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  1. Count me as another in the "bugfixes and polish" camp. If I had to pick one specific thing that could use more polish, I would love to see where you guys are currently at with the tutorials overhaul; they were enough to teach me the very basics back in 0.18, but they don't feel like they've changed all that much since then. They were pretty good at getting you comfortable with the controls, but I would like to see more focus on the more complicated things like landing safely, building/flying planes, and how to rendezvous with other things. Some clear indicator of the skill level and progression for the tutorials would have been helpful too (e.g. "Level 1 Engineering - Construction", "Level 1 Piloting - Controls", "Level 1 Science - Research", "Level 2 Engineering - Staging and Boosters", "Level 2 Piloting - Orbiting 101", "Level 2 Science - Experiments", etc.). Mostly though, I'm 100% in favor of making sure all of the included features feel complete (no major balance issues or bugs, and everything works as intended) as opposed to overloading the update with new features. I want 1.0 to feel as special to all the new players and reviewers as the demo felt to me the first time I landed on the Mun.
  2. I wouldn't say that Eve was analogous to Venus: Venus is basically hell, while Eve is more like the Hotel California.
  3. The Firmguard II Download Link She was designed as an easy way for beginners to get some experience with making a powered landing. It's not very complex, but its RCS ports are well-balanced and it's easy to fly. The powerful RCS allows you to easily translate while hovering. Its flaws are a lack of lights, no power generation aside from the engine, a crazy amount of thrust (TWR~3), Monoprop in the command pod with no way to use it, and no free attachment nodes.
  4. MET: 6d 5h 20m 27s Average speed: 25.33m/s I wasn't able to do it all in one go, but I did eventually complete it! I've uploaded most of the screenshots to Imgur, and mapped out the course that I ended up taking. The ship uses the radial intake glitch to travel over water which messes up the distance counter, making the total distance only add up to around 1106km. I thought about using RTGs to power the wheels during the night, but that didn't seem like much of a challenge so I only used Ox-Stat panels and five medium batteries to drive the four wheels. You can really reduce you power use by only driving a single wheel, but you won't always have good traction on it. Reaction wheels and lights drained a lot of power before I realized it, so I had to turn them off for much of the trip. I only had to spool up the jet engine during the first night in order to keep driving, and during the others I was able to ration my power use much better. It turns out that you can reliably drive it at 2x time acceleration over land and 4x over the water, but there is more drag when using time acceleration over water which causes you to use a lot more fuel. DOWNLOAD!
  5. I'm looking to try and improve the stock reaction control systems, specifically by adding more diverse thrusters and to allow some tweaking to their performance. So far I've modeled and textured a set of RCS thrusters that I am reasonably satisfied with, and are fairly similar to the stock variants in terms of polygon count, size, and texture resolution. I've kind of hit a wall as far as modeling and texturing is concerned, so it would help me out to have some feedback on what I've done so far. Download I've yet to do anything with the reaction wheels, but I'm starting to work on writing a plugin to handle tweaking of the RCS thrusters. I'm not familiar with Assembly yet, so I'm currently only using a modified version of TweakableRCS by Toadicus. It probably won't even work as it is now, but I thought I'd include it in case someone would be interested (or willing to offer any tips). // TweakableRCS © 2014 toadicus // // This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a // copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ using KSP; using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using UnityEngine; namespace AdvancedRCS { public class ModuleAdvancedRCS : PartModule { protected ModuleRCS RCSModule; // Stores whether the RCS block should start enabled or not. [KSPField(isPersistant = true, guiName = "Thruster", guiActive = false, guiActiveEditor = true)] [UI_Toggle(enabledText = "Enabled", disabledText = "Disabled")] public bool startEnabled; // Stores the last state of startEnabled so we can tell if it's changed. protected bool startEnabledState; // Stores our ISP modifier for the reaction control thruster. [KSPField(isPersistant = true, guiName = "Catalyst Mass", guiActiveEditor = true, guiActive = true)] [UI_FloatRange(minValue = 0.005f, maxValue = 0.025f, stepIncrement = 0.005f)] public float catalystMass; // Stores our thrust modifier for the reaction control thruster. [KSPField(isPersistant = true, guiName = "Thruster Upgrade Factor", guiActiveEditor = true, guiActive = true)] [UI_FloatRange(minValue = 0.25f, maxValue = 2.00f, stepIncrement = 0.25f)] public float thrustModifier; protected float baseThrusterISP; protected float baseThrusterPower; protected float baseThrusterMass; // Stores the initial values for the ISP and thrust modifiers. public ModuleAdvancedRCS() { this.startEnabled = true; this.catalystMass = 0.015f; this.thrustModifier = 1.00f; } public override void OnStart(StartState state) { base.OnStart(state); this.RCSModule = base.part.Modules.OfType<ModuleRCS>().FirstOrDefault(); this.startEnabledState = !this.startEnabled; this.baseThrusterPower = this.RCSModule.thrusterPower; this.baseThrusterISP = this.RCSModule.thrusterISP0; this.baseThrusterMass = this.RCSModule.thrusterMass; } // Runs late in the update cycle public void LateUpdate() { // If we're in the editor... if (HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsEditor) { // ...and if our startEnabled state has changed... if (this.startEnabled != this.startEnabledState) { // ...refresh startEnabledState this.startEnabledState = this.startEnabled; // ...and if we're starting enabled... if (this.startEnabled) { // ...set the reaction control module to active this.RCSModule.isEnabled = true; } // ...otherwise, we're starting disabled... else { // ...set the reaction control module to disabled this.RCSModule.isEnabled = false; } } } if (HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsFlight) { this.RCSModule.thrusterPower = this.baseThrusterPower * this.thrustModifier; // The ISP modifier is a logrithmic function, with a range from approximately 75.3% to 111.5% of the original value. this.RCSModule.thrusterISP0 = this.baseThrusterISP0 * (LN(this.catalystMass) * 0.225f + 1.945f); // Overrides the thruster mass based on a linear function of the chosen options. this.RCSModule.thrusterMass = this.baseThrusterMass * (this.thrustModifier * 0.6f + 0.4f) + (this.catalystMass - 0.015f); foreach (FXGroup fx in this.RCSModule.thrusterFX) { fx.Power *= this.thrustModifier / 2.0f; } } } } } Cheers!
