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  1. No they are not, I can get the docking objective completed by switching vessels and the return by launching the same kerbals again and recovering from the launchpad. Could this be an incompatibility with Contrat Configurator and Contract Pack: Tourism Plus?
  2. Any chans this could be added as compatible for 1.3 in ckan?
  3. I'm running this mod on 1.3 and are having issues with returning tourists not counting as recovered (they get added back to ready to launch). Am I doing something wrong or have this bug reoccured?
  4. I'm having issues with the AJ10 (early) engine, Why does it produce no thrust? The right klick menu says it does and the fuel tank drains but my speed does not changes. Anyone knows why this is?
  5. Doing some more experiments I managed to trigger it without KJR using only Real Solar Systems, so I guess this is only a KJR bug if ferram decides that the scope of KJR covers stabilising this situation. What do you think makes most sense from now, reporting the bug to the RealSolarSystem developers/Squad or to just ignore it, any changes some one might look at it if I do a bug report?
  6. @ferram4: I have spent some time reducing this bug to rule out other mods, right now I can semi reliably replicate this using only KerbalJointReinforcement, RealSolarSystem and Squad folders in GameData. Using this persistent file, select the Crafted named High Orbit Observer, go to maximum time warp quickly by pressing period and as soon as you reach maximum warp press comma to come of warp as quickly as you can, I think maybe spinning the craft a bit before going on rails helps but that is uncertain, on my system it takes about 5 times to trigger an explosion, the explosion starts by weird oscillation and ends in the parts exploding. When using more mods the bug is more likely to appear making me suspect some kind of race condition or time-steps adapting to the available CPU capacity. This is how far I can reduce it, if you need any other data tell me what and I will try to supply it.
  7. One idea if one does not want the numbers to be magic is for KOS to keep track of measurements made, then the pressure can be known it a probe has been sent and provided by KOS in those cases (presumably in some database in KSC) if no measurement has been made KOS could return null or whatever error code might be suitable.
  8. I have only ever had the problem after coming of rails or loading a vehicle from the tracking station. Sometimes it explodes instantly, sometimes it shakes violently for half a second before exploding.
  9. Anyone else still having problems with colliding into launchpads in orbit? According to the change-log a bug with that effect was fixed in 1.5. I'm experiencing the same issue with 2.0 how likely is it that it is still the fault of KJR?
  10. Having played career mode with this mod a while now, is there a way to completely unlock size restrictions? If so which technode or how? I have unlocked very heavy rocketry but can not seem to expand past 5m or 2.5m for SRBs. In a sandbox save creating a 7m wide SRB worked fine.
  11. I mean that this talk I see in the thread about moving gilly to orbit duna and minmus to who knows where (if that's not part of the main mod but people chancing the mod I apologise, I have been waiting to play with this until my deadline at work has been met). Of course increasing the distance from the sun somewhat proportionally to the change in size is needed. Sorry if I caused anyone to be upset.
  12. I agree, I'm fine with small changes like adding a bit of inclination but the moving of moons/planets around I could do without.
  13. mossman: I'm using something similar, just out of interest, how do you calculate ISP of you craft? My method is a bit slow it seems
  14. What would be really cool (but probably hard to implement) is for the kerbals in orbital shipyard to go eva on their own and move pieces on their own, I guess it is technically possible as the EVA followers mod was possible but probably implementation is to complex to be worth it. I still love the image of lots of kerbals swarming around the ship as it is being built.
  15. A small feature request. I can currently not get this to work. print velocity:mag. Basically having the velocity behave like an ordinary vector.
  16. Doing the math yields something like this ∆V=sqrt(GM/r1)-(r2v2/r1) where G is the gravitational constant M is the mass of kerbin r1 is the distance from apoapsis to the center of kerbin r2 is your current distance from the center of kerbin v2 is your current orbital speed I was developing this for a launch script in version 0.7 and it almost worked, a bug with velocity:x etc prevented me from getting the orbital velocity in any nice way so I get gave up waiting for a less buggy version, that less buggy version has not arrived yet, now I have even more bugs in my script :/ So according to my calculations of orbital energy it should work but not really tested, its only reasonably close when using surface speed as an aproximation (got within 200m/s so it looks about right)
  17. I would like the same thing, I guess this is one of the reasons I don't use my joystick much for KSP which I would otherwise like. While I'm at it I would also like some default keybindings for joysticks so we do not have to configure them to have basic functionality
  18. A small bug I found If I use the stretchy tank as root part and then attach radial attachment points to the bottom to hold engine clusters the tanks clips with the attachment points when resized.
  19. A small request about the flight computer, would it be possible for it to switch modes for attitude in the same way the nav ball switches between surface, orbit and target? Having the flight computer burn towards the prograde or retrograde marker in surface and target mode would be awesome. Thanks in advace
  20. I seams to have run into a bug with this plugin (Like it a lot otherwise) I first posted in this forum thread thinking it was a stock bug but I can only reproduce with kerbal alarm clock. What happens, when having a satellite in a circular orbit and adding an alarm for periphrasis and hitting maximum time warp the satellites orbit has changed when the alarm triggers. From an 1Mm by 1Mm orbit with Pe 3/4 th orbit ahead of the satellite hitting maximum timewarp changes that to an aproximatlly 1.3Mm by 0.7Mm orbit. Steps I took to reproduce * place 8t satelite in 1060000m by 1028000m orbit * place an alarm for Pe that is 3/4 of an orbit ahead (I used a pause alarm) * hit maximum timewarp by clicking at the top of the screen * the alarm triggers and the orbit have now changed I can provide more info once I know what is needed. Thanks for an excellent plugin
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