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  1. I think this graph explains it best and should settle the argument: It would seem that Red Iron Crown is right.
  2. Yeah, but it looks the part though., with all the little details. Very nicely done replica!
  3. Cool. But like others mentioned, even leaving aerobraking and parachutes out of the picture, a return trip to a planetary body is not simply the direct trip X 2. I mean, 20km/s for a round trip to the Mun, or Minmus seems way too much.
  4. Looks awesome! I love that you can chain them together.
  5. I love it! Great work! One question: on the previous page you said that a 1088 km x 1588 km transfer orbit has a 5/6 orbital period of a 1588 circular orbit and some formulas to calculate the transfer delta-v requirements. But how did you calculate that a 1088kmx1588km orbit is 5/6 of the orbital period of 1588kmx1588km? I ask because I would like to calculate an orbit with a 1/3 orbital period of a different circular orbit.