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  1. Yep - Kerbal Konstructs and Kerbin Side Remastered. Provides a bunch of bases across Kerbin. Hopefully I'll be putting them to good use.
  2. In other news... 'Halcyon' has finished STS-2A! Mission report for the flight (internal designation SSP2-H2): https://imgur.com/a/B0PZm89 A couple of choice shots:
  3. I could take back over with making new badge designs. I still have the original source files for the current batch and I should have time to whip up new designs every now and then.
  4. Yep. Shuttle's fully stock (including parts from the Making History DLC, though). Mods used during flight were either aesthetic (TexturesUnlimited, EVE/SVE, Kopernicus/SVT, RasterPropMonitor, KER, Kerbal Konstructs/KerbinSide, PlanetShine, Scatterer) or information aids (Trajectories, KER, KAC, VesselView, RasterPropMonitor). I really do hope to take this design far too! I think it's got real potential - the fact that it isn't meant to be a strict Shuttle replica means I can be so much more flexible with it. And, of course, always good to get some more practice on KSP...
  5. Ah damn. Well, looks like future mission reports are coming in the form of images in spoilers for me then.
  6. Answering the contract for a new Space Transportation System laid out by @michal.don Industries et al., MythicDyne responds with the new Space Shuttle Program, headed up by her first shiny new orbiter, the SSV-1 Halcyon... This mission report for her first flight (SSP1-H1; aka Space Shuttle Program Mission 1 - Halcyon Flight 1), taking the MulletDyne 40T Fuel Pod to a ~83000km high Kerbin orbit, should satisfy the criteria for missions STS1A and 1B Commander's Rank: https://imgur.com/a/GKOOJQ8 (If anyone could tell this old hasn't-been-on-the-forums-in-a-year geezer how to embed Imgur albums again on this newfangled forum software...that'd be much appreciated!)
  7. Do I see a new Shuttle being test-fired? I have to add my voices to the rabble and say - tell us more! Does it work post-time-accel? What's the mass limit on it, if any? I could definitely see myself using this...
  8. Absolutely incredible to see this challenge still in action! Just wanted to pop in and say well done, guys - it's been awesome scrolling through the 47 pages and seeing everything everyone's done (and those nice fancy badges in everyone's signatures)... Maybe I should make something and get back in the game?
  9. Interesting! Question - I bought KSP before April 2013, but I transferred my purchase to Steam after April 2013. Will I still be eligible for the free DLC, and if so I'd receive it through Steam, correct?
  10. Looking good! Sadly I won't be able to participate in this one, although it's nice to see my badge designs being put to good use Good luck to all the participants! Shuttle building can be the most rewarding and the most frustrating thing ever
  11. I have to agree. Such a maneuver is quite common in KSP and doesn't make this challenge unique.
  12. Just make a new sandbox save and copy the persistence file from @TheGuyNamedAlan into it (replace the old one).
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