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  1. Is this currently working? When I try to use the receiver doesn't have any of the menus...
  2. When your friends ask you, what is KSP? With a tear in your eye, show them this as you remember your first lunar mun landing. These kerbals fought hard, now they have done it. This tribute is to them!
  3. Please add my new one I just created. When your friends ask you, some time from now, what is KSP, with a tear in your eye, just show them this. When watching, remember your first lunar mission. How those brave Kerbals worked so hard to see the mun. They did it. Here is how they did it. Turn up your sound and watch this epic adventure.
  4. I know right, I'm wanting the update quickly too, but geez the guy isn't paid for it. Perhaps make a donation before you complain. lol
  5. Turns out it was something to do with the engines, i removed them and built that part and all was well. Dunno why
  6. I built a shuttle in the hanger, brought it into the VAB, and put on it's fuel tank and solid boosters. Try to test launch it and get this error Any ideas?
  7. update update update :D:D Can't wait for RT to be updated!
  8. KIA makes perfect sense. Just let your stupid think about it. mmk now get to work
  9. ah yes I think you need to have the mod mechjeb installed the MJ2, but feel free to remove it. It's nice for information purposes at least. Either way, when I get time i'll edit the craft and take mechjeb off of it. Sorry about that.
  10. Yes I do. I know the single launch idea is a long shot but we give points for it should someone be able to do it, or wants to try. That's kind of the beauty of KSPM, these missions have a lot of dynamic pressures to them. You can go the easy way multi-launch or the hard way a single launch! LOL it's a general point system we use, single launch for a mission is always a 100 point plus... My own system uses 4 - 5 launches because I send fuel ships to Eve as well. I know full well how hard the single ship idea is. thus why we giggled a little when we put that point on there. But the funny part is, it's probably possible someone with a high-end machine put together some behemoth ship that does it all, personally I'd like to see it.
  11. It's a tough one for sure. Your lander has to have a dense fuel load and twice the power it needs at KSP. But it "can" be done.
  12. Listen Justy, this is clearly a black bag op. Of course what we tell the public is it's all about "humanoids". Fact is, we don't know what they are. But we have captured one of their "beasts" from a crash 52 years ago. We have labeled them "K-9" and all we know is that if these "beasts" are allowed into our solar system and bread we will become snacks for the K-9 race. This can't be allowed to happen. We are not drumming up budget support, we are clearly 100% black budget (I.E. we are printing the money) This mission is purely about tracking. Dres PS-1 mission is all about putting some eyes and ears in a location so that we can see them coming in a place they would never look. We have to date never found anything on Dres that would indicate a landing there by the "humanoids". No ships, no nothing. So either they are underground on Dres or... they don't even worry about landing on this piss ant planet. Either way, we need the base there. Because without that relay future missions will not be possible. I have to remind you this is above top secret. Everything I've told you here is classified, we do NOT want to start a panic. Now build us a ship. Others are trying, many are crashing and epic failing. We need a hero now.
  13. Mission Brief Since locating the spaceships of the “humanoids†you know the “little white men†extraterrestrial kind, we do not know what their intentions are nor do we know if their ships have weapons. We currently have science missions coming up to study the classified sites. I have to remind you of the extreme sensitivity of this classified mission. It’s almost as if the “humanoids†are watching us, even trying to control us. We have something they want, stupidity. We highly value this stupidity and don’t want to give it up. We don’t mind sharing but we can not allow the “humanoids†to take all of it. Then what would we be left with? This is an emergency mission calling to all crews. Your mission is to land the DRES-PS-1 which is basically a small spy base. See mission file photo below from the prototype KIA (Kerbal Intelligence Agency) No I didn’t even know there was such a thing Read for the full mission details http://kspm.logicrack.com/2013/09/classified-mission-dres-ps-1/34