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  1. Granted. You can't see yourself and you get an existential crisis. I wish for a fuse.
  2. I support that! Every planet has got to have a different feel, then. We could have a poll to see what kind of feel the planets give the players.
  3. Hello KSP Forum! You are probably aware that KSP uses music made by composer Kevin MacLeod, and that several other Youtubers and KSP Youtubers use his music as well. (Looking at you, Danny). Now, a documentary about Kevin is in the making, and is already being funded on Kickstarter. I'm certain that a contribution from my fellow KSP player will go a long way into making this fascinating documentary that I think almost everyone here will find interesting. You can back the documentary here. Great rewards are being offered as well (Apologies to mods if wrong subforum) Cheers!
  4. Duuude, those models are marvelous! Really good idea, too. Looking forward to it
  5. Personally, I use the DebRefund plugin, which calculates if your decoupled stages will survive the landing based on speed, which means that you basically stuff boosters and aspargus stages with chutes. Technically it only works for SRBs in real life, though.
  6. These parts are really great! It would be really cool if you could add some engine effects, like a heatmap to the engines to add even more awesomeness
  7. This is marvelous! Really, this gave KSP a whole new feel The only thing I can think of to improve, is having the lines sort of "merge" with the skybox, so that it stays behind vessel, but the markers stay in front. That would make this mod one of THE best for KSP
  8. Right, thanks. Guess I'll have to spend even more money, then
  9. I've been playing with this mod for some days now, and I might just be doing it wrong, but everything is recorded as "splashed down hard", even though I feel that I have enough parachutes. For example, shouldn't two stock radial chutes be enough for two long 1.25m tanks and one engine, or am I too much of a miser?
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