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  1. It's just that I haven't made any changes since I first published the mod. So it's new, because it's a new version. But it's the old files. This should be fixed now (or whenever CKAN updates).
  2. A couple of pages ago, @Nereid, someone was offering to get onboard with FF. Not that I'm trying to give you a shove, but if you're thinking of moving on, can you orient them to this so that they can pick up the torch when you do go? They could probably help with cleaning up, if you're not keen.
  3. @amarillo114 Looks like you might already have my expeditions folder already in there. Try deleting it and reinstalling through CKAN. If that doesn't help, I have no idea. CKAN gives me headaches sometimes too.
  4. I seem to have lost the "Select Launchsite" capability with new install on 1.8.1 with KCT Any clues as to what I've done? Player Log. What else do you need?
  5. I get that Mihara's RPM is now obsolete, and that MOARdV's MAS is now de rigueur for 1.8.x, but where are all the mods? I've spent the past half an hour looking... Look, it's possible that I'm dying from smoke inhalation. I could be dumb. Help?
  6. The way that custom ribbons are organised (i.e., with a value for how important the ribbon is) would suggest that there is something there for the precedence/order? If you've got any suggestions for expeditions... I occasionally get bored. I'm in the middle of completing a truly terrifying amount of paperwork in my day to day work, so any distraction would be a good distraction.
  7. Ooh. Subject to Nereid's OK, there is one suggestion that I would love to see (that I occasionally harass Nereid about) that is to make one ribbon supersede another, and to make that work for custom ribbons. So, for example with my rank ribbons... If awarding someone the "Captain" ribbon could supersede the "Lieutenant" ribbon, that would be awesome.
  8. Awesome. Is there a feature list for 2.x out there somewhere?
  9. @magico13, @linuxgurugamer whatever you can do, guys. If it's a cut down mod, I can live with that. If RO has something that we can use, great. This mod is so important it should be stock. @westamastaflash don't beat yourself up. RL has to take precedence over everything (unfortunately). I'm saying this, and I'm taking a sick day after almost literally being told by my boss not to go to work today...
  10. Hey @magico13, did anyone else volunteer to take this on? Could be a good idea to activate your backup choice.