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  1. Howdy! So, few things: 1. if you are running Windows 10, hit the Windows key and G at the same time and hit the red button to record your screen. It would be beneficial to see how time acceleration is affecting your aircraft. 2. Why don't you post a .Craft file on the forum (preferably through KerbalX.com but i'll give you my address if you feel like sending a homing pidgeon with a microsd attached) and we'd be happy to look it over, even if it doesn't have weapons yet, or especially if it does, we may be able to trim some of the fat. 3. Welcome!
  2. Testing list hasnt been updated. Will do tonight
  3. lets see... we have you, dundun92, Earthlinger, Goduranus, herobrian , Eidahlil, Abraxis,Thor Wotansen, Dr Tricky, Suicidalinsanity, kittenshark, MZD, Frosty, Darth..probably missed one or two, really not THAT bad though.
  4. Its not really the videos that are wearing me out, i love making them, or i wouldn't do it at all. I'm trying to find a job that pays more than the state minimum wage while Sunday my head gasket went bad and the car started spraying hot engine coolant onto the exhaust manifolds while I was out rc flying. It didn't help that the last couple of days I've been dealing with someone almost exclusively by text who has English as a second pseudorudimentary language who doesn't like cashier checks, like the bank exclusively deals in. So that's been basically stress for the last 72 hours. And to be honest, the biggest issue here isn't getting the videos out, its you guys and your innovation and creativity. Its neat to see all the cool stuff you can do to get your aircraft flying better or to give a fighting edge, but i also need to draw a line that lets Eidahlil and the thread regulars roam while letting new players like Kittenshark and MZD have a fighting chance, and alone, i'd miss stuff like Eidahlil's text editing the Sidewinder warheads or the AI to impossible values. And when stuff like that happens, obviously, pause needs to be taken to evaluate OPness and general feasibility before i run it up the ranks and stuff.
  5. dis gon b gud. Sorry about the inactivity lately folks, my energy has kind of been focused on replacing my car, old one blew a head gasket, 1200 bucks to fix, or exactly the top of the KBB value. All is resolved though, got a new car today, and hopefully i'll have a purge day like SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! when i can do a bunch of fights(good timing for the Jesus reigns fighter too) And thank you all for making this thread the success it has been, and will continue to be!
  6. dead spring of Satan piglets...what? No worries, take your time.
  7. The user below me...

    What sort of psychopath doesn't eat pasta? I used to make spaghetti regularly when i was in college, not as cheap as ramen, but less likely to kill you. TUBM has a pilots license
  8. The user below me...

    Yes, with a minor level of competence but yes TUBM has watched The Room for its artistic value.
  9. The user below me...

    What outcry have you uttered about my person, you oafish brute? I shall cordially remind you that I was the best scholar in my law class in Oxford, and I have been involved in several frivolous tea parties and courtroom disputes, and I have over 300 boxes of Earl Grey. I am proficient in the Simian school of diplomacy and I am the top linguist in my book club. Know that you resemble nothing in my eyes save for yet another uncultured mind. I will hasten your undisputed expiration from the world with grace and finesse. The thought that you can retreat after jesting of such matters over the internet is laughable. As of this moment, I am telephoning a mutual friend to negotiate a swift and sure rebuttal to your argument so I would implore you to prepare yourself for the upcoming verbal deluge. The deluge that will no doubt saturate your life with discomfort. You are well and truly wrong, my good sir. My abilities of travel are unmatched, and I can recite over 700 lines from Shakespeare, and that is just from Hamlet. The amount of knowledge that I have accrued is vast, and I shall use it to firmly state my authority on such matters, you rapscallion. Truly, I wish you had some semblance of knowledge on the matter you have brought up and its repercussions. Alas, you did not, and now you will suffer a fate most dire, you plebeian. I shall defecate concentrated dislike upon you and you shall struggle to survive in its waters. Pistols at dawn, old boy. TUBM is helping Kim Jong Un with their game of KSP
  10. Hey thanks for letting me continue things! Thats to be expected. Then @l0kki get rid of two parts or it tests against the drone queen in the super category
  11. Using a mod and modifying stock values are different. Even then mention is made to propulsion systems and weapons. I may dq pike, the sunfish and berzerker 2 if anything more than bdai values were tweaked outside an editor.
  12. Eidahlil developed this plane specifically after i told AlexClark he needed thrust vectored engines and fewer missiles on his plane. and somehow this thing works why would you leave a setting like that as a tweakable? that seems like something that should be hard-coded into the weapon. That's like leaving the max thrust of an engine as something you can tweak in a craft file.
  13. right, i clearly don't have the mental capacities to continue this tonight, so i will continue posting videos tomorrow. Spoiler
  14. @Eidahlil I cannot fully disclose my displeasure for the flying sunfish you have created due to the rules of offensive language on this forum. There is no reason this aircraft, this conglomeration of one of the weakest, most inappropriate for combat engines in KSC's inventory, wing strakes, and sidewinders should have any place on this board. It's not capable of actually flying to its waypoint at first start, instead opting to circle the KSC randomly until i reset the combat. Its strongsuit is throwing missiles like a pedophile at a childrens parade. But somehow it's dethroned @kittenshark134's F-19d. I really don't think there's an aircraft i've rooted for less than this flying meme. so, yeah... good job. you proved me wrong.