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  1. Awesome. Is there a feature list for 2.x out there somewhere?
  2. @magico13, @linuxgurugamer whatever you can do, guys. If it's a cut down mod, I can live with that. If RO has something that we can use, great. This mod is so important it should be stock. @westamastaflash don't beat yourself up. RL has to take precedence over everything (unfortunately). I'm saying this, and I'm taking a sick day after almost literally being told by my boss not to go to work today...
  3. Hey @magico13, did anyone else volunteer to take this on? Could be a good idea to activate your backup choice.
  4. A month since westamastaflash's last post on the forum, 3 months since the last update.. I think he's probably too committed to real life stuff to get work done here Anyone else willing to pick up the baton?
  5. I've read in some places people talking about RemoteTech 2.0... Is that out yet, or are the people I'm reading confused?
  6. OK, I need my KSP fix. Where is the current experimental build? I can't seem to find it?
  7. It really is pretty easy to do it yourself. I can provide the blank ribbon for you if you want.
  8. OK. I've been dealing with my daughters and nieces all day, and now I've done a reinstall after a fairly lengthy absence... How do you create ResearchKits again?
  9. It feels like I'm cheating when I play the game without KCT... I'm using KAC to delay launches by x days to simulate the effect.
  10. Sort of the same problem as Frostiken I think? Any way to mute an alarm when the "mute alarm" button is gone? I switched away from a craft after it had a failure on a battery with "reserves" (from some other mod), without realising, and now the alarm goes off every time i come back into looking at any craft. Using
  11. Also, @Nereid, any progress on setting things up so that one custom ribbon can supersede another (i.e., to make the awarding of one ribbon also delete the previous, lower ranked ribbon)? I know that you were working on this at some point, right?
  12. I played through 1.4.5, but I wasn't happy with being unable to launch from other sites with Kerbinside... So waiting now.
  13. You're a legend in your own lunchtime. If you're ever around Sydney, I'll buy you a beer