  18. About the texture, try to get them about the same average shades as stock colors so that it mixes well, if your parts are a slightly different shade then the stock ones, it looks bad. Also, i agree with billbobjebkirk, the windows are too big, (and the door is too, but not as much, only like 20%). I say to make them about half as tall, and separate them into more, smaller windows.
  19. Quite a few, firstly i'd to say make the texture for the white bits lighter, and add a darkening effect after reentry once 1.0 comes out. Secondly, i want some kind of massive propeller (likely 1.875 meters) to power these, something like the NK-12 or the Wasp Major, seeing how all the other propeller mods would take ether clipping them together or using loads of them.
  20. A somewhat related question: What about a motorjet driven by a turboshaft/a turbojet where only part of the air goes to the turbine. The idea being that you'd need more or less no cooling air and could burn all the oxygen in the non-turbine nozzle, giving far more thrust for the size and likely more efficient then an afterburner seeing as all the oxygen is burnt at once instead of the two part combustion of an afterburner.
  21. Idea: when in atmosphere/thrusting with a gimbaled engine/using rcs why not have it auto despin the wheels and turn them off?
  22. I vote to cram in another kerbal somehow, as well as causing a reason for you to make a Voskhod, though i cant blame you for not making one, as i seem to be the only person who wants one.
  23. Mostly the solar panels from Almaz 3, as i think they look cool and i want to stick an Almaz-derived module on my Skylab+Salyut space station thing. About the Mars parts, i like the idea of just having a lot of big spacecraft bits then any one spacecraft just chopped up, mostly because it fits with KSP better, but also because i use 3.2 scale Kerbin, and totally premade things don't work for me well. Also, is it just me, or does the Gemini look too short and wide, almost as if it was sat on? I say make it about 10% longer, and move the windows back and make them bigger.
  24. I've tried this, though i cant get it to space easily, it always flips before it can get there. Aside from that, it flies quite well as long as you keep the fuel balanced.