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  1. Trying to figure out how to patch this myself, but struggling, any update on when the problem with OPM might be addressed?
  2. The real issue is quite apparent: Fast, Cheap, Good You may pick two of these.
  3. This is not purely correct. From a marketing standpoint, nobody will take you seriously if some data is not provided. Since none actually is, it's safe to assume the worst.
  4. Well, alpha-emitters make terrible dirty bombs. There's a reason Co-60 is the favored dirty bomb material, and that's because it is a beta and gamma emitter.
  5. Okay, please keep in mind, Pu-238 is NOT fissile and neither are its decay products. It really wouldn't be targeted.
  6. Yeah, not really all that surprising, let alone dangerous. Alpha-emitters are extremely dangerous when ingested or in very large quantities, but otherwise they atmre harmless, especial if they have a casing like they would in a pacemaker. As for whether it would be risky in that it could be accumulated, that isn't an issue either, as Plutonium 238 is non-fissile.
  7. Unfortunately ippo that isn't entirely correct. OSX will not handle executables directly in any fashion. They simply do not recognize it as capable of running internally. As a result it does require some sort of conversion framework to run it on a mac. which is rather inconvenient for mac users.
  8. Regardless of the degree to which that engine can vector, it can only vector in one dimension so it provides absolutely no yaw control. Engine yaw control requires two of those engines and the ability to adjust the thrust on those engines individually, which is only possible with a plugin that I forget the name of. Alternatively you could rotate that engine sideways, but that would remove the pitch authority the engine gives
  9. Well, the flavor might be unknown, but the smell would entirely depend on the frequency of reactions between the water ice and the organic molecules. It will almost certainly smell more like glue and nail-polish than most anything else save for a few nitrogen based esters whose scents I am unfamiliar with. I expect predominantly nitrillic ester formation. Edit: now that i think of it... Nitrate esters would be extremely common on the surface if there is ANY significant reaction between the water ice and organic nitriles. Titan's surface would be covered with explosives!!! We clearly need this in KSP
  10. I don't think you get it. When you make coffee YOU usually boil it correct? If you order coffee from a restaurant do you expect it to be served less than 5 degrees C under boiling? Nobody does. If you take even a small sip of coffee that hot it would cause severe burns to your tongue, which may cause you to involuntarily spill the coffee over yourself. Such a substantial mistake on McDonald's part is a serious hazard, regardless of the way in which it was discovered, which is REALLY what the lawsuit was about.
  11. There's also a new mod that replaces treeloader and works with tree.cfg files, it's called TechManager and it fixes this problem entirely, including adding the new nodes and everything.
  12. not a stock issue i can tell you that much, it only happens with these parts, and only happens when you move them after adjusting them
  13. This seems to have been buried, anyone have a fix for this? I keep running into the same issue
  14. I was referring to relativistic forces, despite the period of time of the passing appearing to decrease due to spatial contraction coupled with relativistic dilation forces should act at a faster rate in accordance (IIRC). Also, as said before, electromagnetic forces are not discrete, so no matter how fast you travel through the planet there will still be SIGNIFICANT scattering. After rereading a bit on relativistic forces I was in fact correct, passing time would be countered by a force proportional to the momentum of the object based on its relativistic mass over the invariant mass, which means that a high amount of interaction is essentially unavoidable. (Maybe)