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  1. I'd love to express my gratitude to mod-makers with SWEET CA$H M0N3Y!!1!, but how can I donate to one without donating to them all? I already use seven different authors as a "base" install!
  2. I find the finer flight controls an undervalued treat.
  3. Funnily enough, I am the inverse. I always make sure that all of my missions are finished, landed, or in stable orbits before beginning an interplanetary mission.
  4. Ah, to be young again; with the days of that captain monkey guy who was active in "Welcome Aboard." Unfortunately, that was several years ago.
  5. Unfortunately, bugs happen, and Squad is not only aware of this issue, but they are working on a fix. The complications of approval and development time may seem incomprehensible, and you may feel wronged, but Squad is not against you on this one. Be patient, or get a refund.
  6. Welcome to the forums. Don't get caught up in the animosity.
  7. I used to loathe building craft, so I used the Kerbal X and launched straight up. To Kerbin escape. I also really wanted to go to Jool, and I had just found out about the debug menu. To Kerbol escape. Jeb, Bill, and Bob spent four months in space before I destroyed their craft and they happily returned to service the next day.
  8. Does it make sense to buy a product expecting a defective one? Minecraft, at least, didn't notoriously corrupt your saves on its first console release.
  9. In theory, Squad could put previous versions into the launcher, which comes with every store's version. a la Minecraft.
  10. Going with @pandaman. LEGO is way more popular among children, who aren't into child-friendly yet punishingly uninviting games. Think of a six year old deciding between the Vehicle Assembly Building without any minifigures (!!!) or the Millenium Falcon. I know which one I'd pick.
  11. @Red Iron Crown I was unaware. In that case, "Mr. Spink", no quotes, please.
  12. Of course not. A period as in "Mr.", to be precise. Is that okay?
  13. Radial heat tiles... now there's an idea for a mod. Best advice I can give you is to slow down more when coming in. Are you coming straight from the Mun, or is it burning up from LKO re-entry?