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  1. What's the "next American engine"? What's a "sprints"? Pics would be appreciated. I encourage organic and collaborative efforts that make KSP more awesome. Keep up the good work guys! And tell the money bags man that his purse will get fatter if he loosens the reins.
  2. He realises that the crossroads are a fractal inter dimensional portal into a new and exciting reality that his kerbal brain has trouble processing logically. He decides that "forward"is the way of progress and proceeds.
  3. Spent the day testing out EVE clouds for Kronkus. Long story clouds and rings don't seem to get along... Today I also learned FASA parts are awesome Thanks @Pudgemountain
  4. I've made an attempt at an intro video for Kronkus: If anyone else wants to give it a go at making one I'd be eternally grateful On another note... Is kronkus still on CKAN?
  5. I encourage you to give it another try. The ground station is hard coded into the Kerbin template and cannot be removed. As I have said before, I have done extensive testing, and have determined that the extra base has minimal impact on gameplay. During career mode the station cannot be upgraded so its range is extremely limited. I have also included optional configs for contract configurator that adds content dependant the Kersex ground station. (Ever wanted to launch an ssto from somewhere other than KSC on Kerbin?)
  6. Thank you very much for your kind words. It truly means a lot. I'm glad you are enjoying the Kronkus pack. Good luck with your aerobrake. I guarantee a spectacular experience (pics are always welcome) Coming soon : EVE clouds for Kersex More contracts for contract configurator I'm also working on an intro video, but this is definitely not my strong suit. If anyone else makes one please let me know so that I can give it a place on the first post.
  7. Did you try to land?... Please remove your link. (You can message me privately to collaborate, or make a fork on github. I'd be greatful for the help) I've done extensive testing in career mode and I find that by the time you progress to a point that your comnet extends as far as Kronkus the extra base doesn't effect playability. Kersex is supposed to use the kerbin template, and depends on several built in PQS mods that are inherent to kerbins template. On a side note, if you use contract configurator, there are some contracts that add content dependant on the extra base
  8. I'm going to need more info if you need help. Or was that an accidental post? On a different note, I got EVE to work, and have been trying a few things... I think I have settled on a low haze that floats just above the dense air. Any thoughts?
  9. I watch twitch sometimes, I thought I was being helpful when I told him all about "oh yeah, you can make a custom quicksave by pressing ALT+F5..." Sure enough he pressed ALT+F4. I think its just programmed into peoples muscle memory.
  10. I doubt adding more planets like Dres would drive new sales... I'd argue that a well thought out planet would fill some seats on the hype train. Also the ability to move KSC around would be awesome! Having to launch from less than equatorial, or even starting your space program on Duna would provide endless replay value.
  11. I like your creativity, and vision. Feel free to check out some of my planets... I hope they give you some ideas.
  12. Thanks Tenth Avenger! I'm trying to get this mod more exposure. I tried making a video, but it's terrible. I did get around to updating the photo album though. Click for new pics
  13. I've made some minor changes to the Kronkus system (tidally locked Scool, and added a few flat spots) I also wrote a few "Far Out" contracts for Contract Configurator as well. Please give them a try
  14. Hey Fellow Kerbonaughts! I think an Asclepius update is long overdue. I have updated it for KSP 1.3 It should work on the older 1.2 version as well. My apologies for taking so long. DOWNLOAD from GitHub