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  1. Why am I your only follower?

    You deserve so much more.

    I will put out flowers for you.



  2. Nice! Looks like you're doing well with the dogfights too. I may need re-download KSP and umpteen billion mods here sooner than later, You know, for old times sake.
  3. look at him' he's the captain now. My thought would be no dice. Text editing isn't something in-game, can really change performance of missiles and the like , and isn't something a noobie will catch onto. But again, he's the captain now.
  4. Its more a new job and a project ive been procrastinating on since last year. Once Flite Fest East is done mid-july i may make more regular appearances. Im confident thay while some may object, the thread will be in more capable hands and continue on with Herobrian's original vision in my absence.
  5. I'm officially handing over control of this competition to @Box of Stardust. I unfortunately have found myself with new responsibilities, and if the last month has not clearly demonstrated, i most likely will not have time to participate here as i have.
  6. *cue sound from Law and order* 92/93/69
  7. And at the moment, i'm not invalidating your results. You may not be aware of my current opinions on people testing their own aircraft officially, i find it something like handing out blank checks. I'll be reviewing footage later tonight before i do anything, including updating leaderboards, but i have no reason to think any abuse has taken place, and do appreciate that you are carrying things on. I'm trying to avoid the love letter from bananamod over startin feuds.
  8. So lets start off. @Box of Stardust has two aircraft on the roster at the moment. He's running tests with his own leaderboard. Until i update my results to reflect his, they are not official. Perhaps i should quote the Dark Souls mod team here: You're more than capable of creating an aircraft capable of beating out his. If you take issue with the fact that he has more than two aircraft on the board (my counting skills aren't the greatest, i only dropped out of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University because calculus kicks my butt, but i count two of his craft on the board) then do something about it. Develop your own aircraft. Test. Revise. Succeed.
  9. Yeah good luck. Brian and I have both asked for people to participate, the fact that people are now starting to submit dogfights on their own is a god-given miracle. I'll probably be submitting more monday once i catch up on the thread
  10. While i appreciate the concern, i would think this is a rule that doesn't have a place here. At this point in the game, most of the people here that make the board have maybe a couple of missiles? Spam hasn't really been a concern since we started using the "under the radar" version of BDAC.
  11. If the aircraft is capable of taking off when placed in pilot mode by bdac then yes.
  12. We haven't finished testing on PEGAsys so i'm not going to update. I will be running more fights sunday night.
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