  6. I'm kind of wishing I had done some testing of the other submissions before I put in mine; there are definitely some details I'd like to include in the Dionysus. A few thoughts on my favorites so far: KR100 Kodac - very stable during ascent in the stratosphere, good description field, and a decent 500+ ÃŽâ€v in LKO. I like that the reaction wheels are disabled to encourage RCS usage in space too. RCS thrusters are pretty good, but could be better balanced for translation along the ships empty CoM though, and I'd prefer a bigger docking port. Lynx - The air scoops look nice, and the plane can pull 4G turns on full tanks. This one also has a decent 380 ÃŽâ€v in LKO, but there is a bunch of useless oxidizer in the tank, and while RCS thruster balance is not particularly great, it does have a reasonable amount of monopropellant. Needs some better illumination, and could use some more info in the description field. Project A4C - Near-perfectly balanced RCS thrusters, and a nice 900 ÃŽâ€v in LKO. The clipped Turbojet/RAPIER engine is interesting, but makes it difficult to manage how they perform, especially given the use of only two ram intakes. Uses a standard docking port, but puts it in an odd location (which looks quite ugly if I may be brutally honest), with no illumination except from landing gears. Rear landing gear could probably be moved forward a bit too. Peregrino - Plenty of air intakes, leading to good ÃŽâ€v in LKO, and has a high speed in low atmo. Uses my favorite engines (Rockomax 24-77!), dorsal-mounted air intakes, and it is one of the better-balanced RCS spaceplanes. Could use some more batteries, lights, and monopropellant though. Also uses a jr. port.
  7. So I've taken a quick look at all of the entries, and compiled some statistics for funsies: [table=width: 500, class: outer_border, align: center] [tr] [td][/td] [td]mean[/td] [td]st. deviation[/td] [td]Aeris 4A[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] mass (Mg) [/td] [td]13.645[/td] [td]6.652[/td] [td]17.06[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] part count [/td] [td]58.7[/td] [td]23.4[/td] [td]39[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] wing lift per unit mass [/td] [td]0.877[/td] [td]0.451[/td] [td]0.469[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] mean torque during translation (kNm) [/td] [td]1.188[/td] [td]1.579[/td] [td]2.973[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] intake area [/td] [td]0.041[/td] [td]0.040[/td] [td]0.036[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] monopropellant mass [/td] [td]3.50%[/td] [td]2.45%[/td] [td]2.52%[/td] [/tr] [/table] Now it's time to fly a few...
  8. The Dionysus is designed for an intermediate player, and has the capability to ferry 11 Kerbals safely into orbit and back. It is a little heavy on the part count, but comes in under a hundred. The rear landing gear is setup with a custom suspension that makes touchdown a little softer, the forward fuel tank reduces the likelihood of a tail-strike on takeoff, the drag from the dorsal-mounted intakes help to pitch upward, and the outer RAPIER engines will give the pilots a taste of asymmetric flame-outs without making the ship uncontrollable. The central wing sections are triple-layered, all air intakes are visible, and RCS is balanced for translation. Once you reach orbit you should have between 100 and 250 m/s of ÃŽâ€V from engines, and another 50-75m/s from RCS. Lots of action groups, but #2 toggles RAPIER mode, and #0 toggle solar panels and ladders. It's agile enough to buzz the tower without much difficulty, but it probably won't do any vertical flips. Download
  9. Yep, I used the old version of the rocket (the same as the first runs I did). I flew it until all fuel was burned up, so that is probably why the flight time is high. I meant to include the staging times in the text file, but I'll put 'em here instead. S1-0:39.42, S2-3:20.30, S3-4:18.23, S4-4:56.82, S5-5:41.97, S6-7:40.33, S7-8:55.37, S8-9:07.98, S9-9.59.98, S10-11:16.92, S11-13:42.81, S12-16:12.49
  10. Got another system tested: Samsung R580, Intel I5 M430 @2.27GHz, NVidia GeForce 310M (1GB shared), 1366x768 windowed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6828vVl_-ZoTWtvMU16MVJrTWs/edit?usp=sharing
  11. The ships in LKO may look messy, but a lot of them are just waiting for their respective transfer windows to open, and those that are waiting also have a message in Kerbal Alarm Clock if you'd like to check them out. The last mission synopsis was back of page 41, but the short version is that there is a Duna window coming along fairly soon, and a lot of the ships up there are waiting on that. The airplanes could probably be recovered if there is too much klutter, but I don't think anything in orbit is harming anything yet. You completed the last mission so the choice of the next one is yours, but I think it would be better to keep going with this version since a lot of the fun is in playing with each others designs, and we could always start another thread if enough people want to start a new game like this one.
