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  1. Since I was getting this error with the download links in the forum thread for sarbian's mods, I asked around in his thread. After some more investigation, I determined the issue was with my anti-virus blocking connections to sarbian's site. Adding ksp.sarbian.com as an exception resolved the issue both in-browser and in CKAN. Thought it would be worth letting you all know just in case someone else has the same issue down the road.
  2. Yup, that was it. Took a bunch of digging but I found the portion of my suite that was interfering and added an exception.
  3. Yes, the certificate I have is exactly the same. Interestingly, from that security menu on the download link, there is no "View Certificate" option, though if I'm reading this right it does seem to have a valid certificate, and all resources are secure. I'm wondering if it could be my antivirus interfering.
  4. Apologies if this has been covered before and I missed it, but I am getting an SSL/TLS error when I try to download from any links in the OP. I get the same error when using CKAN, Edge, or Chrome. I am using Windows 10. Any suggestions for how to resolve this?
  5. Interestingly, I tried pasting the url from the error into both Edge and Chrome and both browsers yield a similar response- claiming ksp.sarbian.com is sending invalid/outdated SSL/TLS responses. I'm no programmer, but that would seem to indicate to me that the issue lies not with ckan but with my connection to that specific host. Also of note, I get the same message when trying to download the mod manually from the links provided in sarbian's thread, further indicating the issue lies elsewhere. Is my reasoning sound?
  6. Hey all! Sorry if this has been covered before and I missed it, but it's been driving me nuts for a while now and I can't find anything to fix it. All of Sarbian's mods give an error when installing, including ModuleManager. His are the only mods I have noticed doing this. This is the error I get: Failed to download "https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModuleManager/126/artifact/ModuleManager-2.7.6.zip" - error: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. I have done a clean install, which resolved all the other errors I'd been getting, but this one is
  7. hey ferram, just wanted you to know FAR is one of the few mods I consider truly required to enjoy KSP, and to say keep up the good work.
  8. Was just discussing this with a buddy, and iirc there's some annoying tinkering you need to do to make secondary installations of steam games, as the steam exe's are different from the game's usual exe's. as a potential bypass to that problem (since there will always be some users who find any type of file management impossible), i'd like to make a feature suggestion (of course!): A "Disable Mods" button that uninstalls all (or maybe just selected) mods without removing them from the list of installed mods. Alternatively, a "(De)Select All" button in combination with the already requeste
  9. The question was whether there is a way to do this automatically, so that one instance of CKAN can pull the mod list from another instance without having to import/export. Practical application being: Play KSP on desktop, uncheck a few mods, CKAN stores data in dropbox. Open up CKAN on laptop, it reads information in dropbox, determines that XYZ mods are no longer supposed to be installed, "Apply Changes" removes them. I'm fine doing it myself. I was just wondering if there was a way to automate it.
  10. Maybe I've missed it, but is there a way to have CKAN store its .ckan in a custom directory? I'd like to be able to have it operate normally, but keep my .ckan in my Dropbox so that it can be automatically synchronized across multiple platforms. Mean-time, I guess I'll just have to copy/paste it myself. WOE IS ME. (srsly tho thanks for the fantastic work)
  11. So would it be possible to repurpose this as a re-skin of MKS? I was looking forward to the more cargo-bay-friendly form factor.
  12. I'm no expert (or even an amateur) but afaik, you pretty much covered the big thing. More o2, more boom. I think there's some aerodynamic shenanigans involved with intakes and whatnot at extremely high speeds, but it's definitely a RL phenomena. One that is approximated in KSP by making jet engines work better the faster you go, in lieu of true physics. Gettin super psyched, Nertea!
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