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  1. You mean you didn't read the EULA? https://www.take2games.com/eula/ LICENSE CONDITIONS You agree not to, and not to provide guidance or instruction to any other individual or entity on how to: commercially exploit the Software;
  2. Contract configurator. Try the Oweebooboo Run That's my opinion... You can call me names if you want (please don't). My opinion is just as valid as yours. I'm going to take a step back from this thread now. Have a great day. Thanks to all the mod creators, and maintainers. You are the real MVP's.
  3. If SQUAD(take2) is gonna sell modpacks they should alter the TERMS to make it alright for mod creators to sell their mods. It's totally whack anyways, they straight up steal modder creations, reverse engineer them, repackage and sell.. All the while sitting behind legal walls.. Stacking their millions of $$ and telling everyone else they can't make a buck. I can't fathom how anyone could feel justified in defending these actions (unless they are on the take too)... I wouldn't mind a "monkey in the middle" approach where mod creators, could submit their creations to a "mod page" for people to d/l for $1, Let the house keep half and PAY THE ACTUAL CREATORS 50 cents. This is fair, and it will attract more, and better modders. Sure seems like that doesn't it? It really grinds my gears. The last time actual, original content was added into the base game we got... Dres.
  4. Today I Downloaded @RoverDude 's Alcubierre Warp Drive mod I made a 2.5M Warp drive rocket, docked my Superplane to it, and took it out for a spin to visit the Kronkus system. It was glorious!
  5. I disagree fully (Tell your brain to ease up on the anger for a sec, let me explain.) Please don't take this personally, I am talking about ideas here. The way I see it is that: That's what KSP is! This WHOLE THING is a collaboration. WE ARE THE M0NKEYs (LET THAT SINK IN FOR A SEC) I think that it is a safe gamble to say that some of the top minds in present on our WORLD have been involved with this collaboration. That's part of the magic of KSP. I think this is the part you misunderstand... Every "creator" involved with KSP modding/dev has an aim to make it "MOAR BETTER!" It's all the little "MOAR BETTERs" together that have created what we know and love to be KSP.
  6. I utilize the tools that I am given, and I don't feel no qualms about it. I'm prone to making a new tool if I feel like it too. My base thoughts on the matter: I use my kerbals as learning "instruments"...If I have to hit F5, and F9 a couple times before I learn the perfect re-entry angle for my current trajectory to circularise at Laythe...good. All the better when you learn about CUSTOM saves (ALT + F5) and go back to your Jool inclination burn, and re-adjust after learning about a "Tylo gravity capture"
  7. // This is a module manager configuration file for Kerbal Space Program // It adds 2 Raster Prop Monitor Computer displays to MEM lander pod IVA // To Use: copy and paste this text into a a text editor (Notepad will work) // Press Save, and then RENAME the file to RPMpatchMEM.cfg // Place the RPMpatchMEM.cfg file somewhere in your KSP/Gamedata folder // REQUIRES: Rasterprop monitor, "Making History" DLC, Module Manager // 3-25-2019 CC0 - Full text @ http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ // Enjoy -MrChumley @PART[*]:HAS[@INTERNAL[MEM_IVA]]:AFTER[SquadExpansion]:NEEDS[SquadExpansion] { MODULE { name = RasterPropMonitorComputer } } @INTERNAL[MEM_IVA] { PROP { name = RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD position = -0.28,0.6913,-0.777 rotation = 0,0.98715578,-0.9961947,0 scale = 0.35,0.35,0.35 } PROP { name = RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD position = 0.28,0.6913,-0.77665 rotation = 0,0.98715578,-0.9961947,0 scale = 0.35,0.35,0.35 } } Here take this.
  8. Thank you @Warhorse I'll edit the OP. I'm considering removing the ASCclouds.cfg altogether for the next release. It seems to be causing more problems than helping. As a side note: if anyone wants to help with getting Asclepius to work more seamlessly with SVE, Scatterer, etc... I'd be very grateful. I found a program that generates these configs awhile ago, but they were Windows only, and I run Linux.
  9. Hello, I'm new at this localization thing, but I think I have things in order. Hopefully these science definitions are as fun to translate as they were to think up :) Asclepius Planet Pack (164 lines) Github link Kronkus Planet Pack (182 lines) Github link
  10. Kronkus v1.5 Changes: Added Localization https://github.com/MrChumley/Kronkus/releases/ Enjoy
  11. Asclepius v5 https://github.com/MrChumley/Asclepius/releases Enjoy
  12. Ahoy Kerbalnauts! Just stopping by to let everyone know that I'm (almost done) working on localization for Asclepius (along with Kronkus, and Spud) so that the custom science definitions work again. :) UPDATE COMING SOON!
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