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  1. I think (?) this mod has the ResearchKits mechanic that gets added to the lab? Cool idea. But how do I make ResearchKits?
  2. I'm not sure what mod it was, but there used to be a way to disable staging on a part. Anyone know which mod it is?
  3. Yeah, thanks for the reply and the attention, considering I've not got an actual complex problem. I remember seeing it in the right click menu (I could be wrong, it's been... an interesting year). I'm not seeing it. Have I got it wrong? Was there a key I had to click? Haha... Oh I need more sleep. Read the first post. Thanks for your patience, mate.
  4. I've just reinstalled after taking a break for a while... I thought EEX was the mod that I used to change the details of one part, but not the details of the other part in symmetry?
  5. Hi! Training is a fascinating idea... Does it work nicely with Kerbal Construction Time?
  6. Thanks! I'll have to take a look at how I can get them to fit with my Leader and 2IC stars, but I'll figure that out. I might use your's as a start point, however. Gah! Ack! Gak. Kkkgghhh... OK, I'll fix that tonight if I get a chance.
  7. You could probably manually add the awards... -- edit Oh, I see that Brigadier beat me to it (by several hours). Kudos!
  8. No, but it's fairly straightforward to make this for yourself. Simply make versions of the ribbons along the naming system for the existing planets.
  9. Oh.... Just to be clear. It was a suggestion, not a request. I wouldn't dare to impose. Thanks for your work.
  10. Hey @Nertea? Can I please ask for 6 sided adapters (i.e., 2 nodes top and bottom, and then 6 in a hexagon)? It would be even more awesome if you could do your switching magic and make 4-5-6-however-many-can-fit.
  11. OK, reverted to stock because... Well... Is this (the added range: <<1>> m) what is meant to come up in the info for the reflector dishes?
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