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  1. I would also like the F9 v1.0, we haven't had one in a long time!
  2. i found a 3D model underside of the minotaur V: also a little more detail on the 5th stage and inner faring:
  3. I found this video of LADEE's launch animation on the Minotaur V: It shows the 4th stage Star 48BV and 5th stage Star 37FM structure along with the turntable. That is the only thing I found that shows the 4th and 5th stages in action. Hopefully it helps a bit!
  4. Glad to hear that! Orbital rockets seem to be neglected as mods, so its nice someone is finally working on them. Do you have any pics of the pegasus?
  5. Cant wait to see what you have for us! Would you consider doing the Minotaur V? It's a very cool solid fuel rocket and would be a unique addon to the game, in my opinion at least:D
  6. I,m getting quite a bit of lag while using the falcon 1, and i notice its coming from the engine flame. Any reason for this?
  7. Will you make the second stage of the Falcon 9 compatible with The Laztek Dragon cargo vehicle?
  8. Is anyone else getting a heat warning on the Soyuz Capsule? it seems to happen randomly in orbit.
  9. can anyone provide a fix for the Soyuz parachute? It doesn't seem to deploy correctly on descent.
  10. Anyone else having trouble controlling the Apollo CM during re entry? It seems to be off blance and shifts to its side whenever I try to keep it retrograde.
  11. You did really good at texturing the Saturn V and Proton. I myself like it.
  12. It is? Still says 0.4 on spaceport and on the first page of the thread
  13. Seriously, you gotta give the guy some time...
  14. Any chance there is going to be a cargo Dragon to be made? The KerbX one is outdated and doesn't have as much detail. Or are you strictly staying with one Dragon spacecraft?
  15. There would be no reason to design a Saturn VI and up because the Saturn V was the best they could get to at that time. Even if they would have a Saturn VI now it would most likely look completely different from the Saturn V. We could say the SLS is the Saturn VI of today.
  16. I'm China get some sleep but there's Norway I'm gonna do it when it's Chile outside. And I'm African idiot to not close the window. I'm also kinda hungry so I might be Russian to get some Turkey. But I didn't find Turkey but I found Chile in a can so I took the Canada Chile then Iran back upstairs to bed. I'm just Ghana stop here.
  17. Whew, it's hot in here. Better open window!
  18. Anyone else got that problem when the Kraken makes the LES Go crazy on launch?
  19. You HAD to choose Soyuz 1 for his reference?
  20. Ok good. i was hoping that wasn't just me . your'e making the N1 complex even though there is already one out from Bobcat? Well this one must be better than his if i'm gonna get it!
  21. I agree with that. The capsule should also be more spherical, like Voskhod.
  22. Amazing mod. It is a bit hard to gravity turn sometimes though. And I'm kinda skeptical on what engine to use for the third stage.
  23. I wanted to know what other people think about NASA's New Orion spacecraft and SLS. For me, It's a step back from the Space Shuttle. NASA is going back to basics instead of pushing into the future. Although I do like the Orion and SLS, NASA should be designing new types of manned spacecraft for future space travel. Will the Orion Make it to the Moon? Yes. Would the Space Shuttle? No. So for now it seems Capsules are the Way to go for now, but we have the capability of designing something better than The Orion. I want to know what you guys think.