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  1. Kinglet

    Absurdly inane BBC article

    Yup, that's an SCP. no, it's actualy a very strange rant
  2. Kinglet

    Help me decide on some games?

    From what I have heard the new need for speed games are just hollow shells of their predecessors with EA DLC and microtransactions slapped on to make them even worse. I heard that Project: Cars is an excellent modern racing game through.
  3. Kinglet

    Whats your favourite rocket?

    The British black arrow. Beautiful rocket.
  4. Kinglet

    Going from GTX 750 ti to GTX 970

    950m here. I think I have the performance level of a standard GTX 750. It's total overkill for KSP through. I also have an i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHZ quad core on this laptop, and KSP runs perfectly. Only some frame drops when taking large ships through the upper atmosphere into space.
  5. Kinglet

    Pokemon Go

    I can never be bothered to read Harry Potter. There is way too much good science fiction that I am slowly reading my way through. Pokemon go is just feels another awful fad game. However, I am SUPER hyped about the Mini-NES being launched in November. I hope they produce enough of them so I can buy one at Christmas.
  6. Kinglet

    Help me decide on some games?

    Battlefield 4. From what I have heard and seen, hardline is just a low effort reskin of 4. And I wouldn't touch a new need for speed game with a 100 meter pole while wearing a hazmat suit.
  7. Kinglet

    Absurdly inane BBC article

    Looks like the SR-2 Normandy had a baby with a commercial airliner.
  8. Kinglet

    Juno Arrival This Year!

    Why did NASA choose to deorbit JUNO after the mission duration?
  9. Kinglet

    Dream Cars

    Volkswagen Multivan Business with MTM Tuning It's basically a luxury limo compressed into a fast cube. 6 luxury passenger seats. Motorized doors like on a Star Wars rebel gunship. And a very nice cockpit for the driver.
  10. Kinglet

    Rate the Weapon Above

    6/10 A good method to write a world war III declaration. Military Grade Pidgeon
  11. Kinglet

    Celestial Bodies

  12. Kinglet

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for exceeding 4 digits in a forum post.
  13. Kinglet

    Create A Ridiculous Building

    that travelled to the moment it engaged time travel. The building is a VTOL port which...
  14. Kinglet