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  1. so..i guess its a problem with some other mod that alters the USItools folder in some way or some other download..i tried JUST the MKS OKS mod and it didnt work..then i remembered i updated those files with some other one so i reextracted them straight from the ZIP and it worked.. then i updated to modmanager 3.0.1 and deleted all the modmanager files and let them repopulate and added in all my mods and it seems im in
  2. if i take it out and leave the other 2 in it crashes, if i take all 3 out it loads
  3. well.. i take out the files 000_AT_Utils and 000_USITools and the game loads..i put them in and it crashes.. so who do i need to give my log files to to find out whats going on?
  4. im having some issues with 1.3.1 64 bit game crashing on start up and have narrowed it down to your toolbar addin. or at least one of the 2 that are included with USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS). i have gone and updated my toolbar add on to 0.10.1. included is a link to the error logs dropbox files. any help would be appreciated..in the meantime..is the game playable without the toolbar add ins? https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7qxdx72ai44jtd/error logs.zip?dl=0
  5. might have been answered already and i havent seen it..but i DLed the newest version of MJ and my ascent guidance window is gone. no options for it no nothing. is it farther along on the tech tree now? im not seeing it listed if it is. anyone have any ideas how to remedy this?
  6. ok so i installed exactly as described but still no clouds, on kerbin at least, is there some secret im missing?
  7. do we have to use treeloader? ive tried it before and am not impressed with adding it just to get things into the tree when other mods simply add without it. if i DO have to use it, will it totally start my tree over again or will it just add stuff?
  8. ok soooo now when TAC 9.1.11 is installed, game hangs on startup when going to the first in game station view, right after you resume your game. once again.. 64 bit version
  9. ahhh yup..that would be it. didnt know that would have an affect. thanks
  10. have TAC and im getting the dying of air toxicity msg and losing kerbals when there is plenty of space in a container for CO2 and even the actual command pod has NO CO2 in it. any idea what to do about this? running 64 bit version KSP
  11. installed this, went to sciene archives to see where i shoudl go next..and they were all gone..also no new ones are being placed in my list. uninstalled it..still nothing.
  12. ok so am i missing something here? that rover "train" looks functional..has it been released and i just missed it somewhere over the past 30 pages? and if so where?
  13. so tried to run the phased array transmitter and everytime i launch it changes to a microwave beam transmitter...any idea why this would be happeneing?
  14. so i tried to build my first thermal rocket craft yesterday..i placed the fuel above the genny, then the reactor below it, and then the thruster below it..then i go to take off and it all falls apart...also when lifting a reactor and genny the genny disappears and the craft goes pPPHTHTHTHTTTTT.....any ideas why this is happening?:
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