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  1. Ah, bugger. Thanks for your excellent work on this mod though, it's still really handy! (Even if I can't build a plane-catching-trebuchet.)
  2. We've had it released that you're making MK3 II: Electric Boogaloo, but I must know: Do you plan to do those specialty parts or are they totally scrapped? I've already got designs waiting for 'em!
  3. Hey, I'm having an issue where the regular wing parts (deltas, structural wings) and body (fuselage, cockpit) aren't producing any lift. The Control Surfaces are, however. As you can see, the COL appears a little off whack. It is the same in flight. With hacked gravity on the giant ss thing on the front doesn't provide lift, only mass. I initially thought it to be a conflict with KAX but after removing KAX and it's acompanying firespitter distribution and reinstalling SP+, it still doesn't work.
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to get this put into capsules; I found a config someone made, but where do I put it? I have modulemanager. EDIT: Don't worry, figured it out. I was assuming it meant I didn't need a scanner to make the map initially. I do.
  5. Skip re-entry is flinging back up out of the lower atmosphere for about 1 minute so the computer can make a more accurate landing by rotating the capsule and changing the associated aerodynamics. What was described in the OP was just aerobraking.
  6. Simple, really. Seems misleading to me - they aren't really 'flights' - and they quickly bloat the number. It is currently done with Debris, why not flags too?
  7. I just think it looks a little TOO reflective, yaknow? Maybe just windows and things, but IRL tanks and pods are NOWHERE near this reflective. I really only would want reflective windows and things. They'd do much better than the current bluey-ness. What is the feasibility of making reflective windows-only available to the general no-programming-or-modelling-skill public? That is, if they are feasible at all.
  8. Could you implement the part module (ie. the one that sends the readouts to the thing from ksp, that is currently equipped on the external part) into the stock command pods? Just to remove the part-based requirement. (Note: I know basically nothing of KSP Plugin code)
  9. What are you trying to imply here? My first docking was when I was 13, and Mechjeb didn't even have an autodocker. As far as I know/knew, there wasn't any around at all.
  10. Patemone Kerman - First Kerbal to set foot on Vall, or any Joolian body. I had recommendations So I did. He was also a trained doctor and semi-proficient engineer, because a 2-year interplanetary-lander mission has little room for error.
  11. My most recent crewed spacecraft. I have expendable ones that can dock easily for when I don't have a tug, but I can just do an EVA transfer rather than a docking.
  12. Just gonna point out that "Gaming Laptop" is a contradiction in terms.
  13. Endymion I in low Ike oribit. edit: wow imgur murdered the quality
  14. Imagine if NASA accidentally hit an undiscovered moon with Voyager 1 on its Jupiter flyby.
  15. Slapping a probe core on there fixes it. It's because the detached part has no control method, and separation rockets work fine.
  16. Thanks for making this man! 10/10 for accuracy. Is there any chance of this getting put into the stock game (with the usual polishing and testing of course)?
  17. 'Horizontal Seperation Manifold 613-2J' 'The new Horizontal Seperation manifold combines two amazing things. The ability to completely sever a ships connection radially without leaving anything on either craft, and the word 'Manifold,' which is always a good thing to have.'
  18. The Hitchhiker weighs the same as the 2-man lander-can (That being 2.5t) Two kerbals for the price of one. I can't see how that is too heavy.
  19. Something similar is planned for the discovery mechanic when it comes out. Eventually you will have to 'discover' new planets and things, and you wouldn't know much about it until you sent something there. Also, there are telescope mods. Ordan or something.
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