  12. Meet the Omega-16 updated to mk6: near-perfect balancing of CoM and CoT It has fewer parts than the stock Rocket-Powered VTOL, is easier to fly, and has a longer range. Comes with plenty of fuel, lateral drop-tanks, an emergency escape system, and some lights. It is capable of landing on the Island Runway control tower without using the escape system, and has a total range of 70km with the escape system. The rotated lander can gives a good IVA view of your landing site, while also setting the default orientation of the navball to be parallel with the center of thrust, making it easier to control than the original. It has a relatively low center of mass and wide gear-base, which helps to keep landings smooth. Attitude control is provided by RCS and reaction wheels, and there is plenty of monopropellant and electricity to keep them operational for a while. The Aerospike burns for nearly three minutes at wide open throttle with the full fuel load, and the wheels are steerable so that you can rove around using the RCS thrusters a little. Download the Omega 16 mk6 (SPH)
  13. For those interested, the poll is up here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2ZRT9ZJ Cheers!
  14. Mission #026 Complete! Launched mining equipment, and docked with the Moho tug. Due to the low mass limit of 20T, I've opted for a slightly different approach than usual: the miner will use the engines from the transfer vehicle itself to bring the fuel into orbit! By my calculations, it can bring up about 8T of fuel without a problem (with just the engine module and the drill module), so I've included a fuel tank module of that size. The drill module has an Aerospike to assist in takeoff/landing due to the fairly low TWR of the nukes. There is also an ion-powered tug for the kethane scanner. I've uploaded the save file to the Official shared folder, Upload your finished archive to the folder Points claimed: On-Time, P.Objective, N.Objective, Pictures, Asset, Rules New mission objective: Perform the Duna ejection burn using the Charon Tug (keep it in Kerbin's SOI for now though). It is recommended to do the burn no earlier than five days before the best opportunity. It would also be good to top off the fuel reserves of the Moho transfer tug, but it can probably wait a bit yet.
  15. I have the file. I think I've found a reasonable way to refuel the transfer tug. Also, I'm putting together a poll to find out what everyones thinks of the challenge so far, so if you have any feedback let me know!
  16. Official Shared Folder It looks like I've taken care of everything required for the conversion, but if something is messed up let me know. I've renamed the *.craft files so they are prefixed with their mission number, since many of you are using that format anyway. Since KAS has also been updated I think it's safe to start using it; don't forget to install it! There is a minor overwrite for Kethane 0.8 in the updated save file that Majiir prescribed, so be sure to use it (only affects the big drill) until his next hotfix. The old radial drill will not show up in the VAB/SPH anymore, but it is still in the Kethane file so you shouldn't need to worry about it (if you do have an issue, download the old version of kethane, and overwrite it with the new one).
  17. There doesn't seem to be a lot of issues from updating, so I'll spend some time converting the save file to the KSP v0.22 format. I'll also convert the sub-assemblies into the new format.
  18. I've updated the save file with the new kethane scans, and the docking fix. Cheers!
  19. Interplanetary missions are fine, but it's better to do them in small chunks. How about an alternative objective of building a ship that is capable of hauling 20 tons from Kerbin orbit to Moho orbit?
  20. Mission #020 Complete! After a few modifications to the KRV, we managed to bring four fresh Kerbals to the Science Station above Kerbin. I've uploaded the save file to the Official shared folder, Upload your finished archive to the folder Points claimed: On-Time, P.Objective, N.Objective, Pictures, Rules The science station is getting pretty crowded, and some Kerbals have become concerned that there is too much stuff there! New mission objective: Bring the Mun Bus to the NearPoint Station, and the KE Miner to the WackelKopf Base. Edit: Sorry if I messed you up man, but hopefully I didn't take too long.
  21. The save file appears to be OK now, but I'm not sure what caused that issue for you. Please note that the previous mission was #018.
  22. Sirine, could you check your pictures for mission 17? They aren't all showing up for some reason. TML, you were awarded the double points for video, as seen in columns G, and H in the spreadsheet. Also, be aware that I've increased the team bonus from 01/mission to 02/mission but kept the 10point maximum: this means you only need to wait 5 missions to get the full bonus. This has not changed the rankings, but should hopefully prevent stagnation of the missions.
  23. Nice job, and sorry about the typo. Could you clarify what the discrepancy is on the score for mission #4? The only ones I didn't give you were "complete under 6hrs", "plant a flag", and "deploy an asset", aside from the bonus points.
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