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  1. Welcome to the forums! The Hype Train is indeed pulling into the station soon. Enjoy the ride! Just don't forget your ticket.
  2. Welcome to the forums! You mentioned having some trouble with designing SSTOs. Perhaps you could share some screenshots of your design in the VAB and "in action"? I'm sure our resident experts might be able to diagnose the most likely causes of the issue and recommend a few fixes if they had a good view of the craft. Feel free to also take a look at some of the resources listed in the Drawing Board, which is conveniently linked in my signature; there's a fair bit of material about SSTO and spaceplane design, among other topics. Hope this helps!
  3. Aye. As Starwhip has demonstrated, you need to include a title along with the tag for it to properly format.
  4. Speaking for myself, I know that I can reliably pass a Turing test on a good day.
  5. Aye-aye, cap'n! NathanKell, get in here!
  6. I highly doubt that Gerandar meant that he didn't think the game wasn't worth spending money on; just that it wasn't worth losing any further money by missing a work day As for myself: Well, depending on what you consider "work," you might say that I'll actually be even busier than usual, in a certain sense...
  7. Nicely done! I can tell that quite a bit of time and effort went into this mission. Props on mastering one of the game's toughest challenges.
  8. Nicely done! I still remember how proud I was of my first Duna mission that actually managed to return from the planet. It's certainly an exhilarating feeling, isn't it?
  9. Welcome to the forums! As others have implied elsewhere in the thread, KSP is one of those "easy to learn, challenging to master" games. If you just want to mess around to see what you can do by "winging it" that's a perfectly acceptable way to go about things, but if you want to dig deeper into how all the orbital mechanics work, or if you're wanting to try something and running into a brick wall, feel free to ask questions; I'm sure our resident experts will be more than willing to help. Additionally, I maintain a little list of tutorials and resources called the Drawing Board, which is conveniently linked in my signature, which might be occasionally useful for helping smooth out those rough patches as well. Hope this helps!
  10. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you with us.
  11. Welcome to the forums! Glad to hear that you thought enough of the game that it stuck with you for a whole year. Taking a quick look at that laptop's specs, it actually looks better than mine, and mine mostly handles the game well (outside of a few annoyingly persistent frame rate issues with relatively larger crafts at launch, which I think is mostly due to the way the game renders ocean water). Do note that, as the current Windows release of KSP is a 32-bit program, only 4 GB of RAM is ever going to benefit you at most. At any rate, hope you enjoy the game when you finally get it, and hope the new laptop suits your needs!
  12. While the effort is undoubtedly appreciated, I think NJC2 has more than likely either solved his problem or since moved on in the intervening year and a half since this question was originally posted. Therefore I'll be locking this up.
  13. A few other questions, to help us diagnose what's actually going on: 1. When are you actually burning for the maneuver? With some longer burns, it's actually slightly more accurate to start burning before the countdown fully counts down, as the maneuver node planner assumes instantaneous thrust at that particular point. 2. Which marker are you pointing at when you execute the burn?
  14. Can't say I've seen too many Komet replicas hereabouts. Props for both choosing a unique design and for keeping it quite faithful to its real life profile
  15. Impressive work! I'm rather fond of compact designs, myself.
  16. VelocityPolaris: While we're sure there's someone who can answer your question, we of the moderation team would like to drop a friendly reminder that it's probably best to take new questions to a new thread (preferably in Gameplay Questions) rather than reviving a thread that's been dead for almost two years.
  17. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you aboard.
  18. Dropping this in Add-on Affairs, since it relates to making alterations to the stock game. Carry on
  19. Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time with us.
  20. Thread moved by user request. Sounds like an ambitious goal you have there. Hope everything goes smoothly!
  21. Welcome to the forums! Always been a big fan of the Warthog myself, so I like to see other people making replicas of it -- especially when the creator has an eye for attention to detail. Nicely done!
  22. Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The law of truly large numbers: With a large enough sample size, even the most outrageous and improbable event has a high likelihood of occurring eventually. To quote a 2006 review prepared by the Federal Aviation Administration itself: " There were 90 reported instances of laser illumination during the study period [of 13 months]. A total of 53 reports involved laser exposure of commercial aircraft. Lasers illuminated the cockpit in 41 (46%) of the incidents. Of those, 13 (32%) incidents resulted in visual impairment or distraction to a pilot, including 1 incident that reportedly resulted in ocular injury." I've also taken the liberty of quoting one of the specific incident summaries from the text as well, specifically the 22 September 2004 incident: It's not always accidental, either (29 December 2004): The main body of the report goes into much more detail about the adverse effects (both potential and documented) of laser pointers on the human eye and how they can be detrimental to normal aircraft operations, but I hope that the two examples I've already quoted are sufficient to demonstrate the point. Thankfully, none of the incidents detailed in that particular study resulted in accidents (much less fatal ones), but laser light incidents already can and do cause much more than "mild discomfort" to pilots quite frequently.
  23. Banned because I'm still a moderator, so I can. MWAHAHAHAHA!!
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