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  1. Cheating Rules

    There is no such thing as cheating in KSP... Anyways that is just an opinion. If you learn how to fly to the moon using a Saturn V replica that you downloaded from Kerbal X with Mechjeb attached in ten hours, or you launched space potatoes for 1500 hours before you had the science enough to unlock the fuel lines because you are not a cheater, and then another 150 hours to learn to dock space potatoes, and then finally created a rescue scenario on the mun because your last quicksave was a little to late... and the only way you could save your kerbal by jumping out and using your rocket pack to land. Well you still learned to land on the Mun in Kerbal Space Program. That is a FACT. That is awesome. Doesn't matter where the awesome comes from. It is AWESOME.
  2. The OweeBooBoo Run *mods req'd*

    I work best with a creative spirit. Please direct your feedback on the mod(s) to the appropriate mod page (links in OP). This is the OweeBooBoo Run. This is a race. You are going to need more than luck.
  3. I really wish there was something I could do for ya. Everything works on my end.
  4. Google Picture War RELOADED

  5. KSP Challenge: A Very Kerbal Kerismus Challenge!

    Someones coming to kerbal-town. First Present is for Jeb - A Space Sleigh. Because I just know he will love it. Jeb loves just about everything. Anyone need a ride? Features: Room for Jeb and 3 friends, rear (normal sized) Clamp-O-Tron docking port, and 3000∆v to spare after making orbit. I wish everyone a jolly holiday.
  6. The OweeBooBoo Run *mods req'd*

    Part of what I am trying to do here is to generate some interest in mods that I am involved in, and to show off some creations that I have poured my heart and soul into for YEARS. There is more than one custom contract included. All my planets have custom science. You would not imagine the maths it took to get some of the orbital parameters (1:2:4:8 resonance of Kronkian moons, and a moon for Dres that is tidally locked to the sun). If you install this set of mods, it will open up a whole new avenue of career progression in game. It's right here, Super Awesomeness on a silver platter. All I ask is that someone gives it a chance.
  7. Thread to complain bout stuff

    People can really precipitate my brine sometimes. I just want someone to fly the OweeBooBoo Run. Try it! Please! Please! Please!
  8. The OweeBooBoo Run *mods req'd*

    72 days. It had been 72 days since my last post. Honestly. Give it a shot. You might like it. It doesn't take long to setup if you do it right. Hyper-edit, (and ALT-12 cheats) are allowed to position your craft for a run. But yea, I can wait. There might be a bit of science laying around here somewhere. Fortune and glory await!
  9. The OweeBooBoo Run *mods req'd*

    ... Is there anybody out there? ... Is there anyone at home?
  10. No weird settings... I just right click and create archive. Linux 17.1
  11. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    You are correct. I updated ReSoup adding more missiles, and ammo for the 20mm. And also have tinkering with the AI flight and weapons manager settings for the ReSoup, and Atmotoaster Mk2. I reuploaded both of them to the same kerbal x page.
  12. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Atmotoaster Mk2
  13. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Hello again. Wow so, I guess my previous craft didn't have enough teeth to consistently deliver the coup de grâce. I have learned from experience, and have rectified that problem. I present Resoup, a complete redesign incorporating various alien technologies, and endowed with triple vulcans what for the bullet hosery. Kerbals x link for Resoup