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  1. Of course, I was not pushing or anything, just asking the people claiming it to be working. If it wasn't such a wonderful mod no one would complain.
  2. So, when I go into the VAB, the first time I see a message that EEX is not for update 1.2.2, the icon is present at the bottom but non of the functionality of the mod seems to be working. Anyone where it is working who can point me to the solution?
  3. I wanted to give my ksp career a new difficulty by using this mod. However, I see that the supplies are being drained, mulch is being created but the timer stops going down after that with still 3 days and something left... How can I make it going down further?? Thanks!
  4. @toadicus, I will try to make some clarifying images, but I already thank you for your response.
  5. I have the following problem and I don't know if this is by design or not. Situation: I have a probe lander on Duna having a communotron 16 and a Comms DTS-M1. In low inclined and different orbits of Duna I have two sattelites with a communotron 88-88 and a couple of Comms DTS-M1. My problem is that the communotron 16 on my lander is not making any contact at all. The other antenna is only connecting with a sattelite at Kerbin. Why is there no connection being made with one of the satellites to work as relays? FYI I'm not using the LOS option from antennaRange.
  6. In this stage of the game you don't always have the ability to do an EVA. (If this is in career mode of course)
  7. Running a few mods, I only suffer from crashes on the surface of Gilly for some reason.
  8. hmm, it is not showing up in the VAB for me? I put the file called firespitter.dll in the Plugins folder and the modulemanager2.6.3.dll and FSfuelSwitchPatch.cfg in the GameData folder Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Or, go to tracking station and back
  10. Yesterday I had the same thing, it happened to me after I installed "Stock bug fixes modules". When I reverted back to an older version (before yesterday), it was fixed. You can get out of that phantom acceleration by F5 and F9'ing Hope this helps, if you don't have the aforementioned installed, then it will be something else... edit: I had this around Kerbin, LKO
  11. hmm, reading this I'm afraid my recently launched and underway mission to Jool won't have sufficient power
  12. Well, I took the risk of switching to the tracking station (I did not want to do it before doubting the "launch a new vessel" parameter) and going back, the contract was accepted immediately. Thanks! btw, when a retrograde orbit is wanted, the inclination needed would be >180°, no?
  13. Well, My KER readouts are, as you can see very close to the asked readouts
  14. As the title says... A contract to put a satellite into orbit, As you can see in the screenshot, the orbit parameters are as asked. I had other sat contracts being achieved with bigger deviations. Am I Forgetting something? And yes, I am orbiting in the correct direction.
  15. I had the same problem. I was able to solve it by removing KerbQuake...