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  1. IM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAK on a different account. This will be my last post on this account and I will be on that other account. I havent visited since HOLY JESUS KERBAL I HAVENT VISITED SINCE 9 MONTHS AGO? well then.
  2. Nah,its just his diarrhea going ku ku.
  3. This isn't right... RETREAAT! they have destroyed our point of entry!
  4. HOW COULD ANYONE NOT POST ABOUT THIS? Neil armstrong would have been 83. But he had sadly passed. I will make a parody to commemorate this special day. R.I.P. http://imgur.com/4pOqZVE (Linked because its way too god dang big)
  5. I tried waiting an HOUR just to get this stupid chat. I bleeped out the swear words so I don't get a warning kthx. Lesson learned: NEVER use EA help.
  6. Umadbro? Just got my internet upgraded last week,THIS IS A KILLER
  7. I mean KEYFRAMING like in IMovie but I use windows. And btw thanks for replying so quickly!
  8. This is the only forum I can trust,so all you video editors out there,please help me!
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