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  1. I've been toying around with the idea of doing a Comet pack. I've kerbalized all of the information I could find for about a dozen of the largest/brightest comets recorded in human history. Thing is we're still talking orbits of ~1,000 years on the smaller end and 80,000 on the larger end. to do it realistically you could install this type of pack and never see the comets. Even Halley's would be on the 80 year range or so. Could go the unrealistic route and adjust the orbits to make them more regular and then spread them out so it's like one every 6-12 months. That seems almost too unrealistic, though.
  2. That's quite the old ModuleManager you've got there. If you're using KSP 1.1 get MM 2.6.21 if you're using KSP 1.0.5 get MM 2.6.18 Then delete all 4 of the MM cache's, and why is the SCANsat.dll in the GameData folder? That should be in the SCANSat folder... May not be the answer, but I'm pretty sure using up-to-date software and installing everything correctly helps.
  3. There is only one way to really know how different settings will impact your performance: Turn them on/off and and see what the difference is.
  4. Did you change the UI scale in KSP's settings? I just switched it from 100% to 120% and this bug just happened for the first time. Does not happen for me at 100% UI scale.
  5. I have scatterer installed and up to date (redownloaded both EVE and scatterer with the latest builds before capturing that image). I also have TextureReplacer replacing the cloud and planet textures with a custom Renaissance/Endraxial combo texture pack and the Renaissance cloud config that worked really well together on a 1.0.5 install. That may be part (most all) of the issue I'm seeing with the shadow as well, but I don't remember messing with any scatterer settings. Oh well. Back to the "Make KSP prettier" drawing board.
  6. So Ike is close enough to Duna, and both are far enough from Kerbol, that if this system were real the shadow would still have a very sharp edge to it? Huh, the more you know... I don't know if the engine can support it, but some dithering or something around the edges of the shadow would help a lot to remove the fakeness that the shadow's sharpness produces, even if it wouldn't be completely realistic. it really looks like someone took a solid black circle of construction paper and just pasted it over Duna. Regardless, really happy with the addition of shadows. It's another one of those features that I didn't know I needed until I watched the Mun's shadow on Kerbin, but now I doubt I could be fully satisfied playing this game without it.
  7. Looking good, and the shadow from the Mun on Kerbin was surprisingly subtle and fun to watch as it raced across Kerbin's surface. Ike and Duna, on the other hand, don't seem to play together as nicely.
  8. Yes, this plus Camera Tools (and mechjeb) let me do this I believe the altitude was in the 60km range by the time the video ends. I'm not saying keep it in now if it will delay the release, but please don't abandon that feature as a whole.
  9. I can not get this mod to work. I download 2.0.8, put the MechJeb2 folder into GameData and the part shows up and appears to be working fine, but the tab on the right side of the screen never appears after adding the part to my ship. I then tried putting the mod parts into the folders the "old fashioned" way with no change where the part still shows, but the tab doesn't after adding the part to my ship. The only thing I can think of is that I'm using the Steam version and that may be throwing something off, but I don't know why that would be the case.
  10. Sometimes I go to youtube and watch videos of nukes going off and I sit in absolute horror that it's possible to do that, and absolute amazement that we haven't done it yet which then gives me hope for the future of humanity.