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  1. I can't seem to remove the experiements from the JEM. Shouldn't I be able to do this with a Kerbal on EVA? http://imgur.com/owQq9UJ http://imgur.com/SbXvpqR Edit: Nevermind. Just have to move towards the middle of the JEM before the option shows up.
  2. I noticed something a little peculiar - Can the force from the docks actually cause a ship/station to move? I have a station in orbit with several of the Konstruction ports on it and I noticed that the station was losing altitude (both Periapsis and Apoapsis were reducing). I set all the port settings (Force, Torque, Roll, Range) to 0 and the ship stopped losing altitude. I went back and turned a few of them on and after about 3 or 4 the periapsis and apoapsis started to drop again. I then set all of the settings on all ports at maximum EXCEPT the port range and the station remained in its position. I started turning on different ports' ranges and some of them caused the station to move and some did not. I think the port force is acting on the station causing it to move. In the image, the port on the right (highlighted green) causes the station to move when the range is increased but the port on the left doesn't. They are symetrical, but the one on the right actually has a ship attached to the station and that ship is slightly higher than the docking port. I removed the small ship and the station didn't move anymore when the port range was increased. http://imgur.com/4Z84jeG
  3. Ok, so I checked the logs and didn't see anything - although I'm not exactly sure what I would see in the log. But thinking along those same lines, I removed the docking port (using KIS) on the station (original 1.2 version) and reattached. Ship would then dock. Wondering if it would work the other way, I re-loaded and removed the docking port from the ship (version 1.4) and it also worked...
  4. I am experiencing the same issue. I have an orbital Kerbin base with the version of Konstruction just after 1.2 dropped. Updated to Konstruction tonight and now the docking ports won't attach. http://imgur.com/cj3wCK4 Update: Tried re-installing the old version and it is still not wanting to dock. It almost seems that there is a slight force pushing them apart. As a move towards the dock, the craft slows and eventually starts moving away from the docking port even if I haven't touched.
  5. Anyone notice that any Kerbal contained within a Herp Pod shows up in the lower right corner for all ships in the vicinity? Bill in Herp Pod Different vessel in the same general area and Bill still shows in the bottom right corner.
  6. Great mod, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add a warning message that if I have the 'X' key pressed and left click and the part requires a tool, it would tell me I don't have a tool equipped instead of just dropping my part? Sometimes the part explodes (Minmus quite frequently) when the part hits the ground.
  7. Anyone else notice that the Kerbals in Herp pods show up in the Kerbal picture list (Lower right of the screen) on all ships NEAR the ship with the HERP pod. I have a Kerbal in a Herp pod on the surface of Minmus and the Flag shows the Kerbal in the lower right corner.
  8. Ok, I had a weird thing happen with the winch and a connector port. I had two different ships on the surface of Minmus- (BS1 & BS2). I put a winch on one and a port on the other. Then I connected them in docked mode. I then undocked a third ship (BS3) (connected via winches and ports) from BS1 & BS2. At some point during this process, the connection I made between BS1 & BS2 failed and the winch connector was laying on the ground. The connector got into some weird sort of connected but not connected state. I couldn't retract it, eject it, grab it or anything else. So I figured it might reset when I stuck it in my Kerbal's inventory. It then did this - ----EDIT--- The floating connector piece has disappeared after going back to the Space Center and back. However, I have no control over BS1 & BS2 when they are connected together by themselves. BS1 is a lab module and BS2 is a KIS storage container. The right click menu gives me no options. However, when I connect a ship to BS1/BS2, I get control. Could it have something to do with the fact that BS1 & BS2 do not contain any parts that were root when they were launched? BS1 & BS2 connected only Another ship connected to BS1 & BS2-
  9. The way I usually do it is to delete everything except the PARTS, load the game, extend all the appropriate antennas, quit, reinstall RT and then load again.
  10. I've been using it since Dev build 323. Other than the popup dialogs scrambled text, I haven't had any serious issues with it.
  11. I can't send completed research from a lab with RT enabled. It is bouncing across at least one other satellite. Haven't had any other problems send research back to Kerbin, just seems to be when I send it from a Lab. Removed the mod and was able to send the data fine. I am using Dev build 327.
  12. I am having an issue where Smart A.S.S. keeps turning on when I bring a Kerbal back in from EVA to an orbital base. I haven't been able to track down under what conditions it happens, because it doesn't happen all the time. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this issue? I'm using the latest dev build 439.