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  1. title pretty much says it all, come watch!
  2. if your rover is moving fast enough it will break your solar panels.
  3. another pic of the science module
  4. for a small probe you can just use parachutes
  5. More work on career mode. it's what they're focusing on currently anyway.
  6. is anyone willing to trade a couple cards for the steam summer sale background? steam: trollmylove
  7. all this talk about how awesome the cards are but none about actually trading them ill get the ball rolling, anyone willing to trade a jeb card for a bill card? steam: trollmylove edit: maybe it would be a good idea to start a thread specifically for trading the cards
  8. probably my mission to land on pol and return to kerbin safely. i just barely able to get the two kerbals home safely.
  9. say whaaaaat. yea because they would rather have people pilot all their craft instead of use auto-pilots which are much less likely to screw up
  10. only when KSP is acting up and at risk of crashing. other than that i don't
  11. Pol, simply because of how different it is compared to Jool's other moons