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  1. You could probably manually add the awards... -- edit Oh, I see that Brigadier beat me to it (by several hours). Kudos!
  2. No, but it's fairly straightforward to make this for yourself. Simply make versions of the ribbons along the naming system for the existing planets.
  3. Oh.... Just to be clear. It was a suggestion, not a request. I wouldn't dare to impose. Thanks for your work.
  4. Hey @Nertea? Can I please ask for 6 sided adapters (i.e., 2 nodes top and bottom, and then 6 in a hexagon)? It would be even more awesome if you could do your switching magic and make 4-5-6-however-many-can-fit.
  5. OK, reverted to stock because... Well... Is this (the added range: <<1>> m) what is meant to come up in the info for the reflector dishes?
  6. G'day All. Is there anyone willing to help me out with (or... do, without me...) a RemoteTech CFG for Nertea's recently released NF exploration part set? In particular, the idea of AntennaFeed... Looking through the extant cfgs for other mods, I have no idea how to do that sort of thing.
  7. So, no one has stepped forward to do the RemoteTech configs? I guess I'll bite? But I have no idea how to implement the AntennaFeed stuff. Anyone got any opinions?
  8. Is there a mod to "retire" kerbonauts? If not, can I suggest that someone make one? I don't want them taken away (the x button), just put in a different tab so that I can still see their Final Frontier (awesome mod) achievements, but not select them for missions.
  9. It's just that I haven't made any changes since I first published the mod. So it's new, because it's a new version. But it's the old files. This should be fixed now (or whenever CKAN updates).
  10. A couple of pages ago, @Nereid, someone was offering to get onboard with FF. Not that I'm trying to give you a shove, but if you're thinking of moving on, can you orient them to this so that they can pick up the torch when you do go? They could probably help with cleaning up, if you're not keen.
  11. @amarillo114 Looks like you might already have my expeditions folder already in there. Try deleting it and reinstalling through CKAN. If that doesn't help, I have no idea. CKAN gives me headaches sometimes too.
  12. I seem to have lost the "Select Launchsite" capability with new install on 1.8.1 with KCT Any clues as to what I've done? Player Log. What else do you need?
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