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  1. Yes it's true. There are more and more english people but the project isn't know on this forum...
  2. KSP Players (http://www.ksp-players.com/) Version 0.23 is online ! Global - Hangar added. Share your creations and test those of other users ! Website - Thumbnail of the last ships displayed on the homepage ; - Added advanced search form for crafts ; - Added Hangar tag on the logbook ; - Added management interface for crafts (the user can set a YouTube video and upload images) ; - Added comments and "Like" system on all publication types (posts, projects and crafts) ; - Added overview on mouse hover (posts and crafts) ; - Added donors list ; - Features presentation on the homepage ; - Added n
  3. Hello, Version 0.23 will be released in October. This is a presentation of the new feature : the Hangar Fly safe ;-)
  4. KSP Players (http://www.ksp-players.com/) Version 0.22 is online ! This new version require KSP 1.0.0 or higher. Addon settings storage format has changed. You will need to login again and enable auto login if necessary. Global - Added more than 50 achievements ! - Achievements reorganization in categories ; Website - Rank position displayed next to each username (exemple : [42] ). This rank is calculated and updated every hour ; - Added parameter to subscribe / unsubscribe from project newsletter in account settings form ; - Posts assigned to a project are displayed again on the home page an
  5. Version 0.21 is online ! KSP 1.0 is highly recommended. Your avatars were automatically uploaded and resized during the update. Please check that everything is good ;-) Global - Addon version is now handled independently to allow updates to the website only ; Website - You can now upload your avatar. This system allows to automatically resize avatars and improves the security of the platform avoiding loading external resources ; Addon - The menu window can now be moved and closed via a button ; - Fixed a bug in KSP Players button display (KSP 1.0) ; - Adaptation of sci
  6. Version 0.20 is online ! This new version require KSP 0.90 or higher. This major release contain a large amount of improvements. The website has been completely redesigned with objectives : - Highlight the content posted by users - Easy navigation and content search - Optimize display for Tablets and Smartphones - Prepare the platform for scalability and integration of future features The add has also undergone some changes. You will find below a non-exhaustive list of changes. I hope this new version will meet your expectations :-) Website Presentation video Global - New graphics ! - New
  7. Version 0.19 is online ! @BoomWav : the website content is now filtered by language. Thank you for your suggestion ;-) Website - Two displays for publications on the profile: slideshow (default) or list ; - Improved design of the top of the home page - Filtering publications depending on the language (tabs Publications and Comments) ; - Adding language (flag) next to each username ; - Various design improvements ; Addon - Enhanced communication system between the addon and the site (no more disconnections on the chat ^ ^). Display the number of requests being processed and ping ; - New interfa
  8. Version 0.18.5 is online ! It is a version that fixes most bugs reported via the bugtracker. Website - Removed Adsense banner ; - Global statistics moved to main menu ; - Thousand separator added to statistics ; - Other optimizations ; - Fixed cache problem after achievement reset ; - Fixed wrong username for publication in the comments tab ; - Fixed blank page displayed on all website ; Addon - Fixed detection of achievement "Top technology" (R&D) ; - Enhanced method used to detect asteroids ; - Enhanced detection of dockings ; - Fixed display of achievement notification window ;
  9. Hello Korb Biakustra, Thank you for all these very pertinent suggestions. As you can see, the individual mission report feature is implemented in version 0.18 (deployed one hour ago) ;-) There are lot of features planned for next versions... A lot of work ^^ I think I will add posteriori edition and ordering of publications soon. They are almost essential features. For the moment, I have enough space on the hosting server to store pictures. But, if the numbers of users grows up, I will consider adding host domain to store images. BBCode / Markdown export feature is a nice idea ! Thank you for
  10. Version 0.18 is online ! Global - Added new achievements related to new objective system and Asteroid Redirect Mission pack - Added "Message Of The Day" on the website homepage and when startup the game - Improved sorting of achievements in the addon / website to highlight achievements added in each new version. - Deleted statistic "Recovered vessels" Website - It is now possible to create missions to organize your publications. At the moment, it is only possible on the website. - You can manage your account (avatar, profile visibility, password etc..) directly from your profile page. Lein the
  11. Version 0.17 is online ! Global - Flight data added to publications - Added "Statistics" tab on the profile - New achievements (related to statistics) - Achievement categories are now translated Website - Added vote system - 3 sorts for publications : date, views, votes - ddded tab "Comments" - Added 2 random publications at top of page - Added support page for the project (now accept BitCoin donations) - Ergonomic enhancements Addon - Improved connectivity between addon and platform - Added new notification sounds
  12. More complex and therefore more interesting achievements will be added in next releases of KSP Players ;-) Yes, you need to update the plugin. You can download it on the website : - in the user menu if your are logged in - otherwise in the about page (paragraph "How to join the community")
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