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  1. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I almost replied to that post but decided against it...
  2. Apollo Archeology

    A video came up recently on my YouTube feed that I learned something from, and was also intrigued. I felt compelled to share. ( video by YouTube user Francois Rautenbach) At the end of the video he said that he was going to publicly release the software contents of the rope memory in hopes of someone deciphering its functions. Hunting through the comments reveals that François is still active, and "there is more to come". The rope memory modules were marked for Apollo launch AS-202. AS-202 was the second unmanned, suborbital test flight of a production Block I Apollo Command/Service Module launched with the Saturn IB launch vehicle. I dunno if this subject has been discussed before, but I find it fascinating! There is another YouTube user named Fran Blanche who has done some "What's inside" work on a Saturn V launch vehicle computer, and even passed it around to other electronic hobbyists. Does anyone else share my curiosity for Apollo Archeology, and/or have any other cool tidbits (videos, pictures, stories.. Etc) that they can share?
  3. Lol-just found this meme

    I have to admit, it is kinda amusing. Before playing KSP my concept of orbital mechanics was different. I had had it explained, and had seen diagrams, but I didn't "really get it" Lately I have found myself trying to explain some of these concepts, but I really feel like I'm doing about as good as a job as the people that explained it to me/ diagrams... "OK to get into a higher orbit burn prograde, that will raise your periapsis" "So you go faster to get higher?" "Yea, but you have to go even faster if you want to stay up there, but you'll actually be orbiting slower than you were at a lower orbit." .... Its like trying to explain a mobius strip to a dot that just conceptualized the existence of a line.
  4. During evenings your shadow will point east. As the sun sets in the west.
  5. @HebaruSan No they are no longer needed for the current install. Asclepius now only contains a config for EVE clouds, and the contracts have been moved into FarOut contract pack. Thanks for letting me know. I'll try and get it straightened out. *edit* I see that you are on the case.. Its cool if they are removed.
  6. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 2) - Oct. 07

    "But the second I tried to change the moon's HeightColorMap options, the moon doesn't load." The quote function seems to be on the fritz.... I think your problem is that the vall template already has a HeightColorMap, so yo have to remove the old one first. Check out line 13 School.cfg
  7. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 2) - Oct. 07

    Glancing at your log, it looks like a .DLL in your StockVisualEnhancements is causing problems, and throws exceptions referring to BDA adjustable landing gear? It looks like the popup is from kopernicus just letting you know it is unable to load.
  8. Look it doesn't matter. I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I am saying that my feelings were hurt last time (probably unintentionally), and I don't want the same thing to happen to someone else. There must be a better way, and I have given my thoughts on it (even way back when)... I'm willing to get something started and kinda work the clutch when I have to, but mostly stay out of the drivers seat.
  9. New Star Trek premieres on the 24th Sep!

    I agree completely. I only watched the first episode...
  10. [1.3] Kronkus -A Kopernicus Planet Pack-

    One of the most interesting thing about Spud (for me) it its orbital characteristics. It took some number crunching, but I was able to keep it tidally locked to the sun, even as it orbits Dres. The idea is that it captured comet. The ring is supposed to represent vapor off gassing. There is some weird visual stuff that occurs when you make a vertical ring, representing it as a rainbow seems to make it more believable.
  11. Thanks @GDJ ! In other new news FarOut contract pack not only adds custom contracts, but now with the help of Kerbal Konstructs and Kerbinside assets, also adds several bases scattered around Asclepius that you can launch your ships from. (See OP for D/L links) Thank you for being awesome!
  12. Fairings actually do shield the drag of the payload. They do what they are supposed to. They help with thermal protection as well.
  13. Planet-type question

    You technically cannot make terrain that is concave. But there are workarounds: Behold my secret cave hideout on spud! (plane for scale) Spud uses a tylo template that borrows the cave PQS, and with a little land management (added a flat spot) there it is... Shhh don't tell everyone
  14. Help with fixing mod

    I think the Latest release might offer a solution:
  15. My suggestion is to just put up a "generic" template on github, let people fork it, make additions and demonstrate cool kopernicus abilities. Then we can discuss adding various aspects as people make pull requests to be merged into the "main project". We can let Greg be in charge of that. And hopefully by the end date we have a cool planet that EVERYONE can be proud of. And maybe a few can sprout off the sides as well... The old hands get a chance to help/show off. The noobs will get a chance to learn, and everyone can follow along. That way we can put up pics too . And who cares if anyone "copies"? Imitation is the truest form of flattery right? The more planets the better! There is tons of talent around our community.. There might be someone that might not know everything about terrain PQS, but might have something interesting to say about why certain orbital characteristics should be changed because of mass considerations... Maybe someone is really good at 3d modeling, and makes a really nice crystal formation for scatter, but doesn't have 10 hours to polish 7 biomes worth of science definitions? Or, there might be among our distinguished community, someone who really wants to make a completely flat biome made of plad with pink polkadots on an otherwise rocky and baron moon... This might be a place to come and ask? Instead of "Winners/losers" we can have "Contributers" and people can put a star or something in their sigs. Is there any way to download any past creativity marathon winners, let alone runner ups? (My "runner up" moon for Dres, is called Spud and is still maintained, and distributed along with Kronkus). I remember Greg voting to disqualify Spud the very first day I submitted it for showing a pic.