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  1. No. Maneuver nodes only require tracking station to level 2. Flight planning enables the missions to explore other celestial bodies.
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's intended, but while looking at the tech tree, I saw that the Round-8 Toroidal fuel tank was in the "Ion Propulsion" node of the tech tree, among the ion engine and the xenon tanks. But if we hover the mouse cursor over it the info window says it contains liquid fuel and oxidizer, so what on earth is this tank doing in such a node ?? It should be located in the "Propulsion systems" node with the Oscar-B tank and the two tiny engines, unless you wanted to make it a xenon tank too ?
  3. It looks like Romfarer is too busy now with the game itself to be able to work on his mod... That's a pity.
  4. Here you are : https://www.dropbox.com/s/lqzhda0dluva4f1/Kerbal%20Trek.zip All you have to do is to have at least two mods installed, Kerbal Engineer and your Lazor Docking Cam, then load the game and, in the tracking station, go to the ship "Mun Science Lander III", then dock it with the station "Mun Science Station", there is already a maneuver node for the docking maneuver. You can retry as many times as you want it, I have made a quick save before the node, just load it Some time prior to this I had succeeded in several others maneuvers, but this time, with this node, the bug occurs every time I try the maneuver with the Lazor Docking Cam mod installed. So it shouldn't be difficult to reproduce it When the navball is in target mode and at less than 2 min form the intersect point, look carefully at the relative speed values, you will see the value increasing suddenly without any matching with the value you can estimate yourself just by putting the mouse pointer at the station and looking at the distance changing. At the same time the speed value start to increase, you will also see the prograde and retrograde marker moving.
  5. Hello Romfarer, I would like to tell you that I have noticed a weird issue with the latest version of your Lazor Docking Cam mod, the only thing I use from your Lazor System, and a very useful mod, but recently, when doing orbital docking maneuvers around Mun to dock a ship with a station, your mod made the navball to display totally incoherent relative speed values on the navball in target mode as my ship was closing the intersect point with the station's orbit. Also, the prograde and retrograde markers of the navball were put to totally wrong places in target mode, which made me fail several times the same docking maneuver. Here is my mod list : The last two folders are TAC Fuel Balancer and Kerbal Alarm Clock. I made several tests to ensure which mod was responsible of this issue and it appeared it was your Lazor Docking Cam. This was confirmed by two last tests, the first one with all my mods and without Lazor Docking Cam, and the second one with only Kerbal Engineer (all my ships and stations have the computer flight unit from Kerbal Engineer) and Lazor Docking Cam. As I really love your docking cam, could you please fix this ?
  6. My first station, built 2 months ago : Almost entirely stock, with the exception of a MechJeb module and some Quantum Struts, I must admit that it has a bit too much lights ^^ The upper module originally had two solar panels but one of them was broken during a wrong maneuver.
  7. The new AR202 case is not quite the same as the old one, it is smaller
  8. Introducing the Armstrong Mk1 SSC (Space Station Core) ! Improved version of the stock space station core imagined by kerbal engineers, with Illuminators to light the module itself as well as its docking ports, shielded docking ports, antennas and enough batteries to keep Illuminators switched on when flying over the night side of a planet or moon until coming back to the sunny side, the Armstrong Mk1 SSC is the ideal solution to start any type of space station ! Mass : 12.74 tons Parts : 55 Action groups : 4 -> toggle solar panels 5 -> toggle antennas and commdish by : Volcanosf Craft file : https://mega.co.nz/#!Ltp1FLZa!ALKoYiFnONDvals8Ybj9NQ4x9II1Pjs6pt8OhH6R-2k
  9. Yeah but MechJeb 2.0.7 is still in development and thus not totally bugless yet
  10. Introducing H.E.U.R. (Hostile Environment Unmanned Rover) Beetle 1b ! Usage : unmanned rover to explore the most hostile environments, where kerbals cannot go, even in a spacesuit ! Very stable, thanks to its lowered center of mass, the Beetle 1b can take a bend at full speed without flipping upside down on Kerbin, and is also very stable on low gravity planets and moons such as Mun and Minmus, but please consider that it is NOT totally unflippable in low gravity. However on Minmus if the combination of low gravity and speed can flip it, it has a good chance to make a complete loop and land back on its wheels without any damage, even with extended solar panels Equipped with 7 batteries, 2 solar panels and 8 RTGs, as well as 5 Illuminators, it has a high range even when travelling in dark zones. This rover is delivered with its U.R.S (Unmanned Relay Skycrane) Insectoid 2 The Insectoid 2 has a large but not excessive amount of fuel to ensure it can land in a safe place if the first landing site you choose proves to be too much uneven to allow landing without preventing the skycrane from overturning. Its antennas allow the use of the rover from a safe distance, while its batteries and solar panels grant him with enough energy to act as a relay as well as to use its Illuminators to land in night areas. Rover : http://rapidshare.com/files/1137960047/rover_Beetle%201b.craft Skycrane : http://rapidshare.com/files/3362574031/skycrane_Insectoid%202.craft
  11. Thank you very much I have just brought back the windows ! I will try to reinstall Kosmos SSPP and tell you if the problem persists
  12. I have a big problem here with MechJeb 2.0.7, until today it worked almost well for me, but today several information windows of MechJeb 2.0.7 have disappeared : vessel info, orbit info, surface info and delta-v stats, and they are no more in the mechjeb menu. I have uninstalled Mechjeb 2.0.7, restarted my PC, reinstalled Mechjeb 2.0.7, and overwrote it with your latest dev build available here and it didn't solve my problem. As I still have Mechjeb 1.9.8 I can still use it. Do you think there was a conflict between Mechjeb 1.9.8 ? Another think you should know is that the problem occured after I installed the Kosmos SSPP mod, not immediately after though ; when I first started the game after installing this mod to have a detailed look at its parts, all was ok. Then I quit the game and started it again later and the problem was there. I then uninstalled the Kosmos mod but the problem remained, so maybe it wasn't linked to it... Currently all I can see when loading a craft with the mechjeb 2 control part on it in the SPH or VAB is the option "custom window editor" in the mechjeb menu.
  13. There's a far better way to choose which engine to activate when flying a spaceplane : the action groups configure two action groups for your engines, one to toggle your atmospheric engines (one click activates them, next click shutdowns them) and the other to toggle your rocket engines. Then you don't need to use the space bar, just throttle up and activate your atmopsheric engines to take off. When you reach about 20km altitude toggle off your atmospheric engines and activate your rocket engines
  14. Hello, I have experienced today a strange thing with MechJeb 2.0.7. I had a lander on Mun and an orbiter around Mun, and I wanted to rendez-vous the orbiter with the lander. First I took off (without mechjeb) and set a rough orbit around Mun. After that I launched the Rendez-vous guidance module, asked it to match planes with the orbiter which ran ok. Then I set up the second step, phasing orbit. My orbiter was on a nearly circular orbit of about 33km radius, and my lander on an elliptic orbit (~30km periapsis, ~180km apoapsis). First the rendez-vous guidance module changed the lander's orbit to a circular one about 10km radius, but then it established a periapsis at -68km height, right inside Mun ! I thought it was going to correct this, but it did nothing and my lander crashed on Mun...