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  1. Played with it once or twice, but it was glitchy in 2012, and by 2014 it was pretty much done. That's how I got my Avatar <====
  2. No I didn't. I asked about potential requirements for KSP2, not whether or not my current system will run it. I already know my current system is lacking. Please refer to my OP. Another request has been sent to lock and/or delete this thread. Please refrain from posting on this thread.
  3. I didn't ask that specifically.
  4. I've been doing that since 2013. I'm kinda tired of doing that, so that's why I asked the question. Thanks anyways peeps. I'm going to close this thread.
  5. @AlamoVampire You have struck a new low......I will return with ammunition to destroy anybody's ears and eyes.......I will return......
  6. Oh very true. This 10 year old computer still does a lot of things very well, but games it started to fizzle out about 4 years ago. Looking at the new Mac Mini M1 with the maximum RAM (16 G) or Mac Studio Base model (hotter M1 processor and 32G RAM). Either one of those should work just fine....for a while.
  7. I apologize if this has been asked before: With all the development of KSP2 shown, and if the screenshots are a good representation of the game in its final and presentable form, what kind of computer will I need to run it properly? I seriously doubt my 2012 Mac Mini i5 is going to cut it or even get past the loading screens.
  8. As for you......... And I raise EVERYBODY... This piece of trash:
  9. Oh the cheese is strong here. Not sure If I can match that, but here we go!
  10. Bah! A vain attempt to ruin my auditory senses and my sanity! Bah I say! BAH! I raise you............
  11. You're an evil evil man. But I have one for you! MUHAHAHAHAAAAA
  12. Sounds about right. As for me, flew to one of my home-modded airports, which is still a work in progress...... Home to the currently displayed 400 metre flagpole (I'm changing that) and the Helipad that needs to be moved.
  13. GDJ

    Hey,  just saying hello. Been a while. 
    Hopefully everything is going well for you.


  14. Flew from KSC to Uberdam Airfield (re: Kerbinside mod) and put in some hours and landing practice. The old farts (Valentina and Bob) were the crew.
  15. And she's either a genius or a complete whacko. Haven't decided yet.
  16. Early morning over the mountains.....
  17. For example: Level 2 runway (old cracked asphalt), moved the Wind Turbines around, added a windsock (it's really tiny), added the radio tower (behind the hangers) and deleted a few of the Level 3 items. This would be an example of a slightly busy small airport that would service a small remote town or city. Mostly Prop planes or small jets. It's a work in progress.
  18. Been playing with Kerbal Konstructs and Kerbinside Remastered and building my own Airports and Airfields.
  19. Thanks. Real life gets in the way.
  20. Her performance in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest" was very good. I highly recommend that film.
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