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  1. I really like the design you've gone for. Haven't actually made a station with a "hole" in it before, I might do that for my next one
  2. Last missing part of my second station in 1.0 is crew. But it looks nice right now
  3. I agree. Although planes are great, they're not everyones' cup of tea. I'd love to see a larger focus on rockets in a rocket game.
  4. voting for noon in mexico time (in 10 minutes)
  5. Ted just tweeted "[release hype intensifies]"
  6. @KerbalSpaceP just retweeted what maxmaps tweeted an hour ago
  7. This hype is becoming tiring, SQUAD PLS RELEASE NOW ;_;
  8. only five pages left! WHY ISN'T THIS LUDICROUS AS WHEN WE REACHED 400???
  9. ALMOST AT THAT MAGICAL 500 PAGES!! get some more of dat hype
  10. 15 PAGES LEFT!!!!! JSHDGFKJSdbgfkjshgbdkjfh
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